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Review #1, by technicolor Black Sheep

12th April 2010:
"I mean she looks like she's been hit with a stray Engorgio."

Haha, hilarious. Nice chapter in the sense that it was nice to see Sirius in his "home" environment and establish the Sirius/Regulus relationship. I did think that you were a bit too melodramatic at times (kind of gives it the feel of a Slytherin soap opera : P), but I guess it's hard finding the balance in scenes like this one. Good job overall!

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for the feedback.

I'm glad you're enjoying Sirius and Regulus I happen to think that they're far too similar not to have had a close relationship at one point.

As for being too melodramatic, thank you for pointing this out, concrit really helps and looking back I agree, it's something I'll be going back to and trying to sort out when I get a moment.

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Review #2, by datbenik513 Life is a chain, forever changing

1st April 2010:
I saw you favorited one of my stories and decided to check out your author page. I'm happy I did.
This one is a magnificent introductory chapter of a story with great potential. Written in a wonderfully rich English, it's a lust for the eye and mind to read.
An interesting setting you have here, a Halfblood among Pureblood elitists and the haters of pretty much everything distantly Muggle-related. She will have to fight numerous fights to be accepted into the club, yet, I foresee she will not completely belong, neither here nor there.
Also, an interesting chance to get an insight in the early years of some of those wizards and witches who'd later play important roles in the events to unfold.
Bravo! Wonderful headstart!

Author's Response: Thank you for such detailed feedback.
It was a story idea that came to be quite a while ago and when I couldn't forget about it I had to write it down, it's my first story so I'm incredibly grateful for the praise for my writing.

With regards to your story I find it fascinating and heartbreaking at the same time. Apologies for not leaving a review I may have to go and rectify that so I can give proper feedback.

Anyway please do keep writing (and reading)

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Review #3, by serenity_1 Toil and Trouble

27th March 2010:
Matti's an interesting character. I like her.

I wonder what will happen in the next chapter? Hope you update soon.

Author's Response: Oh what an interesting reponse. I'm finding Mattie a very difficult character to write, she has to be likeable to both the reader and her crazed slytherin friends which is a tough balance.

As for next chapter, I have a lovely long bank holiday to get it written so it should be up soon!

Thanks for your continued reviewing, Loco

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Review #4, by serenity_1 Chains of Thought

18th March 2010:
it's nice to see that Regulus and Sirius still have some sort of relationship with each other and you could yell that Sirius still cares for reg because if he didn't he wouldn't have saved him from being bitten. But of course we all know that won't last for very long but it's nice to see nonetheless. Bella seems like an interesting character as well.

hope you continue and update soon. 10/10

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for the review.
I think Sirius and Regulus are quite similar, they're just caught on different sides. To tell the truth I feel bad that I'm going to have to sacrifice their relationship but so goes life.

Of course I'm continuing with this, I know the next chapter is taking a bit longer than the others but I promise you I have a reason, shouldn't be too long now.

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Review #5, by serenity_1 Boy who cried Wolf

3rd March 2010:
It's quite sad how sirius and regulus's relationship with each other as brother's broke down. I always wondered how they must have been prior to hogwarts - when they were just kids. The reason I love this story is because we get to see regulus's pov. It makes for an interesting read.

Anyways, thanks for the update and i hope you keep writing. 10/10

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Review #6, by serenity_1 Destiny resides in the Dynasty

27th February 2010:
Great chapter!

I feel sympathy towards Regulus because like Draco - he didn't really have much control over his own life. They were forced to lead a certain path because it was what people expected from them. I hope things looks brighter for Regulus because he's a good guy and deserves better.

Hope you update soon cause I can't wait to read the next chapter! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, I love Regulus but I'm afraid at the moment he's very easily influenced.

Next chapter's already up courtesy of the current speedy validation: hooray!!

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Review #7, by technicolor Take your Place

27th February 2010:
Another good chappie. I actually hate reading about first years, so hopefully you'll fast-forward a couple of years at some point. Other than that the chapter had me hooked. I actually don't have time to be reading this, but everytime I wanted to close the page you had some funny piece of dialogue that kept me hooked. I really enjoyed the nasty things the Black sisters were saying especially. Am really liking this so I'll be back to review more!

Author's Response: You seem to have an uncanny knack for picking up on what's bugging me. Personally I dislike first years as well both reading and writing them, I find it really hard to get them across without making them sound either too young or too old so in answer yes, I do intend to have most of the story set in the later years but I don't want to rush through the background to their situation and miss out something important.

I'm glad you enjoy the dialogue it's something I try to think hard about because I want to really understand how the characters are thinking before I let them open their mouths!

As for the Black sisters, I just plain love them :)

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Review #8, by technicolor Life is a chain, forever changing

27th February 2010:
Great first chapter!

I love the idea behind this. Really original to have the focus on Regulus and Slytherins instead of the more likely option... I've always wanted to see the Regulus story played out, so I thought I'd click on your story. Was not disappointed! You have a very nice and flowery style that might have seemed over the top if it was centered around Gryffindors, but it works very well for the Slytherins. It also gives it a bit of a fairy-tale like quality. Good job so far!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your feedback.

That's exactly what led me to start writing, I couldn't find enough Regulus fics and I wanted something a bit darker than the standard "I'm good and I fight evil"; "I'm evil and loving it" has so much scope as well :)

I'm glad you commented on the style it's something I have to work quite hard on, I have a tendency to try and describe everything which leads to long and pretty boring sentences, I do try to edit down to a level of acceptably flowery writing but please if you ever catch me getting carried away just leave a comment telling me so.

Thanks for reviewing and please keep reading I assure you it will only get more interesting!

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Review #9, by serenity_1 Black Sheep

10th February 2010:
i LOVE the story concept.

please keep writing - this story is really good. 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks for taking the time to review and for the fave as well, it makes me giddy-happy to realise someone's reading my little musings!

Next chapter's in validation as we speak, I'm hoping to have updates coming as thick and fast as possible.

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Review #10, by decayingrose Black Sheep

10th February 2010:
Hmm...I like it. Keep going with it.

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Review #11, by HarrietHopkirk Take your Place

31st January 2010:
This chapter was good! I like what you have got going on with Sirius and stuff, and all the subtle things like Bellatrix and Rodolphus' relationship. There were a couple of spelling mistakes in this one, so I would definitely invest in a beta or something. Other than that, gorgeous chapter! Update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad someone likes it!

This is my first story its been buzzing around my head for too long not to try and write it down so all feedback is much appreciated.
I hope you keep reading and enjoying.

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Review #12, by HarrietHopkirk Life is a chain, forever changing

31st January 2010:
Hey! I like this! You are really good at description, and this first chapter sets up nicely for a good story. I'll keep reading! :)

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