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Review #1, by HPluvergirl Heartless

27th June 2012:
Woah! Harry seemed like a girl, but it made for a good read! Love it!

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Review #2, by Aya Voltaire Heartless

6th July 2010:
Poor Harry. I feel sorry for him

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Review #3, by PhilosopherPlaydoh Heartless

1st March 2010:
I enjoy any slash involving Charlie, though I'm not sure why. Definitely not enough in existence. Anyway, starting my own slash and trying to gain the feel of it all, your story is a wonderful example of emotional display. Excellent job.

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Review #4, by AuroraGranger Heartless

22nd January 2010:
Harry and Charlie? An interesting spin on things i must say. Personally i think you should have had a argumentive/make up fight scene between Harry and draco after charlie left him, but that's just my mind forcing images in :) I liked it, it was a short, fun story that really made you feel for Harry's loss. Though, what i think would've been fun is Ron's reaction to Harry dating his brother. now THAT would've been something. Keep on writing, it's really good.

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Review #5, by harrylilyjames Heartless

16th January 2010:
Why do your stories ALWAYS grab my eye. This was unbelievable, I would of liked to see it longer, probably a short-story? Scarlet for poor Charlies though, having to explain what happened between him and Harry now to the people who saw him proposing :(
Harry and Draco suit one another better. :)

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Review #6, by taylorj828 Heartless

5th January 2010:
Hey there! Thanks for taking part in the Challenge! Congrats on being the first to complete. I'm here with the promised review! (o:

Nice opening with an argument! I really like the passion in arguments or "fights." Good opener, though sad, too.

I like the lines where Harry notices it's not the walls but himself shaking. Excellent imagery, a good way to say it differently.

Aw Charlie falls short of Draco. )o: I can't help feeling sad for him, just because I really like Charlie. Even though we know little about him, he intrigues me. But if Harry liked Draco better, he never should have cheated on him. )o:

It's cute, though, that Charlie wants to dance with Harry, but also nice that Draco never forced him, since he knew Harry didn't like dancing. I'm torn. They could both be great guys. Perhaps it's just Harry, here, who isn't.

I like the idea of Draco's ambition and knowledge of wizarding government leading him to be Minister one day. It's different. Never read anyone who gave Draco that kind of credit. Interesting to consider, Malfoy as Minister. Oh, Harry. You goofed up big time.

Wow, Harry turning to Draco just after seeing the diamond from Charlie was a dead giveaway that Harry is with the wrong guy! Don't be daft, Potter!

Silence hit the room with a solid force.

Nice line. I like how you give silence - which should be like nothingness, emptiness - weight and volume and force. Excellent prose.

No, you were heartless. You still are.

Ouch, but I kinda have to agree with Charlie. Harry had a great thing with Malfoy, threw it away for a "great" thing with Charlie, only to tell him two years later on the day he proposes that Harry never should have left Draco. What's wrong with you, Harry?

Well, it was a great one-shot, packed full of emotion, also containing a plot and some intriguing notions within. Great work, and again, thanks for participating in the challenge! Prize winners will be announced on the thread in February.

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Review #7, by ShadowKisses Heartless

4th January 2010:
Harry, you silly, silly person. =[ Aww. That was really sad, although I can't say that Harry didn't bring it upon himself, meddling around with Charlie. Most of my sympathy lay with Draco, actually. Poor Draco. -huggles- I love how sharply you began this fic, and I also love the way that you ended it, bringing it full circle with Charlie realising Harry's deceit. "... and now he'd lost them both." That line in particular is heavy with emotional resonance - no flowery language, just the starkness of Harry's situation. -sniffles- Beautiful writing.

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Review #8, by Lovely_Slytheriness Heartless

4th January 2010:
Aww :( That was sad. I liked it though, you write well and I love it when there's jealousy between Harry and Draco. And, actually, I very much like Charlie Weasley when it comes to slash. Well done here!

Lovely Slytheriness

Author's Response: I am VERY glad you liked it. : ) I was rather skeptic of this one, but my friends really pushed me to post it. Thanks for the review!

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