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Review #1, by Potterblotter Dominique

21st February 2013:
Ms. Weasley, cause its freeing. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Love it.

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Review #2, by Renfair Dominique

18th July 2012:
Hi! I decided to read and review this story for the ultimate review challenge at TGS because the title and banner just assured me right off the bat this story would be funny :) I normally don't prefer Next-Gen stories at all, but this looked too good to pass up. I will also shamelessly admit I like pretty boys. Well, pretty boys with long hair at least. I figure my husband can't mind if I look at pretty boys when they look more like a girl than I do (or something like that).

I'm one of those few fan fic writers who isn't obsessed with the Next-Gen kids and all their ridiculous assumed hi-jinks (and dating shenanigans), so I honestly didn't even know who Dom was besides a vague feeling he/she was Fleur's kid cause of the French name. I guess I never would have assumed it to be a girl since a lot of male French names are pretty femmie to English-speakers (like Michael being pronounced like Michelle and all). So I think the idea you had of making Dom a poor, poor boy with an embarrassing name was just great. I think in this day and age with all the weird baby names out there (believe me, there are a lot since I just had a baby a while ago and was kind of looking into that sort of thing) this is even MORE relevant! Your idea also reminds me of back in the olden olden days of pre-HBP fan fic when everyone assumed Blaise Zabini was a girl as well.

"I thought I'd need bleeding therapy after having my name read as "Miss Weasley" at the beginning of every single class." --Oh that's just horrible!! That's bad enough when you're older, but when you're entering school at 11 with a bunch of other kids you don't know? And I thought having my last name mispronounced until I got married was bad.

"Albus has a wonky name..." --Yes, I agree. I was actually just thinking about that last night, in fact. Severus Albus would have been WAY hotter!

"...and was scouted by none other than the Holyhead Harpies in my seventh year" --Hahaha! You have some really funny situations in here! Good job!!

Over all, very funny and amusing :) If you ever have any friends who are planning a weirdo name for their baby, print this out and slip it discreetly into their mailbox or maybe tied scroll-style around the neck of a teddy bear or something.

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Review #3, by deluminator Dominique

2nd February 2012:
I am going to keep this review simple and straightforward-- this is the most thoroughly entertaining and funny one-shot I've read on here!

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Review #4, by Consciouslyignorant Dominique

8th January 2012:
Fascinatingly different, I knew that Dominique was a unisex french name yet never considered him/her to be anything other than a girl.
definatly one for the *favorited* list

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Review #5, by rosmione Dominique

12th November 2011:
This is great! Although I knew Dom could be a boy I always assumed Dominique = girl. You proved me wrong here and you made me laugh. This was great!

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Review #6, by Owlpost68 Dominique

2nd October 2011:
lololol this was great! You know, I got confused at first when I heard one of the kids was named Dominique, I was like, is it a boy or girl? I had been taking French throughout school, so I completely understand the confusion. I'm glad someone else made the connection. Great job! Also really like the Georgiana idea, that was funny! :)

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Review #7, by Singularity Dominique

28th August 2011:
This is really very funny, and I really, really liked it :)

I love the way you characterized Dominique. You can tell that he's held this in for awhile, and he's definitely airing his grievances (oh, Festivus...)

This story reminded me a bit of the girl named Tyler who I went to school with. She sent her college roommate questionnaire in with a note saying, "Please don't forget that I'm a girl."

I hope "Nick" and George have a very happy life together :P

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Review #8, by rich_blonde marauder23 Dominique

21st August 2011:
Oh wow! Throughout the entire story, i was completely confused. As in, baffled. I couldn't understand what Dom was on about, and so I thought that she was lesbian -.-. I really was running out of ideas as to why "she" was saying that he was a boy.

Anyways, really great one-shot. And by the way, I think people assume Dom is a girl because her name has a "que" at the end, which in french, is usually a girl' name!

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Review #9, by ValerieViolette Dominique

11th August 2011:
In the beginning, I was like, "Dominique's a girl! Doesn't this person know this?" Then I was reading and it hit me that Dominique is actually a vague name for the character. Very funny and interesting. Hope Dom "Nick" and George do well.

Author's Response: Yup, the idea for this fic grew out of the fact that everyone in the fanfiction arena automatically assumes that Dom is a girl - so I thought, wouldn't it be funny if Dominique the character actually had that problem in life? Being a guy but everyone assuming he's a girl.

Thanks for reading! Glad you liked it.

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Review #10, by miki Dominique

11th July 2011:
This is great! I keep thinking I'm one of the very few who thought that Dominique was a guy. After all, Dominique Strauss-Kahn is a guy right? And it's good writing too. I laughed quite a bit. Thanks

Author's Response: Thanks for reading!

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Review #11, by Shinicha Dominique

23rd April 2011:
Great one :P
As everyone else I just assumed that Dominique was a girl, though I should know better than to judge a person by their name, since mine is not that common either...
Two friends of mine, twins, were actually named "Flower" and "Star" until they changed it a few years ago. Could be worse than Dominique, haha...
Anyways, love this one-shot! (And it's title too, btw)
Let's wish Dom and George good luck~

Author's Response: Thanks for reading! Glad you enjoyed this!

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Review #12, by Me Dominique

28th December 2010:
ahahahahahahahahahahaah :D
Very good indeedy :)

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #13, by PetrificusTotalus Dominique

23rd October 2010:
That was brilliant! Subtle but compelling :)
And great use of humour!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #14, by prettywishes Dominique

12th October 2010:
Seeing as Dom's name really doesn't give a gender, I thought it was interesting to get to see things as though he were a boy. It was a refreshing look at things, and it was pretty funny as well. Although how he didn't think of going by a nickname ages ago is unknown to me, because he could have made things so much easier on himself. Anyways, it was a really great piece of writing and a really great idea!

Author's Response: Very true, it would probably be more reasonable for him to have thought of a nickname before. But let's not think of the really illogical parts of my writing. XD

Thanks for the review - glad you liked it!! :-)

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Review #15, by butterbeergal Dominique

12th October 2010:
Hahaha this was very entertaining! I've already heard of the concept of a male Dominique, but this was the first male Dom fic that I've actually read. I thought you made it work brilliantly! I like how he complained about the inconveniences of having an androgynous name, of being a 'pretty boy', etc. Often times I read of the Delacour-Weasleys as being very proud of their veela genes/blood, so the fact that he complained about it was definitely a very refreshing approach.

Great job on this one!

Author's Response: Thanks, Gill! I think there should be more male Doms out there - I get excited whenever I see one written. It was originally Melissa (WitnessToItAll) who gave me the idea for a male Dominique, because she wrote one in one of her fics, though he was a pretty minor character.

Glad you liked it. :-)


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Review #16, by MajiKat Dominique

7th September 2010:
that was brilliant
ive not laughed so hard in ages. well done. i cannot write comedy to save myself so i am very jealous
i loved it!!
'nuff said!!!

Author's Response: Thanks, Kate! :-)

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Review #17, by Anum Dominique

9th August 2010:
Hahaha omg, I love it!!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #18, by rubix_cube Dominique

10th July 2010:
OMG that is hilarious. and weirdly, it makes total sense.
I now have this picture in my head of them getting announced at a party and everyone thinking that Nick is George and George is Dominique.
You should totally write a follow-up for this story, it would be awesome!!!

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Review #19, by justonemorefic Dominique

6th July 2010:
Ahaha! Not a lot of people can write the male perspective well, but you've really nailed it :D

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Review #20, by Luminous_Tears Dominique

20th June 2010:
That was hilarious! Incredibly well-written and amusing!
Brilliant =)
I aspire to write like you!

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Review #21, by TheTenthWeasley Dominique

19th June 2010:
Believe me you, I shall sign in quickish and favourite this story.

It's absolutely brilliantly written, and an entire pleasure to read and a joy to - I'll stop that now (:

I was a bit speculative about it when I read the summary, but I'm SO glad I read it! I completely adore it. Fantastic piece of writing.

I especially like the sound of this George (; Cough - SEQUAL - Cough.
Dominique (I'm laughing right because of "his" name) is an awesome character, and a great monolouge-r. Which, essentially, is me saying you are an outstanding author :D


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Review #22, by charmfacee Dominique

7th June 2010:
amusing, hilarious, fantastic!!
great story, i thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Review #23, by WeasleyTwins Dominique

30th May 2010:
Hi :]]

Match the Second happening over at TGS, eh? Well, I had to leave a review for the sake of leaving a review. You write humor like no other. Best ever. Please hurry and get writing original so there will be a bit of spice in my life.

Absolutely brilliant. Flawless.

Shelby :]]

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Review #24, by whyareyoucrying (not logged in) Dominique

4th April 2010:
Loved this! You're really good at writing humor. You make it slightly angsty but laughable at the same time (if that makes any sense...). I liked that this was a whole new perspective. I've noticed also that most people assume Dominique is a girl, and it's refreshing to see something new every once in a while. Very well done, I absolutely loved this!

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Review #25, by Georgia Weasley Dominique

28th March 2010:
Not only is this refreshingly different, it is completely hilarious! You've got a great talent for humor and wit, girl. I enjoy reading your work so much. You have what I have found is sadly lacking in so many fanfics lately:originality. Thanks for the laugh! ~GW

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing! I was so happy when I saw this review from you. :-D

I don't often feel very original, so I'm very flattered by your comments. I got the male Dom idea from someone else, and I thought, "If everyone in real life assumes he's a girl, what would life be like for him if everyone in the HP-verse thought the same thing?" It cracked me up and I had to write it. The truth has been suppressed for far too long. XD

Thank you again!


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