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Review #1, by Owlpost68 Yes, Ginevra, There is a Santa Claus

22nd March 2016:
This was such an entirely sweet story of a family pulling together. Some of my favorite parts were Ron selling his comics... They were so important to him, but obviously Ginny was more important. I also loved Percy and surprising all of them with making money by doing someone elses' homework. So sweet :)
The exchange between Molly and Arthur was sweet but heartbreaking. That they want the very best for their kids, but that's exactly what they ARE giving them. If not more than if they had all the money they wanted/need.
Really great job!

Author's Response: Thank you! This review made me smile so much! You touched on all the points I was really hoping would come across, all the emotions and feelings and family love I wanted to express.

This fic has a special place in my heart, so thank you again!

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Review #2, by looneylizzie Yes, Ginevra, There is a Santa Claus

13th December 2015:

So, this story has been on my reading list (actually, all of your stories are on my reading list…) for a long time, and with the Advent Calendar’s Day 12 task, I officially have the perfect excuse to read and review this!

Okay, Wand Wheaties is brilliant.

Poor Molly. That’s a difficult situation to be stuck in. She’s the kind of mother who would give her children the world if she could, and not being able to get Ginny something like that must be heartbreaking.

Bill is such an observant kid. I mean, he’s probably a teenager by now, if Ginny is 7 - but he’s a pretty observant teenage boy. Definitely a rare thing.

And the fact that he and Charlie IMMEDIATELY say that they don’t have to get presents is downright adorable. I just want to hug them!

Oh! I love the fact that Bill is realizing that just because Ginny is quite the tomboy doesn’t mean that she can’t have girly toys. He’s absolutely right, and I love that you chose to highlight that.

Awe! Bill is going to get Charlie and Percy in on this plan, huh? He’s even trying to keep it from Molly and Arthur by taking the letter for Ginny. That’s awesome.

”Who spit in your oatmeal, huh?” — HA! Great line!

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Fred was just hiding out! AND George! That’s BRILLIANT!

”And merchandise to liquidate.” — I’m dying. I actually did a spit take at this line. I’m just imagining little 10-year old Fred and George dreaming up their own joke shop already. Seems like they’ve always had a knack for business.

Little suspicious Ron is adorable. Poor kid. He really did get the short end of the stick sometimes, especially being just younger than the twins. The fact that he just figures that they were going to do something to him is both horribly sad and ridiculously funny!

Being a distraction for one of the twins’ projects was usually tantamount to accepting a suicide mission. — This is probably my favorite line so far!! It’s taking me far longer to review this than it probably should because I keep having to stop and regain the ability to breathe.

“Where babies come from?” *slow clap* I can picture it now… Ron learns how babies come from because he was distracting his mother so his brothers could get away with whatever ridiculous plan they have now — and he comes back to Fred and George later absolutely horrified at what he’s learned all thanks to them… Hehehehehe. Priceless.


You wrote it. You actually WROTE THAT!!

This is what happens when I review as I read. *Wipes tears from eyes* I’m actually dying of laughter right now.

I knew it! They DO have a knack for business! I love seeing it this early on. It’s not something you’d expect from two ten year olds.

Percy's shampoo... *snorts* I can’t even…

”We’re going for the cuteness factor here, not authenticity.” — WHERE DO YOU COME UP WITH THESE LINES?!?!

AWEEE!! Poor Arthur!! Now I’ve got all these FEELS! Geez, thanks Farmgirl.

LOVING that Bill and Charlie had to cook breakfast. It explains where the small army came from. *wink wink*

HA! I guess Fred is learning that the cuteness factor comes with some drawbacks, huh? Maybe he won’t mind so much when girls stop having cooties.

OH MY GOSH!! RON! I can’t believe it! He sold the comics to help Ginny (and to outsell the twins. He’s so competitive it’s ridiculous) - there’s the overprotective older brother that he becomes when he’s at Hogwarts.

Bill and Charlie actually thought that their ten year old brothers robbed a bank. *dies* Although I see where they’re coming from.

Hehehe, the dictionary. Nice touch. Fred and George always did have a certain formality in their speech whenever they were up to something.

And Fred is so proud of Ron for selling the comics! That’s adorable!

PERCY! I should’ve known he’d come through. And the fact that he come up with some money by doing someone else’s homework is probably something that he would HATE doing for any other reason than to help his little sister.

Great, now I’m tearing up.

OH MY GOSH TABITHA IS AMAZING. Can I hug her? I want to give her the biggest hug ever. Bless her. I wish everyone in the world was a little bit more like that sometimes.

”You two were born looking guilty and you know it.” — Truth.

Too right Bill. You SHOULD lock your door with those two boys around.

OF COURSE Ron is hungry. He’s always hungry!


I mean, the presents, and Ginny’s disappointment, and that Bill thought the twins hadn’t come through, and then Ginny is so happy, and Molly and Arthur are so shocked!

And all the little details you mention, like how the twins BOW a little (which made me giggle), and Charlie’s grin and Percy’s little smile, and the fact that Ron offered to play with his little sister even though he doesn’t even know how to play with a dollhouse in the first place…

And their responses to Arthur. It made me laugh and cry at the same time. I CAN’T HANDLE IT! THOSE BOYS ARE SO FREAKING SWEET AND I JUST WANT TO GIVE THEM THE BIGGEST HUGS IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!

I’ve got to say, my favorite response is Percy’s. It reminds me of Spock (or Sherlock if you want to be specific) and his whole improbable/logical answer thing. I can’t remember the quote at the moment.

The way you’ve written each of the Weasley boys is so in character and just so wonderful in every way. I love that you had each of them contribute to Ginny’s present in their own way, and in a way that’s totally true to the kind of boys that they are, and the kind of men that they'll grow to be by the end of the series.

New favorite story. No question about it. I’m adopting all of this into my little universe - I hope you don’t mind, because it’s just too precious NOT to.

AMAZING story my dear! Keep writing!

Author's Response: Okay Lizzie, I'm finally gonna tackle this, the mother of all reviews.

Because, oh my word, HOW DID YOU WRITE THIS? It's so long! It's longer than the story! LOL

I'm afraid I have not your skills in writing INCREDIBLY long responses, so I hope you don't think I'm ungrateful if I summarize a little.

I am so glad you have enjoyed the little things I tried to stick in that make it seem more like a normal home, even though it's a normal MAGICAL home. And having Molly react the same way any mother would.

Bill is the oldest child. I find they grow up a little faster, because they get pressed into "extra parent" duties with all the rest. LOL. I'm speaking from experience here.

Bill and Charlie ARE teenage boys though - be careful with the hugs. They may not like them much.

Yup, Bill is being big brotherly and noticing things, and getting other brothers to notice things as well. And like all brothers, they don't always get along.

Fred and George. They are weird. They always have been. Nothing I can do about this.

And in the same vein, being the youngest boy, Ron has always been suspicious. VERY suspicious. Wouldn't you be?

It worries me that I almost killed you with this. I may need to put a restriction on your fanfic intake from me in the future.

I don't know about that. When I was ten years old I used to get flower petals and mix them up in water and stick it in old bottles and then put it in the wagon and walk around the block trying to sell it as perfume...

That also might be were some of these lines came from...

Yes, poor Arthur. He's such a good father and man.

Good thing they didn't add to that army.

Having Ron part with his comics was the hardest part to write in this story. I still feel a little bad to this day and feel like I owe him a story where he actually gets some of them back or something.

Yes, Fred and George blossomed early into...exactly what they would always be. hehehe

I was hoping Percy would catch people by surprise. :) Guess it worked.

(Hands over tissues - I know it's a little late, but you can keep them for other stories.)

Guilty twins, hungry Ron, life at the Burrow.

And now I'm grinning. HUGELY And so grateful you loved this so much. It is one of my favorites and I'm glad people still enjoy it.

And adopt away, my friend. That's the highest compliment ever.


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Review #3, by Bjornber Yes, Ginevra, There is a Santa Claus

19th March 2015:
Dear author, long, long ago I fell in love with your story and asked your permission to translate it into Russian. I can finally say that I finished my translation. Are you interested in a copy of it? I would be happy to give it to you and also publish the translation in my LiveJournal and provide you with link if necessary.
I hope you will get this message and answer me:)
Sincerely yours,

Author's Response: I had forgotten about this, honestly. I'm glad you were finally able to finish the project and honored you felt my story worthy of it.

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Review #4, by rozen_maiden (not logged in) Yes, Ginevra, There is a Santa Claus

5th December 2013:
You always know how to make me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy. I loved it :)

Author's Response: Aw! Again, thanks again. I could say the same back to you, about giving me warm fuzzies and making me smile.

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Review #5, by love_is_magic_ Yes, Ginevra, There is a Santa Claus

4th December 2013:
I absolutely adored this story! It was so unique and endearing. But most of all, it was flawlessly written. I really did love it, thanks so much for a great story!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad that even after all these years, this story makes people smile and find a little Christmas spirit. And thanks so much for the compliments.

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Review #6, by FriendofMolly Yes, Ginevra, There is a Santa Claus

14th November 2013:
This was the first story Jet mentioned. It was all he hinted at. I'm so very glad that I was able to read this. It had me smiling, yet choking up inside. How sweet that the brothers gave their all so that Ginny would have the best ever Christmas. I know that someday Ginny figures it out. That is just one reason that the brothers will always have a very special place in her heart.
Thank you for writing this,

Author's Response: Thank you for reading this! This story, even though it's almost 4 years old now, still has a very special place in my heart. I wrote it for a dear friend and it means a lot. It always makes me smile when others dig it up, read it, and enjoy it. And I'll admit I'm a sucker for family Christmas stories.

I'm sure someday, Ginny will figure out how she got that lovely dollhouse, and she'll love her brothers even more than she already does.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!
- Farmgirl

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Review #7, by Bmorgad Yes, Ginevra, There is a Santa Claus

25th June 2013:
Best Fan Fic I've read yet!!!

Author's Response: Holy cow! What a review! Thank you so much! I'm completely honored! And so glad you read it. :)

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Review #8, by Fawkes394 Yes, Ginevra, There is a Santa Claus

24th April 2013:
I loved it! So sweet and adorable and happy! I really liked the twins with all their weird talking and their natural evilness, I think that's exactly how they were as kids you portrayed them perfectly. And Ron is so cute! Selling his comics and offering to play with Ginny...I laughed so much when the twins found him after asking his mother about babies. : )

Author's Response: First of all, sorry I'm slow responding! I do tend to let these things pile up a bit before I remember to answer them, and they are so lovely I don't know why I do it. I guess I've just got out of the habit of having people review my stuff so I forget to check.

Next, thank you so much for the lovely review! It always makes me smile when someone finds this old story and reads it. It's one that's pretty close to my heart, so it means that much more when they like it as well.

Thank you for reading, and I'm so glad you found it enjoyable!

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Review #9, by LilyLunaPotter17 Yes, Ginevra, There is a Santa Claus

15th January 2013:
Oh my Merlin, I absolutely love this! Ginny is so cute in this. She might be a witch with six older brothers but she's really just a normal little girl at heart.

I love the way the boys all worked hard for their little sister (Gee, I wish my sister would do that for me - her one and only sibling!) and the end result was amazing. I can just imagine a young Ginny's face when she saw the doll's house.

I loved it. 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This story was so much fun to write. I loved exploring the Weasley family when they little and all at home. It always makes me feel so nice when others tell me they liked it, too.

Have you hinted to your sister you want a dollhouse for Christmas - try it, you never know what coudl happen. LOL.

Thanks again for reading! Reviews are like candy.

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Review #10, by Mystique Yes, Ginevra, There is a Santa Claus

24th May 2012:
This story was really sweet. You portrayed all the characters really well which is quite a hard thing to do. I loved this story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really loved writing this story. I know it's probably not the most original or amazingly written story around, but it's close to my heart because family is so important to me, and that's what I tried to write about in this story. It's always nice to hear others enjoyed it as well.

Thanks again!

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Review #11, by hp lover Yes, Ginevra, There is a Santa Claus

4th December 2011:
that was the most beautiful story and wonderfully written, i actually had a tear in my eye. Good Work!!

Author's Response: Thank you! It's one of the ones I had the most fun writing, so I'm always happy when people like it. Thanks for reading!

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Review #12, by LOLhaily Yes, Ginevra, There is a Santa Claus

19th July 2011:
Ah. This was so cute. What I would do to get older brothers like that, Ginny is SO lucky. And I'm going to tell you the truth that I actually shed a tear when reading this. Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, and Ron are just too sweet. I love that Ron sold his comics just so that he could help pay for the dollhouse. And the twins, I can just imagine the. This is a truly wonderful one shot.


Author's Response: Thank you! And I'm so sorry this response is very late. Real life has been insane lately.

I've never had an older brother (until Eldy adopted me, that is) and so I know how you feel, sometimes wishing you knew what that was like. It was fun to write a story with that family dynamic in it.

I should be sad that I made you cry, but it's really a great compliment! This was a BLAST to write and I always love getting reviews for it. Thanks so much for reading!

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Review #13, by FOREVERHARRY468 Yes, Ginevra, There is a Santa Claus

5th May 2011:
wonderful story! Amazing, I cried at the end. It's so nice to see the weasley family before the second war, thank you.

Author's Response: Thank you! It's so nice to know you enjoyed my little story! It was a blast to write it. Thanks for the review.

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Review #14, by Michelle Yes, Ginevra, There is a Santa Claus

27th March 2011:
awwee!!! This made me tear up a couple of times : ) Really good story.

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. It's one of my favorites so I always love it when others enjoy it.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #15, by Chuu Yes, Ginevra, There is a Santa Claus

15th March 2011:
Ô my !!! It is so cute !!!
I love it !!!
I might believe in Santa Claus again lol !!

Author's Response: Aww, thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it, and it rekindled your Santa spirit. :)

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Review #16, by Singularity Yes, Ginevra, There is a Santa Claus

25th December 2010:
I read this story a few months back, but now that it's Christmas, I just had to read it again. You've done such a perfect job with this story. All of the Weasleys are characterized exactly right. This is something that I could definitely see happening. They are such a wonderful, close family and would do anything for one another. Did I mention that I was a sucker for sentimentality, because I totally am. You managed to make this sweet and touching without taking it over board.


Happy Christmas,

Author's Response: Thank you so very much for such a wonderful review. To hear that people are reading my stories multiple times really makes my day. And also to know that people think I got the Weasleys in characters just gives me warm fuzzies as I worked so hard on that. So thanks again! And I'm so sorry it's taken me this long to reply to this review and let you know how much I appreciated it!

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Review #17, by DracoFerret11 Yes, Ginevra, There is a Santa Claus

24th November 2010:
Hey there!

Okay, so, funny story. This is actually DarkRose from the forums with a review that you requested in... July. XD I'm so, so, so, so sorry that it's taken me so long to get here. I actually left the site and forums for a little while and fell out of touch, but I'm back now and I've got your review. :]

This was amazing. I really love everything you write. I'm adding this to my favorites in a moment. See, here's the thing: you write incredibly believably and really well. I love all the emotions that you portray so perfectly.

My favorite characterization (though every single character was flawless) was Ron's. Because he realizes that he can help by selling his own stuff. And that's just sweet. I feel like Ron really would do something like that for Ginny and never tell her because he'd be embarassed. It was adorable.

I love, love, love, loved Charlie and Bill. They were amazing. The fact that they were willing to give up their own Christmas presents for Ginny was terrific. And I thought that "Wand Wheaties" was a cute idea for a cereal title, haha. Great job.

Perfect Molly/Arthur characterization. I adored that you added the part where Arthur was crying because he felt so bad about not being able to give his kids a proper Christmas. That was so touching... I almost cried myself.

Great job throwing in Uncle Bilius! That's really original and unique! I loved it! And the Fred/George interaction with each other and the other characters. It was great. Especially the conversation with Bill about the dictionary! :D

Okay, so, I'm really just rambling at this point... but I really think the entire thing was terrific. One of the best holiday stories I've ever read. It was amazing. Great, great job!


Author's Response: You know, it's amazing how your funny story has such a familier ring to it. Why, you ask? Well, because I just barely, tonight, finished replying to about 15 reviews I'd had waiting for responses since August. So, I'm in no position to be upset by a late review. No worries at all, dear.

And I'm so glad you liked it! Adding to favorites is a HUGE compliment! Thanks!

Flawless characters? WOW! I'm blushing here! And I'm so glad you liked Ron. I was worried when I was writing this that he was the one I jipped the most. I just wasn't sure I'd got his character correct. You've put my mind at ease a bit. And he did act rather nobly here, didn't he, selling those comics. :)

Charlie and Bill were fun to write. You almost never get to write them interacting with their younger siblings when they were all little because by the time most of them had appeared, Bill and Charlie were already at school for most of the year. Christmas was the perfect opportunity for a full on Weasley gang bash. And of course they'd give up their Christmas for their siblings - that's what older siblings do. LOL.

Poor Molly and Arthur. They're such loving, devoted, good parents, and yet things are always so hard for them. I admit I've fallen a bit in love with them and their family, and I wanted to show the power of love, not material goods, is what makes a family and Christmas.

Uncle Bilius just seemed to fit, so I threw him in there. And he was fun to write so I'm glad i did.

No worries about rambling - I loved the review! Thanks so much for reading!

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Review #18, by DeliciousDreamer Yes, Ginevra, There is a Santa Claus

6th November 2010:
Naw. I'm tearing up. I believe this is about the sweetest story I've read.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm very glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #19, by melian Yes, Ginevra, There is a Santa Claus

16th August 2010:
Again. Bawling. Like a baby. Tears streaming down my cheeks. As soon as Ginny pointed out the doll house I knew what would be happening (though not how it would happen) and I'm a real sucker for sentimentality. I can't even watch the HP films without crying, that's how bad I am. But this, this takes the cake. The Weasley boys banding together for the sake of Ginny, even though she'd have no idea they'd done anything at all, was fantastic ... even Percy coming to the fore at the end, even though he'd sworn not to have anything to do with it. Heartwarming. Lovely. Tear-inducing. :)

Some lovely bits of dialogue in there, too. Bill saying he'll be locking his door from now on because the twins scare him a little; the "small army" conversation between Arthur and Molly; the bit about Fred wiping his cheeks down after those middle-aged women got a little too friendly at the stall in Diagon Alley; the idea of Bilius taking Fabian and Gideon to see the Whirlygig Witches when they were only twelve. All of that just added to the story, giving it more depth and making it feel more real.

Overall, yet another brilliant bit of writing. Though I'm going to have to have a word to you about writing so much emotional stuff, you know. It's very draining and, like I said, I'm in a public place right now. With not enough tissues.

cheers, Mel

Author's Response: Good think you're a sucker for sentimentality because my stuff is chuck full of it! :D This fic is one that sorta means a lot to me, and so I really don't care if anyone else reads it or not because that's not why I wrote it, but at the same time it does make me feel all those warm fuzzies when someone does and they like it. Because it could so easily be construed as completely sappy.

One of the things I love the most about the Harry Potter books is the issue of family and loyalty. That's why the Weasleys are my favorites. It was so fun to have a chance to write them all, while they were all still at home, and yet still try to make them the characters we all recognize. All those conversations and events you point out were part of that, and it was really fun to think them up so I'm glad you enjoyed them!

Now, should I still be worried about this word you were going to have with me, since it's been so long since you read this? Do I need to go into hiding?

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Review #20, by schoenemaedchen Yes, Ginevra, There is a Santa Claus

9th August 2010:
And...you've done it once again.

What an absolutely amazing story. Heartwarming, kind, thoughtful, wonderfully written and the kind of story that can only leave you smiling.

Characterizations were 100% spot on, without a doubt. I think my favorite part was when the twins come in for the first time and Fred goes to the hamper to hide but George is already two steps ahead of him. Classic!

I also absolutely loved the general plot. You really pulled the meaning of Christmas into this story. It's about family and love, and you really personified that in your writing. I mean, it is a "typical warm-fuzzy" Christmas story, but things like this happen all the time behind closed doors and the world never hears about it. I think these are exactly the kind of Christmas stories that need to be out and about every time of year!

I also really appreciated you showing the Molly-Arthur relationship. I think they must have such an incredibly strong marriage after all they've been through and you showed it in such a nice way.

Other than that, I honestly have nothing to say, which doesn't happen with me often. I am absolutely content and happy after reading this, which is something I can't say about every story I read. So props and I'm anxiously awaiting your next!!

PS...WRITE MORE CANON, you do an amazing job!

Inifinity out of /10

Author's Response: Done it again? Is that a good thing? *is worried*

Thank you so much. This is one of the stories I enjoyed writing the very most, and it always makes me feel really good to hear others enjoy reading it.

I'm also so glad you liked the characterizations! Those are hard enough to do normally, but doing everyone younger was REALLY HARD! LOL. Fun, but hard. I just kept hoping it wasn't too cheesy. :)

I was really hoping the message of family and love would come through and not just the uber fuzzy, nausiating fluffiness, LOL. It was so fun to write about the Weasleys at a time when they were all together and living at the Burrow. Family dynamics change and you lose something when the kids start to leave home. Not that what you get in return isn't just as good, but it's still never the same. It was fun to have an excuse to write that for the Weasleys.

As for Molly and Arthur, I really, really love that relationship. I think it's so under appreciated and love having the chance to bring it out to the front. Thanks for noticing!

As for writing more canon? *shrugs* In my twisted little world my stories ARE canon, LOL. But, maybe. We'll see...

Thanks so much for reading and for your high praise! You always leave me blushing and I love getting your reviews!

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Review #21, by Valia Yes, Ginevra, There is a Santa Claus

10th July 2010:
How adorable! I really enjoyed the story. I loved all the Weasley boys coming up with ways to earn money, just to give their little sister a wonderful Christmas. And then how happy Ginny was when the morning came! I also especially loved the boys' rebuttal of their parents' questions by claiming magic was to blame. Nice work!

Author's Response: Thank you! I really had such a fun time writing this story and thinking of different ways for the boys to earn the money they would need. I'm glad you liked it! As for the boys telling there parents where the dollhouse came from, that was too much fun to pass up. Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #22, by Wyn Yes, Ginevra, There is a Santa Claus

9th July 2010:
That has to be just about one of the sweetest and adorable things I have ever read! What amazing big brothers Ginny has! I love how even Percy came around. I also loved the sneaky twins and Ron selling his beloved comics. The ending's great, as well. I love Ron's reply to Ginny's question about the toy auror staying to tea. Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I had an absolute blast writing it so it's very nice to know others like reading it. And I agree, Ginny has the best big brothers in the world, even Percy. Thank you so much for reading and leaving a review!

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Review #23, by Muggle born 12 Yes, Ginevra, There is a Santa Claus

20th March 2010:
I loved it and so did Mad libs 12 AKA my little sis

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

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Review #24, by Miss Lily Potter Yes, Ginevra, There is a Santa Claus

14th March 2010:
Okay. So, I'm really sorry this review took me so long to do. But... Wow. I wish I'd gotten to it sooner. (: I'll try to make this review as in-depth as I can, to make up for my massive lateness.

Wow. This was really a great one-shot. When I saw the length, I was apprehensive, because I'm not a fan of staring at a screen that long. But I couldn't look away. (: The entire thing was filled with heartwarming twists and the way you portrayed all the brothers was beautiful. (:

I'll start with what I liked, and then go onto the concrit, all right?

I love the name "Wand Wheaties" for cereal. (: I love when authors put in little touches to make it more 'magical', and you did this a lot. (:

Agh! The beginning, with them thinking they had to tell Ginny about Santa... It made me want to cry, and by the end, I did cry. ): But more on that later. (:

I loved how each brother had their own thing: Ron with his comics, which I adored: It really made him seem more like a brother in this story; Percy, with the cheating on homework, which was a GREAT touch, by the way (I was expecting him to do something, but not something so un-Percy-ish ;D); and the rest, with the various jobs. It made it more Christmas-y, and while it may have been cheesy, it was cheesy in the best way.

You asked about making the characters recognizable, and I think you did a great job, with all of them. We don't know muhc about Bill and Charlie in canon, but you matched what we DO know. (: And Ginny, to me, seemed totally spot-on, with the dollhouse. ):

And about that. I loved how you had Bill realizing that Ginny was a little girl, and the realization that spawned her getting her dollhouse. (: It was very sweet.

There really wasn't anything that I didn't like. I was thinking about it, trying to find concrit, and I really couldn't think of anything. Your dialogue, grammar, everything is fantastic, especially your characterization.

Great job on this. It was truly heartwarming, and the ending, with Ginny not getting her dollhouse and then getting it, made me cry. ):


Author's Response: No worries at all on how long it took for such a wonderful review! This week has been rather long and trying for me, so I probably needed to come home and find this waiting for me this week more than I would have if you'd gotten to it sooner.

Such a wonderful review! How do I think you for it? It put a huge grin on my face. :)

Yeah, I know this story is rather long for a one-shot, but it just kept growing when I was writing it and it would have lost some of it's affect if I had broken it up. I'm glad it sucked you in enough that you didn't notice the length after you'd started it, though.

I'm a huge fan of details, in writing, in movies, etc. I love it when people take the time to make things more realistic. So I do try to do that in my own writing, although not always very succesfully. It means a lot to have you bring it up, as it is something I'm constantly trying to get better at.

Writing the Weasley boys as younger and all at home was so much fun! Don't get me wrong, it was also really hard and lots of work, but it was fun to get to play with the whole lot of them at once, and have them interacting as kids and siblings instead of adults. Having you say you liked them and thought they were all in characters is as good as giving me banana pudding! (And I love banana pudding. :) )

Sorry I made you cry at the end. I needed that little bit of drama for everyone to think the twins had failed in their mission to set the dollhouse up...just a little tension, before the happy ending. But, I guess if you were crying before it was done (in a good way) I did okay.

Thanks again! This review was awesome!

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Review #25, by Pixileanin Yes, Ginevra, There is a Santa Claus

9th March 2010:
Well, I hopped on and took the ride and ended up loving every minute of it! I don't think I have anything to say about your story that hasn't already been said. You captured a wonderful moment in the lives of the Weasley family and it was awesome!

Author's Response: Well, then, I'm so glad you DID hop on and take the ride! It's so nice to have reviews such as yours, and to know my little story made someone happy to read it.

Thanks again!

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