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Review #1, by Owlpost68 Your Guardian Angel

14th February 2011:
I was a little confused as to how they were able to kiss in the room of requirement when it had just been in a cursed fire, and then they were in the shrieking shack, harry had gone straight to the forest after that I think... but I wish they had that time, if they did, I'm glad you wrote how you thought it happened.

Author's Response: they kissed before the fire, right after percy arrived, and I skipped all the parts that weren't H/G hence why it skips

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Review #2, by MalfadaPrewett Shattered

23rd August 2010:
Ah-mazing. Just like the first chapter! Sorry it took so long to review this, I'm terrible with checking things on here. At first I was like "wait a minute, that didn't happen" but when you explained your reasons in the A/N it made perfect sense. Usually I'm strictly canon but in this case it was nice, I agree with the whole "would have killed the SOB" thing. Like I said, this was awesome. So glad you added a second chapter :D

Author's Response: thank you i'm really glad you liked it, typically i'm very cannon to but i like to change things up every now and then, thank you for reviewing

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Review #3, by Duda Shattered

15th January 2010:

i think you got the thing about happy endings,i smiled all the way while reading ur storie (not the part about harrys body though xD).

Congrats! you went out your confortable zone of writting and did an exelent job!

see ya in the next review

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm really glad you liked it, this is one of my favorite stories I've written so far. I have some other ones that are happy, but they aren't Harry/Ginny

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Review #4, by Lucky Your Guardian Angel

25th December 2009:
gr8 piece of work Harry really must'v felt miserable n u portrayed it wonderfully .
Good work !

Author's Response: Thank you I'm so glad you liked it, thanks for reviewing

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Review #5, by MalfadaPrewett Your Guardian Angel

19th December 2009:
You could easily make this a one-shot the way you've written it. (very well might I say) But I'm glad that you're going to add another chapter to it. I'll be looking forward to it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review. I debated just adding Ginny's part to Harry's and making it a oneshot, but it got to long. I'm glad you read it, and really glad you reviewed, I'm looking forward to your feed back on the next chapter, hopefully it won't disappoint you

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Review #6, by cnewk Your Guardian Angel

18th December 2009:
I liked this part and look forward to the next,

Author's Response: thank you for reviewing, I'm so glad you liked it, this was a fun story to write, I'm glad others think so too :D:D:D:)

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Review #7, by Pacific Wizard Your Guardian Angel

18th December 2009:
Liliy: Nice job. I like your style and your story line. The relationship between Harry and Ginny is engaging. I look forward to your next chapters to see how you develop your story and their relationship. Keep up the good work. Merry Christmas...PW

Author's Response: thank you, that means so much to me, i'm truely glad you like it, the next chapter is processing so it will be up in 3-5 days thanks for your review :) :D

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Review #8, by my wicked quill Your Guardian Angel

17th December 2009:
loove the part where he jumps down from the banister. sweet and emotional. just the way i like it

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I liked that part too, though my fav to write was the Room of Requirements, I hope you keep reading, thank you so much for commenting, it means alot to me

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