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Review #1, by irrelevant A Monster

11th December 2010:
Uhm... something is definitely wrong with Hugo. Very, very wrong.

Author's Response: Yes, there is! :) Hope you read more

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Review #2, by Tory Pow Azkaban

26th March 2010: the hugo twist...well not that he's an evil bastard, but that he's a malfoy...kinda cool...

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I'm glad that you liked it!

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Review #3, by ron Azkaban

17th March 2010:
hi. can you pls add an epilogue

Author's Response: Hi! I haven't planned to write an epilogue. It's up to your imagination. What would you want me to write in it?

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Review #4, by Katie A Monster

28th February 2010:

Nice chapter. I'm interested to see how this plays out.

Author's Response: Thank you for letting me know that you are reading this! I hope that the story can hold your interest.

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Review #5, by amy Azkaban

28th February 2010:
your story was good hugo was an enjoyable character to read

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the kind words!

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Review #6, by LindaSnape Azkaban

17th February 2010:
Hmm, the ending seemed a bit abrupt.

However, I liked this chapter, a lot. It gave some of the back story and what a twisted story that was. But it alarms me how monstrous Hugo was. I'm kind-of glad he was written out in the end.

I can appreciate that Rose is getting Scorpius out of prison.

I liked the parallels you drew between Draco and Scorpius. It seemed quite interesting.

Over all, nice work.

Author's Response: I appreciate your honest criticism. The ending is a bit abrupt, but I really did not have anything to add. There was also another small part at the end explaining better why Scorpius married Dorinda, but validators thought that it was inappropriate. As I do not have time at the moment to come up with something better, I just left it for your imagination.
I am very glad that you found the story twisted enough. I really worked hard on that.
Did you mean parallels between Draco and Hugo?
Thank you very much for reviewing all chapters!

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Review #7, by LindaSnape The Weasleys

21st January 2010:
I feel terrible for Rose, I really do. Though, I know Hugo's supposed to be portrayed as a monster, I do think he does have a point. You can't keep criminals out of jail simply because they're in your family.

I love the characterization, the depth of the characters, the flashbacks, and the emotions. They're all superb. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Rose suffers much in this story and Hugo really adds to it. You are right, Hugo does have a point, but he is also very self-centered.
I am very pleased that you love the characterization, because I am told that my characters tend to be undeveloped and I really worked hard to avoid it in this story.
One more time, thank you for the reviews!
I hope that you will let me know what you think of the next chapter.

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Review #8, by LindaSnape A Monster

21st January 2010:
My goodness!

This is a very interesting and exciting beginning for a tale. I can't wait for the story to evolve anymore.

I love the characterization, especially of Hugo. Most have him as a cute, sweet, shy little Hufflepuff tucked away behind a book, but this change is very curious, indeed. He is reminding me of a combination of Barty Crouch, Sr. and his Uncle Percy.

Very, very nice work.

I almost feel bad for Scorpius and he's the criminal.

Author's Response: Dear LindaSnape,
Thank you very much for the thoughtful reviews!
I'm very happy that the first chapter managed to attract your interest.
As for Hugo's characterization your comparison is good; however, there are also other people who could easily be added to the combination. You will realize who I'm talking about in the third chapter.
Why you felt bad for Scorpius you will also see later. I was trying to give an adequate characterization of Scorpius in the first chapter, but in the meantime not to give too much away.

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Review #9, by hushpuppy A Monster

5th January 2010:
Well, they are both pretty awful but then they're both Malfoys (right?) so you can't expect much from them. Interesting beginning.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review!
I should say that I cannot tell you that yet, but actually you are right. Why are you so sure?
I hope that you stay interested and check back for the next chapters. I am going to update soon.

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