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Review #1, by james girl Fairytale

5th October 2011:
y does roxy look like harry?

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Review #2, by ZephyrDragon Fairytale

18th April 2010:
Its not at all silly! I enjoyed it, but it did feel like it was a little bit rushed - as if you were trying to fit the whole storyline of Twilight into a one-shot, and the ending was rather sudden - as if you didn't want to get any further entangled in the rest of the storyline because then the fic would be too long. Perhaps the idea could be spread out into a short story instead of being a one-shot, but I understand that it was for a competition.

Hope that all makes sense and is helpful! And the characters:
Bella - Roxy, Edward - Percy, Charlie - Gaston, Esme - Mrs Weasley, Emmett - Harry, Rosalie - Ginny, Jasper - George, Alice - Angelina, James - Malfoy, Victoria - Pansy, Laurent - Blaise

And one last thing - it was really unexpected for Percy to be 'Edward' which makes it original, but I wasn't quite sure he fits - Percy in canon is bossy, and kind of socially awkward, whereas your Percy as Edward is too calm and relaxed (its also implied that he's good looking - 'magnetism in his caramel eyes' - and I never got that impression from the books)

Just my thoughts - hope I don't sound too much like I'm ranting!

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Review #3, by frostbitten Fairytale

19th January 2010:
Clever. I'm not a huge fan of twilight, but I like the potterfied version better. I could figure out who the characters were and I think you write better than Meyer. :P

Author's Response: *fist pumps* Yay! Better than Meyer! hehe, thanks! I'm not a Twilight fan much myself, I find it more than a tad silly.

Yay for reviews! Thanks again!

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Review #4, by FannyPrice Fairytale

17th January 2010:
Yay! Fun story. Can I just say that I never imagined anyone writing the words: “I’m glad I was dazzled by Percy Weasley.” Ha, ha. Seriously, though, I really enjoyed it. There were parts that made me chuckle, like when we first realize that she’s talking to Percy Weasley and the moment where Charlie makes that comment after Ginny introduces herself. So, as to Potterfication: Bella-Roxy, Edward-Percy (hahahaha), Jaspar-Harry?, Emmett-Charlie, Rosalie-Ginny, Alice-Angelina, Esme-Molly, Charlie-Gaston, James, Victoria, and Laurent—are Malfoy (James) and the other two Death Eaters. I also enjoyed the small bits of author commentary on Twilight, like how she “somehow” quickly comes to terms with his being a wizard and the restraining order…it made me smile and warmed my heart. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the story. So, thanks for taking the time to look into my challenge and write this!

Author's Response: Haha, yeah it was meant to be a little ironic with the Percy=Edward thing ^_^ (okay a lot ironic).

Yep yep all correct (Jasper I couldnt decide to make him Harry or George so I settled for the middle lol)

Haha, Im glad my not so subtle poking fun of Twilight warmed your heart ^_^ It was a really fun challenge to participate in!


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Review #5, by brunettelily Fairytale

8th January 2010:
Roxy is Bella, Percy is Edward, Gaston is Charlie, Molly Weasley is Esme, George is Emmet?, Angelina is Alice, Harry is Jasper?, Ginny is Rosalie, Draco is James, Pansy is Victoria, and Blaise is Laurent. Am I right? Very interesting story.

Author's Response: All right, except for George was supposed to be Jasper, and Charlie was Emmet. Very close though, Im impressed ^_^. Thanks for reading and leaving a review!!!

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