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Review #1, by Lucy Back To Hogwarts

20th January 2014:

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Review #2, by TheGryffindorHeir Back To Hogwarts

18th April 2012:
I loved it. It made me cry at the emotional parts but (now I'm going to be a 'Grammar Nazi' when I write this) you had a few spelling mistakes and using the wrong homophone every now and then. It was still a great story.

Author's Response: Glad you like it -- yeah, grammer and spelling isn't my thing -- but glad ya still like the story!

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Review #3, by quirkycharm Back To Hogwarts

22nd March 2012:
just found this one and loved it!!!
i especially loved the ending. such a sweet, beautiful story. very well written too. look forward to your future endeavors.

Author's Response: Glad you like the ending! Draco-Luna is one of my favorites so I'm glad you think I wrote this one well! = )

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Review #4, by Drunaforever Back To Hogwarts

3rd March 2012:
When i had finished The Mask, i was a little sad. Then i found this great story!! Its awesome how it fits in with the books and everything going on. Thank you for hours of fun and entertainment, i cant stop reading your stories!!

Author's Response: That's a good thing! XD

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Review #5, by Raya Back To Hogwarts

31st December 2011:
I apsolutly LOVED your story! I am a HUGE Druna shipper xD I can't wait to read your Anemone and Albus story : D Keep on writing Keeper! LOVE your work!

Author's Response: Glad you like it so much! You just so made my day! XD Ha, Druna--I usually never use that term just cus it reminds me of Dracula but I love Draco-Luna slips too! = ) Glad you are interested in my other stories as well! And I will keep writing! Reviewers like you just make me want to never stop!

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Review #6, by deathlyhallowsmaster24 The First Meeting

28th November 2011:
Thats a sweet beginning! I can't wait to read the next chapter!
10/10 and adding to favs!

Author's Response: Glad you like it! XD

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Review #7, by metalkpretty Back To Hogwarts

16th October 2011:
Really loved your story. It was Amazing!

Author's Response: Glad you like it! XD

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Review #8, by gocnocturna Back To Hogwarts

23rd September 2011:
Amazing story. I loved it. It made me smile. Great job!

Author's Response: Glad it made you smile! XD

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Review #9, by May When Harry Finds Out

30th July 2011:
I absolutely love ur stories!

Author's Response: Great to hear!! XD

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Review #10, by karatechic76 Back To Hogwarts

20th July 2011:
Oh, I love this story SO much! I couldn't stop reading!

Author's Response: That's great! XD More to come!! = )

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Review #11, by karatechic76 The First Meeting

19th July 2011:
I love this! I am currently reading the mask, too! I love these Draco/Luna pairings!! Your Work is Fabulous!!

Author's Response: DRACO LUNA 4EVER! You made my day too = ) so thanx for that!! I hope you like The Mask as well!!

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Review #12, by poppy Back To Hogwarts

13th July 2011:
wow, that as so good!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it!! = )

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Review #13, by Pythonicus Back To Hogwarts

12th June 2011:
i nearly cried at one point=)very well written

Author's Response: Glad you like it!! = )

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Review #14, by missnyadean Back To Hogwarts

18th March 2011:
I LOVE YOUR STORY! DH would have been better if it ended like that. =( I can't wait for your sequel. P.S. How do you pronounce Anemone's name?

Author's Response: e-NEM-e-nee, its a type of flower and is from the Greek root anemos which means 'wind', I'm glad you like it and I really wish DH would have ended this way as well! (I sometimes image that it did cus it just says that Draco is there with a blonde girl in the epiloge--I like using my imagination!) Gonna have to wait for the epiloge a bit though cus I want to finish up some of my other stories--sorry! (Do check out Like Romeo and Juliet though because its a one-shot of Anemone and Albus) Glad you liked it though and thanx for reviewing!! = )

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Review #15, by Alice Back To Hogwarts

4th March 2011:
I read the whole story in one night and I enjoyed every little bit of it! I really love the Luna/Draco pairing. 9/10 for some grammar issues.

Author's Response: Yeah, got to work on of my worst problems of whatever its called. Glad you liked it though!! = )

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Review #16, by KaylaRose Back To Hogwarts

1st February 2011:
Oh my.
This is honestly one of the best things i ever had read, i could not put my laptop down.
This is honestly my favorite fan-fiction i have read yet on any website. You should be an author!
Thank you for this story it kept me, a sick teenager happy and entertained!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like it! You just totally made my day!! I know that feeling of a fanfiction you just can't put down and I'm glad that's how good my story was to you!! = ) thanx for making my day!!

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Review #17, by Lucy When Harry Finds Out

27th January 2011:
That is really smart, using Pig the owl! So cute, LOVED IT! :)

Author's Response: yeah, gotta love Pig!! Glad you loved it!!

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Review #18, by Ariana Back To Hogwarts

19th December 2010:

Author's Response: Wow I'm glad you liked it so much and that my writting of Draco could make you like him more, and the caps are all good - it shows character ; ) thanx for the review!!!

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Review #19, by topsykretts Back To Hogwarts

26th November 2010:
There were a lot misspellings. But all in all this story was by far the best story of Dr/Lu I have read. The shifting between their POV's towards the ending was beautifully done and dramatic, I could really see them walking towards each other in slow motion. The way you also retold their characters was brilliant, other's characterization of Draco Malfoy and Luna Lovegood was usually way overdone, but yours was well balanced... it was perfect. After scrolling down towards the epilogue I was thinking that I would not read anymore Dr/Lu story because I want to preserve what your story has instilled. It was very beautiful, I think I might read it again and again. Thank you for a wonderful story. :]

Author's Response: Wow wasn't expecting that, I'm glad you enjoyed it so so much! I do want to take time and go over all my stories fixing grammar and all that and such but I never seem to find time! Again, I'm so happy to know you liked my story and my characters that much - it brightened my whole day!! = )

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Review #20, by Bryette94 I Don't Deserve Her

23rd November 2010:
awww first luna and draco story good job cant wait for more please PM once you have a new chapter please i dont know how this website works keep up the good work

Author's Response: I don't know if its cus its so early but I have no clue what a PM is - as for this story though I finished it so all of it is up there!! = ) I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #21, by Elle Back To Hogwarts

13th November 2010:
Hello love! This was absloutely wonderful! Could you tell me the link to the anemone and albus story? I don't have a fanfiction so I don't know where abouts to find it. xxx

Author's Response: To get to my other story just click on where my author name is on this story and it will take you to my stories page and its entitled Like Romeo and Juliet...I hope you like that one too!! = ) And I'm glad you liked my story so much!!

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Review #22, by Tom_DracosGirl Back To Hogwarts

7th November 2010:
So cute!! such a sweet ending. I've really enjoyed reading this story. You've done a great job!!

I hope now that this story is up you'll find some time to update Glitter (this coming from me, who doesn't update for months on end!! lol).

Keep writing & thanks for a great read!!!

Author's Response: Glitter is in my thoughts (Both the computers in my house got a MAJOR virus so thats been a problem for the past couple weeks) - especially with Thanksgiving looming just ahead of us ; ) do update because you are an AMAZING writer!!! I'm glad you liked it!!! = )

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Review #23, by Tom_DracosGirl The Battle

7th November 2010:
It's great that they are fianlly together but sad that the story is almost over! You've done a great job all the way through!!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it, and I hope the endings to your liking ; )

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Review #24, by Tom_DracosGirl The Beginning of The End

7th November 2010:
More exciting stuff with this chapter, while keeping in with the ending we know from DH. I really liked the bit between Draco & Narcissa, I thought it showed the Narcissa we know from the books, so good job with that.

Can I ask, how come you change from 1st person with Luna to 3rd person with Draco? It's not a criticism, I recently read a book where that happened & as I hadn't done so before I immedately thought of your story lol. I just wondered what motivated you to do the change??

Author's Response: The reason I change the point of view is because I want the story told strictly from Luna's point of view so when it comes to Draco's scenes and Luna is not there I wanted to show it from a third party - cus I want the reader to see what's going on but I don't want Luna to know what going on because she is only narrating her part of the story. I hope that makes some sense. I'm glad you liked it, and I have to say I'm happy with how my Narcissa came out too, thanks for reading and reviewing!! = )

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Review #25, by Marauders_For_Ever Back To Hogwarts

1st November 2010:
Aw :) I'm so happy that it ended well =) You should know that I have been reading this story since the beginning and I am so proud of what you have accomplished! I can't wait to read your other stories! This was truly amazing. Bravo!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it so much!! thanks for sticking along with me on this LONG ride, I'm glad it was worth it and I did it justice!! hope you like a couple of my other ones as well!! = )

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