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Review #1, by Jellyman but what will daybreak bring?

7th July 2010:
This is so delightfully different from your usual - though it still retains the wonderful you-ness. Rose is so dreadfully indesisive and Teddy is just AMAZING AND HE IS MY NEW HUSBAND and it was just wonderful and perfect and I want to marry it, too.

One small inconsistency - one spot you say Rose is 24 and in the last line you write 26. I'm pretty sure the 24 wasn't a flashback either. BUT, speaking of last lines, that one was BRILLIANT. I can't really explain why I loved it so much, but I did and it was ♥

Author's Response: It is and yet I like it better, I think. It's got a bit more substance to it, perhaps, than most of my other one-shots (I think it's of a similar mould to Parachute)

I'm glad you like him. Writing him positively made a bit of a change for me :P I don't know what would possess her to even consider saying no.

You are right and I keep meaning to go and correct it and forgetting/losing it. Will do so now. It's just what happens when you have a 5 month gap between starting and finishing it :P

Really? I hate the last line of this, I must say. It took me multiple tries to get it to that.

I'm very glad you liked it, my love. Shall edit that age thing now.


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Review #2, by Florifera but what will daybreak bring?

30th March 2010:
Its too sad... poor Teddy! I'm crying here! i liked it though!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! Crying is good-ish but it was a fairly happy ending, no?!

Thank you!

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Review #3, by Tinkerbell01 but what will daybreak bring?

8th January 2010:

OH. MY. GOD. Why haven't I read your work before? You are fantastic! Fantastic. I don't see why you aren't more proud of this, dear. You are far better than I and I can see why you are Prodigal.

I have to be honest. I don't think I've read a Ted/Rose before. Yes, this would be the first. It kind of reminds me of our good old favorite couple, Lily and James. How James kept teasing Lily, trying to get her attention and after all those years, she finally gave.

I simply love this hun. Really I do! You have done a wonderful job with the descriptions, the are phenomenal! And the ending, I don't know what your worry is dear. To me, it's so sweet. Teddy telling Hugo his feelings for his sister, it's kinda like Harry having feelings for Ginny really. And look how happy their marriage turned out!

Don't hesitate to request from me again, love!

Author's Response: This is the third time now that I've tried to reply. Let's hope I finish this one!

So, I genuinely don't know how to reply to a review that's so...brilliant, so I won't even try to make it overly coherent.

Just - thank you so much for the comments and the comparisons. I'm glad it reminds you of other elements of the HP universe ^_^

Really - such a wonderful review and thank you


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Review #4, by Margravine but what will daybreak bring?

6th January 2010:
Rachelle, I hate you.

Kidding. Mostly. This is beautiful and heartbreaking, but most of all SO REAL. You've taken Ted, and Rose, and made them real people, considered their age gap, given them realistic, deep, flawed personalities that are also vivid. You've really captured that darker side of growing up, and realising life is not = fairytales. One line I adored was "It wasn't a lie. I do love him but now I can't quite see the line between loving him and being in love with him. It blurs around him in an ethereal mist."
for me, this captured the essence of your story.

Lovely title, flashbacks done very smoothly, the piece on the whole written very well - you can tell this has been edited superbly.

Oh and LOVE the last line. Well done my dear, this is really, truly, an excellent piece of writing.

Author's Response: I hope you're kidding more than just mostly!

Honestly, this is one of two reviews that I just have NO idea how to formulate a response to so just...won't try. I think you're being QUITE ridiculous because this isn't one that I'm really happy with but the review, and all its detail, really means a lot.

Thank you so much ^_^


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Review #5, by Eridanus but what will daybreak bring?

6th January 2010:
Right, so why did you not tell me yourself how incredible this is? You KNOW Teddrose is my ultimate favourite, you evil witch. Let me start by saying that you have, without doubt, put my attempts on the ship to shame. Every single time I read something new of yours it never ceases to amaze me how talented you are.

You did a wonderful job with Rose, you don't automatically love her but she's a grower and you can see where she's coming from. As a character she's astonishingly good and I really admire how you portray her. I adore Teddy and I wouldn't have his heart broken for the world, but I almost wanted her to just run away. I think the fact that she stays creates more love for her though, and, if not love, then definitely sympathy.

Your characterisation of Teddy was also beautiful. I felt awful for him when he proposed, and his ideas that he could change her or had changed her. When you contrasted his playful behaviour, before they were together, with his dependence on her it's really quite heart breaking. It's like neither of them can let go, but they're just hurting themselves and each other in the process.

You handled the flashbacks tremendously, (not that I would expect any less) and I thought it was a lovely way to show the growth of the relationship. The transitions into them were extremely smooth and it was all a really good fit.

Obviously description is mind numbingly gorgeous, and I am jealous of it to the extreme, as well as your wonderful use of grammar. Not an awkward sentence in sight, though I will credit Marina for that triumph. Not too sure on your skill level ;). BACK TO DESCRIPTION, God, I wish I could write it like you can... The fireworks display was a lovely setting to choose and it was incredibly well done in your part. Am I very far off the mark here, or was it supposed to symbolise their relationship? The excitement of the first sparks, the steady eruptions as the relationship goes on, until it fizzles out? No idea really, am pretending to be smart.

Well, this was extremely sad in the most amazing way possible, and I shall forever be in awe of you and your ability to be total win at my favourite ship! I hope you enjoyed this (rather serious XD) review from me, but nothing else could really do it justice.

Jane xx

Author's Response: I am wondering who on earth you are and what you have done with my dearest Jane: predominantly serious review :o

However, it is this: "Let me start by saying that you have, without doubt, put my attempts on the ship to shame" that makes me think that it is indeed you because YOU ARE BEING RIDICULOUS, WOMAN.
No-one could follow Collisions.

Rose - am mildly proud of her since my hatred of her kind of ruled over the whole thing. If Marina can remind me of its original ending, am fairly sure that she would come off in a more negative light...

Seriousness is scaring me now, lovely...
I thought I'd have a lovely Teddy since I don't write him like that often (and when I do, he's usually having his heart broken) and gave him a BIT of a happy ending.

Flashbacks - they were HELL. Ask Marina. The last one especially caused me enormous issues.

Shut up. You have nothing to be jealous of.

You CAN, and more. There are not enough Bonfire Night settings out there and it's such a KEY PART OF THE UK! So much better than Hallowe'en.

That wasn't intentional but it could be. Subconscious in action and all that jazz. You, I'm afraid, are too clever for me.

The review, in all honesty, terrified me. Not just because it was scarily serious but because I thought you would hate it.

Thank you, though, put a smile on my face ^_^


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Review #6, by Violet Gryfindor but what will daybreak bring?

5th January 2010:
Oh wow, this was so good! I may be a sucker for Tedrose stories, but this one stands out because it was both an emotional roller-coaster and disturbingly realistic. I could sympathize with Rose even though she almost refuses Teddy (and I do love Teddy a lot - it would be hard to refuse him in my opinion :P) because of the way you get into her head and describe her crisis. She's going through that awful "brink of adulthood" stage of life where she's almost settling down, but still wants an escape route. Your writing made the story work because of how close you brought Rose to the reader.

What interested me about this story was how it "skips" all the major points in their relationship, focusing on this climactic point with only a couple flashbacks. These flashbacks integrated very smoothly, which I'm told is hard to do, so kudos for that. And the whole story is unconventional in that you don't tell the whole fairy tale, only the ending (which, in some ways, is better because it's clear that their relationship up to this point wasn't out of the ordinary - to dwell on it too much would take away from the originality of your story).

I snuck a peek at the reviews and am so curious about the original ending (angstier and more tragic, Marina said?) - I can picture how you could have done that, and it would have made for a very powerful ending. Here, you have a sweet, delectable ending, though, and those are great to come across. ;)

So... I love this and have added it to my favourites. It was a huge surprise to see another story with this ship and you definitely didn't disappoint. ^_^

Author's Response: Okay, this is the last unanswered review I have and is so because, quite frankly, I don't even know how to start to formulate a coherent response to this! As soon as I saw the penname I was pretty much on the floor...let alone trying to get my head around the actual content.
But I'm going to block that out and give it a go.

Considering I was...completely terrified about how this would go down (alongside the few others out there), the fact that it's realistic is such a wonderful thing to hear.

Why anyone would refuse Teddy is beyond me, really, though the fact that you can have sympathy for Rose is truly a comfort. I don't like her generally and it took a while to work out how I was going to attack her. She's certainly very different from most of my other attempts at giving Next Gen characters a bit of personality :P

The flashbacks - people keep telling me that they're hard to do but the only struggle was the last (which was a last minute edit when I rewrote the ending).
Exactly. I think that the essential points of their relationship were all that was really needed. I wouldn't want to read something that spells every bland, unnecessary detail out because there's no need for it.

I really cannot remember the original ending! It's probably really awful but it's been over a month now and I have same memory capacity as a couple of goldfish. I'm going to ask her to remind me as soon as I can but I wasn't happy with the way I'd done it at all. I definitely prefer this version, though even this I'm not keen on.

Really, you have no idea how much I smiled when I got this. Jane's review preceding it already had my day going well but seeing this would have had me falling off the bed if I had been on it.

Thank you so much, Susan. I will actually treasure this forever and I hope the response doesn't disappoint/creep you out too much!

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Review #7, by SnitchSnatcher but what will daybreak bring?

5th January 2010:
This. Was. Fantastic.

And sad. Though in a weird, almost good kind of way.

I'm glad that Rose was such a well-rounded character; one of the many flaws in most Next Gen stories is that Rose, as well as many of the other Next Gen characters, are completely flat. Not at all alive, but your Rose seems to come right out of the computer screen. It's amazing, really. I felt her pain, her emotional turmoil, in her decision, and I felt her hesitation to say anything. She was great, Rachel, just like this entire piece.

As far as Teddy goes, well, I loved him. I've loved him every time you've written him because even though he's a recurring character, he's always different. And in this, he's lovely. It's a bit sad though, the way he seems to be so very much in love with Rose, but she can't decide if she loves him or if she's in love with him. It makes me pine from him even harder than normal, lol.

Anyway, this was fantastic! Superb! Stupendous! I enjoyed it immensely, and I hope I see more Teddrose out of you because, like Jane, you're a natural at it!


Author's Response: You. Are. Silly.

Though sad in a weird, almost good way is something I agree with.

Rose...urgh, I hated writing her. Initially she was a real cow and then I made her nicer ... can't remember quite why. Anyway, I'm not a fan of her but thank yooou.

This is possibly my favourite Teddy (that I have written as your own, amongst others, are far superior). Sad is what I want. Especially the way he doesn't know.

Thank you. You are being silly but thank you.
No more, I don't think. I was terrified of doing it because of Collisions, let alone trying another one! I think I'll leave Teddrose in the past now...

Thank you ever so much


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Review #8, by marinahill but what will daybreak bring?

5th January 2010:

not only because finding the title for it was lots of fun, but because it's so beautiful. Rose is such a complex character and you really got under her skin here. Perfectly characterised for this piece and it's so NICE to see a deep character for once. Plus, Teddy is gorgeous as always, but you know that.

I'll be honest and say I preferred the original ending because it was ANGSTIER and so more tragic. Still, it's your choice to make it as you want it. Be proud of this heart-breaking story, you're amazing


Author's Response: Hahaha, the title hunt was love ^_^

Deep? Really? Thank you but I'm not TOO sure if I believe you.
Teddy is love. I would not treat him like Rose does.

I cannot remember it so that doesn't matter :P

You're silly, my love. Very silly.
Thank you


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