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Review #1, by Black Buttafly Erudites and Suds

15th November 2011:
This story is great, just like all the others! Keep going, its getting good! LOVE IT!

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Review #2, by deanna Erudites and Suds

19th November 2010:
omg i love this story cant wait to read the rest

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Review #3, by shadownight_853356 Erudites and Suds

3rd October 2010:
love all of your storys

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Review #4, by Shellee Erudites and Suds

22nd August 2010:
This last part is utterly amazing. The devil for sneaking a peek. But, ah well, he should take what he can get, right. I do love how they're with each other. There's no romantic feelings - yet - but they're so nice. That bookshop sounds fantastic by the way.

Author's Response: Thank you. More naughty stuff coming and well as more mystery. I always liked the truly haunted castle theme and this is it. Bookshop yeah my own creation. If anyone needs to reach me, try fanfiction. I'm not on the forums.

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Review #5, by Shellee Vivant Ensemble

22nd August 2010:
I love how civil they are towards one another. Draco's almost a perfect gentleman with all his traits shining through still. He's lovely to read!
Very intrigued about the hooded figure.

Author's Response: Thank you. Later, it will be revealed as to what happened in his year away that changed him. You may like my AU fic Solace in the Scent of a Rose for a punk Draco.

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Review #6, by Shellee Assemblée de les Condamné

22nd August 2010:
Good thing on making it clear they aren't on bad terms to start with. He's being a gentleman and offering a truce, of sorts, when he left. He was a bit hands on, though, which surprised me. Even if he didn't agree with it all, I don't think Draco would have been a person to touch her so early on.
This quiet between them is so refreshing and nice to read.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. In a way, he thinks he's saying goodbye forever because of certain plans he has which will later be revealed. The vice part of the Orient Express has a lot to do with it.

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Review #7, by LovesMagic Erudites and Suds

12th March 2010:
I truly hope that you continue to update this story! I love your writings and definitely enjoy your story telling... I enjoy the way you bring about the relationship between Hermione and Draco!!! Please please please update soon :)

Author's Response: Thank you and welcome new reader. Just been on a vacation for a bit. I'm glad you enjoy my series.

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Review #8, by danielaW Erudites and Suds

26th February 2010:
I'm just going to be blunt... I was kinda of dissapointed with the second chapter, for no special reason... It just didn't seem to have the "sparkle" of blond goth girl fanfics... But this one... Oh, this one was bull's eye!! :) I really loved it!! It was great!! And that "mistake" in the foam where Draco thought that Hermione was a muggle was hilarious!!

Looking forward for more chapters like this one!!!

Thank you! xD

Author's Response: Thank you and I do not take offense. Sparkle of BGG makes me blush. The last chapter was more of a set up for the plot points of later in the story. It is quite funny that you say that because this chapter was just FUN to write. The bookstore was strictly made up and the club was based on glam night. The free feel was made up.

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Review #9, by Liana Erudites and Suds

22nd February 2010:
That was an incredible chapter. It was so sweet of Hermione to cook breakfast for Draco. That's such a sign of affection although neither one will admit it. I smiled when she presented him with a muggle "to go" cup. I can't say enough about the bookstore. I love books and was a librarian for a few years so I could really relate to spending an entire day in a bookstore. The description of the store was perfect from the bridge to get there to the shape of the store. I laughed when Draco introduced Hermione as his concubine. I'm sure she was really pissed. Their dinner sounded so delicious and I loved the interview with the house elf. She sure told Hermione:D The dance at the club sounded like fun although you described it so well that I must admit I started feeling a little dizzy and tired. The ending paragraph was cause for chuckling again. You outdid yourself with this chapter. I'll remember it for a long time.

Author's Response: Thank you. You truly got everything out of the breakfast scene that I wanted to show and not tell between the small sign of affection that neither would admit to and him with making coffee and tea. While no relationship can ever be a complete fifty fifty, they come close with the give and take. I worked in a library during college and I loved it. That was fun to make up. Dinner and all was my research librarian side coming out. The house elf was also my way of saying that not every pure blood family was cruel. They have a symbiotic relationship in this case. The night club was based on glam night at one of the local clubs so thank you. Stay tuned for Draco going to Harods in a few more chapters.

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Review #10, by Liana Vivant Ensemble

22nd February 2010:
I feel bad because I just noticed the two new chapters this morning and I'd been waiting for you to update:D I know Hermione can appreciate a good cup of coffee. Heck, I'd date Draco if he'd make me coffee:P What I thought was going on (but now I think I'm wrong) was that Draco was following Hermione and the other kid on patrol and that it was Draco who set the younger kids up with ice cream in the kitchens. Then, Draco reported that someone had been following him also. Draco seems to have left quite an impression on the younger students. I was thinking, wouldn't it be wonderful if Hermione could find some extended family for the younger orphans. Great chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you Liana. Sorry to have been a bit sporadic on my updates but I go as the muse does. Yes, Draco may not be much to cook but he can do the liquid refreshments. More of the mystery will be revealed very slowly. With the younger students, he is the embodiment of punishment. You will see a very papa bear personality in him. The orphans will comprise a bit of this plot and will definitely find a place in both their hearts. Little Quinton does not need any help to get into trouble. Watch for more confrontations between him and his older clone Draco.

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Review #11, by Becca300 Erudites and Suds

17th February 2010:
that was funny! haha that last part was hi-larious, can't wait for the next!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. couldn't help myself with "as cold as a witch's .More to come.

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Review #12, by Lizzie_Lizzard Erudites and Suds

16th February 2010:

That was such a cute chapter, i love how you put the dance scene in there! Can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Thank you. That is based on a London club and foam night at a local ATL club. I wanted to give the scene flavor.

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Review #13, by mikalily Erudites and Suds

15th February 2010:
bahahahahha poor gril! that would of been a good chapter if they were together haha but even soo it was still very good and it brought them closer!! i wanna go to that book store it seemed awesome!! love it cant wait for more :)

Author's Response: Thank you. The coming together will have to be slow. I'm so glad you like the book store. I put a bit of time into that one.

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Review #14, by ness17 Erudites and Suds

15th February 2010:
hahaha great chapter absolutly loved it!!

Author's Response: Thank you for your support.

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Review #15, by mikalily Vivant Ensemble

12th February 2010:
aww yay there getting closer! i love ur story...i love all of ur storys :) update soon please!

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you like the new and the rest.

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Review #16, by Becca300 Assemblée de les Condamné

9th February 2010:
That was really good! I really liked that last line, I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard hehe :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much. Much more inuendo to come esp in the next chapter.

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Review #17, by ness17 Vivant Ensemble

8th February 2010:
awww he hugged her :) thats cute! and who's following them? interesting! Quinton really is a charcater, lets have draco deal with him :) haha! cant wait for more

Author's Response: Thank you. D & Q are cut from the same cloth. Watch for him in later chapters.

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Review #18, by Jazzy Chic Vivant Ensemble

6th February 2010:
Oh verrry goood r u gonna rite more?

Author's Response: Thank you and yes. Welcome new reader.

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Review #19, by Lizzie_Lizzard Vivant Ensemble

6th February 2010:
That was very good! I like how the flow of the story is going, and I can't wait to find out who the hooded person is. I think I have a guess but I'm not sure.

Author's Response: Thank you. This will probably be one of the longest I've written.Solace may be the longest...not sure.

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Review #20, by ness17 Assemblée de les Condamné

19th January 2010:
A New story!! (well 2 new stories, gonna go read the other one as well!!) yay! i really lOVED this first chap! i loved the ending line as well, about slapping ebing foreplay hahah typical malfoy thing to say :P cant wait to see what happens with them! cant wait for the next update!

Author's Response: Thank you Vanessa. First I’m glad to see you are still around. I’m so glad you like my new one. I was in an Agatha Christie mood when I started this so lots of mystery with this romance and I decided to do the Head Boy/head girl thing for fun. If you like Star Trek the new one at all please see my work at AdAstrafanfic net. I have a very large novel in process over there with lots of OCs.

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Review #21, by danielaW Assemblée de les Condamné

6th January 2010:
I just finished this chapter and got to say it, can't wait to find out what Draco was doing in Laos!! But i'm more eager to know how things are going to unfold for these two. For sure: "This is going to be a long year, Hermione mumbled.", oh so long!! I hope...
Though i prefer your other version of their coming together, i loved it!! It's the way you write, NEVER boring! You're able to put drama, romance, mystery, or never ending laugh in the same story. Just brilliant!!


Ever thought on going professional?! You got the talent!

Author's Response: Thank you Daniela. Yes, the other track was my first baby and the AU Solace in the Scent of a Rose is the second. This will probably be my longest story because I am more confident in my writing now and can use description a bit better. Thank you for liking all romance, comedy, drama, mystery and other genres all blended. That is my preference as well so I write it. Actually, I VERY much needed to hear that bc in my Trek fanfic which has added politics and world building to those, someone asked why I put romance in it with all of that because they could not classify it. Thank you.

I have tinkered with the idea and had started a vampire fic since I am a long time fan but fiction central is no more so I am trying to find a home. It was inspired long before Twilight and not like those vamps.

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Review #22, by Malfoys_Mistress Assemblée de les Condamné

6th January 2010:
Omg, lol at that last line! Is it okay for me to find it amusing or is that just very immature of me? Anyway, moving on, I really enjoyed reading this. I think your writing is brilliant, very descriptive which made it a pleasure to read and I LOVE the length too! It's slightly frustrating to have such short chapters in a fic usually but this was great! Loved the relationship you've established with the characters so far i.e. Hermione and Draco and the background information and plot is interesting too; it sounds very well worked out here. So... please update soon, I will definitely be checking back! Great chapter :)


Author's Response: Thank you Tanya and welcome new reader. This is my track three Dramione. My profile contains a very AU Dramione WIP and a series that is JKR sans epi compliant. I am so glad you noticed my description that is something that when I first started I tended to lack but through deliberate effort have managed to put in and I try to keep in mind all the senses that I can engage as I write. That last line was funny and sexy. As to chapter length, I used to do shorter chapters but I am a little more confident in my writing. There may be some shorter chapters in here. I base by time and events if that makes sense. Please check my author page for the series and the order.

If you are into ST2009 at all, please check my fanfic under my same pen name at at http forward slash twice adastra.shadowknightonline dot com and it is mature.

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Review #23, by storii Assemblée de les Condamné

30th December 2009:
So first of all, I really appreciate you and your stories. I really mean it when I say you're one of my favorite authors. I love love love your stories and read them more than once (: You're a really good writer, on a level I can only hope to achieve right now.

I enjoy the first chapter to this story and really look forward to how this turns out. You have really original ideas that I enjoy reading about. The part about the trial captured the relationships perfectly like Lucius and Draco. I love your description, it's perfect. And that last night. Nothing but laughs, but do I sense foreshadowing? (:


Author's Response: Thank you so much storii. I really appreciate it when a long time reader pops by and drops me a note on the series. It was quite a big task with the continuity and fortitude to put all of this together with the continuity being the biggest.

Kudos from another writer has so made my new year. My secret is outline even if ever so briefly. Then just pound the keyboard until the flow stops. Then add any stylistic elements I missed like description or transitions etc with a final check of spelling and grammar before I post.

Again, thank you so much for popping in. It seems like the reviews have been drying up lately and it started to worry me. If you like Star Trek at all, please pop by Ad Astra (google it) and under my same pen name. I'm really trying to get some feed back on that as well bc its mostly OCs with the original cast as well.

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Review #24, by Liana Assemblée de les Condamné

28th December 2009:
That was wonderful. I really enjoyed reading this chapter. What a great start to a new story. I liked the description of the train ride. I'm sure Draco was an imposing figure. The trip on the Orient Express sounded so mysterious. What was Draco doing in Laos? It was fun to see which students returned. I always get a kick out of it when someone uses the name Demelza--that's my youngest daughter's name:) I liked the set-up of rules. Draco's not the only one who found Ron and Hermione's constant bickering annoying. This is going to be a great story--I can tell already.

Author's Response: Thank you Liana. You're my first reviewer for this story. The Orient Express is my tribute to my favorite mystery of all times. How cool is that that your daughter has that name! Gossip Witch is a tribute to my guilty pleasure as well. Demelza will inadvertently contribute to the plot later on. The bickering - I cannot understand how JKR paired those two the way the characters were written and their interaction. I mean to bicker in school -€“ imagine what adult life would be like. Plus I can't see Draco tolerating it at all.

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