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Review #1, by thehyacinthgirl Like A Star Across My Sky

2nd May 2011:
Wow, this is beautiful!

I generally have never liked the Astoria/Draco pairing as it was rather foisted on us, and we never got to know Astoria. Yet in this story, I can't help but liking it. They were really rather sweet together.

I absolutely adore your depiction of Astoria. She isn't weak or fragile, but she isn't one of those women that's always tough, either. She's balanced and fleshed out which can be something hard to do in an one-shot, but you managed it.

I especially love that she can quote muggle plays. I always thought Astoria would be different from Daphne, and it does say that Draco reformed in the future, so I found this quite believable.

I love the details and the descriptions. You can almost feel her ache of pain, you can almost see the butterfly, you can understand seemingly where she's coming from in this entire piece.

This was so poetic, beautiful, and full of whimsy. I don't even know where to begin. That coupled with the fact that I caught no spelling errors or grammatical faux paus and it makes this all the more better.

Great job!


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Review #2, by ReinaxSnape8425 Like A Star Across My Sky

11th December 2010:
that. was. so. sad. I LOVED IT.

Author's Response: Awe, thanks so much!

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Review #3, by spreaddapoo93 Like A Star Across My Sky

28th January 2010:
I loved the part about the yellow butterfly... I think this is the only Astoria/Draco fanfic I really enjoyed! It was sad, sweet sorrow that fell upon me when I read this... The textual references were stunning, I loved that you did that :D Well done!

Author's Response: Why thank you! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the story, and your review like made my day. Thank you so much!

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Review #4, by Miss Lily Potter Like A Star Across My Sky

17th January 2010:
Hey! Here from the forums with your review. (:

Wow. I have tears in my eyes. xD And I never cry at books.

This was great. A beautiful one-shot, really.

This line:
"Because when you blink you miss everything - your girlfriend becomes your wife, your son becomes a father, and it just ends."
Damn. That's all I have to say. Beautiful, heartwrenching.

I love stories like this, stories that are actually sad, rather then just skimming the surface. You've really delved into Astoria, and done her justice.

I love your portrayal of Astoria, and comparing her to the butterfly. Just wondering- is that a real butterfly?

This was a great story. (:

Your grammar is really good, I didn't notice anything off. I liked your plot as well... Though it kind of jumped around a bit. Not sure how to explain it, it just didn't... flow completely. Ahha. Sorry.

Great job. (:

Author's Response: Awe, thank you so much for the wonderful review! I'm considering doing a series of one-shots or a short story about Astoria and Draco because I had so much fun with this though I'm not too sure yet. Yes, that is a real butterfly. I think there were aspects of it I made up, but most of it is actually based on the real butterfly. Woah, I'm shocked. Grammar tends to be something that I have an issue with and I'm really happy that it was okay. Yeah, it's slightly... like here's one thing that happened... oh wait here's another! Jumpy is defiantly the word but I can't figure out how to make it transition better. Hmm.. I'll keep working on it! Thank you so much for the wonderful review!

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Review #5, by Reignserenity Like A Star Across My Sky

11th January 2010:
That was beautiful! Good writing.

Author's Response: Thank you so so much! (=

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Review #6, by Alassie Like A Star Across My Sky

10th January 2010:
Aww, that was really cute. Their relationship was real, not just perfect. Draco made mistakes (I still can't believe he said that in front of her mother, I would have KILLED him). This was adorable. I felt terrible for poor Astoria being the one left behind. At least she and Draco will be together soon. They were so cute together, and I just want the to be happy forever. That would make me very very happy. Ahh

Author's Response: Awe, thank you so much! I would've too! I would've flipped, ahaha. Yeah, I felt so horrible for Astoria but I was like awee... plot bunnies won't let me pull a Notebook-ending! Thank you so much for the review! (=

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Review #7, by kandekisses Like A Star Across My Sky

10th January 2010:
Wow this was very emotional and very sweet. I loved how you put the flashbacks. &The Shakespeare really added to the story. It was perfect. The part were they were took the "walk" *giggles* was so adorable. I could feel the love radiating from my screen.

&Then with the argument. I had to smile. It doesn't matter how mad you get or how irritated, true love will always be there. When Draco explained the characteristics of the butterfly and compared Astoria to it I just about died. In a good way though =P.

Lastly when Draco was dying. I just about cried. That was so sad! I really felt for her then. You showed all the right emotions and I have to say that reading this story was a bit of an emotional roller coaster. &I loved every moment of it.

I don't think you have to worry much about this story. It really is special &it's going into my favorites.

Brilliant Job!

P.S. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I think you like butterflies =D

Author's Response: Awe, thank you so much for that awesome review! It made me grin, like a loser. Ahaha. Oh yes, the oh so fun "walk"! It was fun to write, ahah. I think I just threw the Shakespeare stuff in it because I happened to be reading it at the time and I was like oooh, purrrttty! I was so sad when Draco died! I was like 'nooo, but it has to be done but no!' I'm so glad you liked it! And, yes, I seem to have developed a fondness for butterflies recently. Aha!

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Review #8, by Livilulu Like A Star Across My Sky

9th January 2010:
Awhh, this is really sad, you brought Astoria to life, and although Draco was a bit un-Draco-ish, I suppose he would be when he's in love ;). It's a great job!

Author's Response: Awe, thank you so much! All my one shots come out sad for some uber strange reason! Thank you for reading!

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Review #9, by ShadowKisses Like A Star Across My Sky

9th January 2010:
So, so beautiful. I'm... I don't know what to say. This was so lovely, so achingly lovely - Astoria and Draco's love, from their youthful days under the oak tree to him trembling on his deathbed, was just so pure throughout and wonderful to behold. You've brought out my inner sap (no easy feat)! -glances at my author's page where all love ends, well, sadly- 10/10 I am favouriting this!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Haha, you've just made my day in a way you wouldn't believe. I was a little worried for this story, so thank you for this!

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