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Review #1, by aliveinyoureyes The Gypsy Girl and the Dragon-Tamer

16th April 2011:
Yay I love Charlie he is one of my favorite Weasleys, probably because he's so mysterious and we know so little about him. Can't wait to learn more about Sophie the intriguing American :)

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Review #2, by Maria A Lot to Take In

16th February 2011:
Another chapter PLEASE!!!

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Review #3, by rubix_cube A Lot to Take In

20th January 2011:
YAY Charlie finally told her!!! I really want to know how she goes when she meets the Weasley's and her first encounter in the magical world :)

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Review #4, by rubix_cube A Morning to Forget

20th January 2011:
Once again, i absolutely love Dominique and Victorie.where can i get them !!

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Review #5, by rubix_cube A Night to Remember

20th January 2011:
I really like the relationship you have constructed between Charlie and Sophia, it seems really natural :)

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Review #6, by rubix_cube The Weasley Blush

20th January 2011:
I love Dominique and Victorie.I wish i had them :) I really like the way that you have overcome the whole 'magic' problem, Charlie seems like he would fit in with the muggle world really well :)

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Review #7, by rubix_cube The Gypsy Girl and the Dragon-Tamer

20th January 2011:
I really like where you're going with this...the whole Sophia as a muggle thing :) Can't wait to see what you do next.

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Review #8, by Lillytiger A Lot to Take In

16th January 2011:
love your Story

cant wait for the next chapter

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Review #9, by Mary A Lot to Take In

11th January 2011:
Love it! Can you PLEEEAAASE post the next chapter!!??
Absolutely love your story and your writing style :)

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Review #10, by flying_rabbit A Lot to Take In

1st January 2011:
Haha, pretty sweet how Sophia was being so neurotic about getting everything clean for when Charlie came by :D It's really too bad how she got fired - I mean, there weren't any customers around anyway, right?
So... she watched him while he was cooking, so Charlie can cook the Muggle way? Where did he learn that? You'd think that, as a pureblooded wizard, he'd know next to nothing really about the Muggle world. And I doubt he's been cooking to no end in the past month...
Haha, Ginny sounds like a much better psychiatrist than Sherman... couldn't they just tell Charlie to talk to Ginny every week? I'm sure he wouldn't have minded as much ;)
I'm glad the talk worked out that well. At least Sophia didn't ruin away screaming at any point during the night :)
Can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: my dearest flying rabbit,

One-- you're awesome for reviewing!

Two-- all will be ansewred in the next chapter!

Thanks for reading and reviewing.


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Review #11, by harryronhermione A Lot to Take In

29th December 2010:
Amazing! I love this story!! I cannot wait for the next update don't keep me waiting to long.

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Review #12, by flying_rabbit A Morning to Forget

15th December 2010:
Well, that didn't start too well :( But isn't it a bit too obvious that Charlie just disapparated like that? I mean, wouldn't it be weird for Sophia that there were no footsteps? Shouldn't she wonder about that at least a little bit?
Hahaha, you've got to love Dominique and Victoire :D They're awesome. Funny how little kids can sometimes give the best and most honest advice. I love the letter they wrote, and how they wouldn't let Charlie answer the phone because he was supposed to be a dragon xD They really have him wrapped around their little fingers.
It's also nice that both Charlie and Sophia realised that they were in completely over their heads. That's a good sign, right? Hopefully the kids will set Charlie free soon so he can go back to the pub :)
Hopefully you'll manage to update soon!

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Review #13, by casizzle21 A Morning to Forget

13th December 2010:
This was such a cute chapter - I loved the dialogue between Victoire, Dominique and Charlie!!! Great job!

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Review #14, by Ale A Night to Remember

11th December 2010:
I love you! Best fanfiction I've read in an incredibly long time!
Cannot wait for the next chapter!

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Review #15, by Ale The Gypsy Girl and the Dragon-Tamer

11th December 2010:
I'm hooked!! It's refreshing to read about anyone besides Harry and Draco!!
I hope you don't take ages updating :)

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Review #16, by casizzle21 The Weasley Blush

11th December 2010:
Another great chapter! Looking forward to the next one!

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Review #17, by casizzle21 The Gypsy Girl and the Dragon-Tamer

11th December 2010:
I like this story a lot! Keep up the good work!

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Review #18, by flying_rabbit A Night to Remember

27th February 2010:
Haha, both of them are very stubborn, aren't they? I'm glad Sophia finally said yes! Their conversations are very nice to read as well; they seem to be the perfect match, with all their playful bantering :D
The date sounded great. Sophia even became jealous, huh? :D It's nice that Charlie told her how he feels, both in the restaurant and when they were at Sophia's place. They're very sweet together and hopefully they'll be able to make a relationship work, even if Charlie's far away most of the time. It'll be interesting to see Sophia meet the Weasleys; that's going to be one hell of an experience for her!
Hope you'll update soon!

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Review #19, by LadyCullen94 A Night to Remember

27th February 2010:
Extraordinary! That was so ... hmm lets think of the word... I will go for, hart racingly amazing! Okay thats more than one word but o'well. So they finaly get together. I have just one question for you Professor fizzlesticks, because charlie says Sophia will meet his family, aka the Weasleys and Potters, does that meen his is going to tell her he is a wizard and all his family is too? I could just imagen Sophia's face when she gets hit with that one, 'So yeah, my family can all do trickes with wooden stickes and the man over there with the glasses and Black hair, with grey in it, killed THE most evil Wizard ever known when he was 17, what did your parents work as again?'. That was charlie by the way. Glorious chapter anyway, bye for now x.

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Review #20, by flying_rabbit The Weasley Blush

7th February 2010:
Charlie's interaction with Dominique was quite cute :) Poor kid, doesn't know about Muggles not knowing about magic :) I'd be confused too. Haha, and all those kids were obviosuly very excited to see Charlie again :D Eleven kids already? How does Ginny (or anyone else, for that matter) survive babysitting them? Teddy really is a boy who wants to be big and tough, it seems (nice portrayal of that!). I liked the description of the scene in the playroom, what all the kids were doing. It seems quite real :) Teddy as Dumbledore... I don't want to imagine that, I think ;)
Ouch, Bill's comment about foreign birds wasn't very nice to Fleur indeed. But the Firewhisky-that-made-his-cheeks-rosy was quite funny :D Charlie's appointment with Sherman must have been a real waste of time, no?
Haha, Charlie is the adult, but it seems that Victoire is in charge of anything that happens! The trip to London sounded like fun too :) Dominique was great when she took them all to where Sophia works; she and Victoire are quite the pair :D They seem like a handful, but in a good way.
I can imagine that Sophia thinks it's a lame way to pick up girls, to bring along your nephew and nieces, but of course, that wasn't really the reason why they were there. Victoire and Dominique are doing a great job at embarrassing Charlie in front of Sophia :) Anyway, both Charlie and Sophia seem quite stubborn, so that might become quite interesting :)
Can't wait to see what happens next!

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Review #21, by flying_rabbit The Gypsy Girl and the Dragon-Tamer

18th January 2010:
This definitely sounds interesting :)
That shrink sounded a little scary though; but I guess that's how shrinks are usually seen :P Fortunately, I have no experience with scary shrinks who want to be your friend (yet? :S).
The conversation between Sophia and Charlie was nice :) Sophia has an interesting past :) And Dominique is a very enthusiastic four-year-old!
Can't wait to read more of this!

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Review #22, by Camille The Gypsy Girl and the Dragon-Tamer

11th January 2010:
I really like this one! They way you portrayed Charlie was perfect. Great job!

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Review #23, by anonymous The Gypsy Girl and the Dragon-Tamer

10th January 2010:
the best part about charlie being the least talked-about weasley is that you can play around with his personality traits (one of the reasons why i like charlie fics too).
this is interesting. i will definitely be waiting to read the next chapter.

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