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Reading Reviews for Tangled Bonds
27 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Future_Mrs_Malfoy Part Six

24th April 2008:
oh come on! abandoned? I read this series for NOTHING?!?!?!

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Review #2, by toria92 Prologue

6th March 2008:
ive just read the story The Warmth!! it was great by the way!! (L)
nd then i go on to read the sequel and find out it is anbandoned!!
plz reply!!

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Review #3, by pinkypocky Part Six

4th May 2007:
ahh! noo how come you abandoned this?? i think it`s great so far! i really hope you consider continuing this story =)

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Review #4, by missrachel Part Six

2nd August 2006:
eek you must keep going i need there to be a good ending!! lol great job keep it us =]

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Review #5, by dawntodusk08 Part Six

24th July 2006:
i love your story. i started with The Warmth and got hooked. I really enjoy how you portrayed the characters. I hope that you will continue to update this story and soon!

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Review #6, by Sapphire Marlston-Wells Prologue

15th June 2006:
Heyy; do you still go on HPFF.com? Can you update this story?!?!?!It's been so loooong! And tell me if it's being discontinued or whatever. And if you DON'T go on HPFF.com anymore, tell me where I CAN read this story; if it's still being updated or if it's completed. Please and thank you. Reply back and if you can, reply back on my email; lil_sexi3_babe_honey@hotmail.com. Thanks. I haven't read your stories yet; I like it when it's completed; including the sequels. Yes, Yes, I know it's being 'Abandoned', but ARE YOU SURE? Some people change their minds after a long time of vacation. Lolz. So give me your answers. I'll be waiting.
Remember; lil_sexi3_babe_honey@hotmail.com ... please and thank you

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Review #7, by guardianbrittney Part Six

11th June 2006:
hey can you please please please please please X's 1oo million finish this story? itss soo good!

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Review #8, by Isabel Part Six

4th October 2005:
Hi!! This is Isabel one of your faithful readers! I really like it so far! Not as dark and exciting as before but just as good. Please repost quickly, cant wait to read the rest!

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Review #9, by мιснєℓℓє Part Six

3rd June 2005:
What ever happend to finishing storys HONESTLY!?!?!?

Author's Response: Writers block, school, lack of time. IT's sad becuase I really want to finish but I don't know what to do with it.

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Review #10, by siruis_lady Prologue

20th April 2005:
You have a way of making me want to cry and laugh at the same time. Your stories have a way to them, Long and sappy but one can'y help but to read every word, unwilling drwan to every word thats wriiten. I enjoyed your last fic and I hope this is as good. But you make hermione sound like J-lo. in the sence of locing someone and then falling for someelse at the same time. It's crazy-crazy but I like the plot line , surpise in every chapter and yet unsetteling enjoyent of the text.

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Review #11, by garrett addison Prologue

14th July 2004:
that was the best story ever, it made me think of my friend, it made me cry, b/c i secretly like her.

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Review #12, by bRANdy_wHiSk Part Six

10th July 2004:
nice one! i so want this done!! i like ur story its kewl!

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Review #13, by ladyspirit Part Six

5th July 2004:
hey there! i absolutely adore it, its an amazing sequel! I can't wait to see what happens when Draco finally sees Hermione again! But will she recogonise him? Hmm *ponders* Update soon! Peri-Jayxx

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Review #14, by melody Part Six

15th June 2004:
why did you stop with the song lyrics?! i thought that it was really cool how you did that. please try to continue them, i honestly enjoyed the lyrics. otherwise your story is pretty good.

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Review #15, by Danni Part Six

15th June 2004:
Wow! This is a realy gud story! Plz upd8!

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Review #16, by friday Part Five

31st May 2004:
your avid reader here ( ^^ ).... i was just wondering whether the lack of reviews are getting to you... seems to me you are giving this story up... please dont, there are many who read but are too lazy to review (i think)... come to thionk of it, i seldom reviewed the warmth, but it was the first page i checked whenever i come online, which is.... er...almost everyday, hoping you will update...

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Review #17, by ReDjellYbEaN636 Prologue

11th May 2004:
Dude... you like totally like need to update it like rite now! but i think that you should have made it about Hogwarts instead f them being all grown-up it's like really weird!

Author's Response: I wanted to write the sequel so that it takes quite a while after 'The Warmth' takes place. Good emotion ferments like wine. *Snickers*

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Review #18, by blueyedgirl636 Prologue

1st May 2004:
OMG! That was like the best story... I am so glad that you continued it, and I can't wait for the 6th chapter! I would rate it higher but it only goes up to 10!!! you go girl!!

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Review #19, by friday Part Four

2nd April 2004:
Your chapters always make me go ... awwww , ^^ im weird, i know..

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Review #20, by friday Part Three

27th March 2004:
hmm... i wonder how hermione is taking all of this ^^

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Review #21, by friday Part Two

24th March 2004:
yay, i was quite worried that you wouldn't continue the story ... okay, VERY worried.... go girl

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Review #22, by Tarquinn Part One

16th March 2004:
OMG that was sooooo good. Promise you will keep it up okay? Hmm...darn the max rating is 10....consider it as a 11 okay? ciao for now....

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Review #23, by FoxySlytherin Prologue

13th March 2004:
i loved the first fic i can image Draco and Hermione having a fling in later chapters behind Georges back up date soon

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Review #24, by ^^ Prologue

13th March 2004:
does ~hermy and george sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G* jig~.....though....draco (hint) ###would### be better....anyway...keep up the good work ^^

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Review #25, by DreamonDraco Prologue

11th March 2004:
George...LOL i can't read.......my fault i give you a glorious 10!

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