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Review #1, by Dojh167 Evil whispers and smiles...

28th June 2015:
Hufflepuff House Cup 2015 Review

I love the creativity of taking a Charlie Chaplin song and making it about something so dark.

The narrative voice in this is FANTASTIC. It could be any one, but even more feels very disembodied, like the voice that is in the back of every Death Eaterís head. This s a very powerful thing and youíve written it extremely well.

You also show the mental snowball effect really well, of how believing in a certain ideal can quickly lead to compromising other values and committing unthinkable atrocities.

He didnít just kill Colin Creevey, did he? Iím not totally sure, but THAT would not be okay. Because feelings.

And then the end is so chilling, with those final sentences about the table being set. It shows such a mundane indifference that indicates a much stronger sense of mental unhingement than was clear before.

Well done!


Author's Response: I love that song, I had to use it somehow eventhough I had to corrupt it in some ways for the sake of this story.

Would it be weird to say that that voice came relatively easy to me? There are many interpretations of what it is exactly. Mine personally is that it's Death itself but I love your take on it as well. Thank you for the praise!

There are unfortunately many examples of it happening right now in the real world so I didn't have to try too hard on that. Death Eaters are wizard terrorists and extremists, there is no denying it.

Ummm. Should I confirm or deny this? No one was able to guess except you and the reviewer before you. You are right, as much as it pains me to say.

The end was one that I had slight concern about. I was just taking the name 'Death Eaters' and applying it literally (meal, death, feast, etc). I thought it might have come off as corny so it means a lot that you actually read so much more into it.

Thank you so much for the thoughtful review!

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Review #2, by SunshineDaisies Evil whispers and smiles...

28th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Hufflepuff

Oooh! That was delightfully creepy. Your use of second person here was well done and really interesting. It felt like I (or the character) was being spoken to by some anonymous figure. Perhaps one that only exists in his head. It was definitely an effective use of this perspective!

I really liked the way you explored the thoughts of a Death Eater so thoroughly. He's fighting for what he believes is right, but he's not too keen on fighting at all. I loved the moments of hesitation, comforted by the "knowledge" that he is on the right side, and what is right is winning. It's certainly a dark mindset to explore, but it's definitely very interesting to read.

I enjoyed the ending a lot as well. The murder of Colin (Colin! :() seems to have soothed all the fears the Death Eater may have had, and he actually began to enjoy what he was doing. Again, twisted, but very interesting to read.

Fantastic job!

Author's Response: In my twisted mind, it was death speaking to him but really, it could be any anonymous figure you so desire. Voldemort maybe, or even a fellow deatheater.

Thank you so much! You really hit it right on the nail. I hope this doesn't sound to off-putting but I really enjoyed delving deep into the mind of this death eater. Coming off on what you said, he is just a foot soldier so he thinks what he's doing is perfectly fine, fighting for a cause he believes in.

Oh, that's a disturbing take. You may be right in the sense that once a person kills his first victim, he no longer has any qualms about killing some more.

Thank you for your review and your insight, I really liked reading your analysis on this little piece of mine. It really means alot!


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Review #3, by Pretense Of Perfection Evil whispers and smiles...

7th July 2014:
Hi there!

This is written for the House Cup 2014 Review.

Ooh, very dark and scary. I always love reading insight into the mind of "evil" characters, and this proved no exception!

Second person POV usually intimidates me. I find myself getting easily confused or bored with it, but I think it works very well in this instance, and you executed it perfectly.

I've been trying to sort out who this death-eater could be, but in a way I suppose it could be nearly all of them. I honestly can't believe that everyone on Voldemort's side would be able to just heartlessly kill a child with no remorse or twinge or regret, especially those death-eaters with children of their own. Does that mean they wouldn't actually kill the child? No, but I imagine they would feel a tiny bit bad about it in some way, even if it was for their own selfish reasons.

You truly managed to capture what the essence of a death-eater is in this piece, for me at least. Awesome job, it was a very interesting read.

Pretense Of Perfection, Gryffindor

Author's Response: Hiya! (and sorry for the uber-late response!)

Dark and scary was exactly what I was going for. You and me both, evil characters have always held an odd fascination for me.

This was my second dabble into second-person POV so I'm glad you weren't confused or bored by it and that you didn't think I messed up haha!

You're the first reviewer to wonder out loud who this Death Eater is. You are right in the sense that he could have been any of them but he does unfortunately have one notch in his belt. He's the Death Eater who killed Colin Creevey, kills him in this story. I don't think he was ever mentioned in the books by name as far as I know.

Looking back, it is horrible that the death eaters, some of whom are parents themselves, could have no qualms about killing children. It was a bit unsettling putting myself into the mind of a death-eater but I wanted to try depict them, not as pure evil incarnate but brainwashed killing machines. Not quite remorseless but whose sense of humanity has been corrupted.

Thank you so much for this awesome review!!!


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Review #4, by theblacksisters Evil whispers and smiles...

2nd October 2013:
nice. you definitely made every word count, which I can't say for everyone else.

Author's Response: Thank you, I did my best :)
This was a strangely fun fic to write, as dark as it was.

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Review #5, by alicia and anne Evil whispers and smiles...

14th August 2011:
This is quite chilling and dark, and it's like i'm the one who's the death eater. I really like that you've done this is a different person then normally read.
Is this depicting the battle at hogwarts? it just goes to show that Death eaters are not allowed to show mercy to anyone and that they'll quite happily kill if your not on the dark lords side no matter what blood status.
an enjoyable read

alicia and anne

Author's Response: Yup, this takes place during the battle at Hogwarts. The child killed is actually a named minor character in the series but noone has guessed who so far. You've hit the nail on it. The story goes to some dark places though I actually wanted to go darker than I managed to accomplish. Thank you for the review!


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Review #6, by Dalek194 Evil whispers and smiles...

25th February 2011:
*Shudders* That was chilling. Excellently written, and well presented in just 500 words... as the words "Avada Kedavra" were spoken and the child died, a shiver went down my spine. Interesting use of similes (yes, similes, not a smiles typo LOL :-P) at the end (the table is set, etc). Nice work.

Author's Response: The similes were among my favourite to write so I'm happy you liked them. This was tricky to wrtie, my first all-out horror fic, so it's gratifying to hear that it freaked you out since that was the goal ^_^. Thank you for the review!

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Review #7, by dramione_girl82 Evil whispers and smiles...

18th July 2010:
Um... Wow. That was a very short yet intense story. You can easily see the image that you are writing, even though it includes no characters. This is a very well written one shot, and I have to give you kudos on how well you have done this. I am completely impressed!!

Your plot, spelling, grammar and flow are perfect, no one could ask for better!! Great Job!!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! To be honest, this didn't come out exactly as I had hoped so I was initially iffy about it. Your praise means alot, thank you so much for taking the time to review this, I really appreciate it. :)


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Review #8, by LovelyMioneWeasley Evil whispers and smiles...

31st May 2010:
Chilling, my love. A true narrator that grips you and terrifies but demands your attention all at once. I'm in awe; every word certainly does count ;).


Author's Response: It was interesting to dip my toes into writing something so... dark for lack of a better word. I'm thrilled you found it chilling. Hehehe, it certainly does. Thank you, m'dear.


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Review #9, by datbenik513 Evil whispers and smiles...

25th April 2010:
Selamat, Misty!

I loves a good, creepy, eerie story. Just like this short one, written in the very tricky style of "stream of consciousness".

Not that I ever doubted your talents, mind you, but now, you made history. It's not important when and where the story takes place and who it all is about, it's the type of story that you read, taking a deep plunge, and whine pitifully when it ends, too quick to your liking.


Author's Response: Selamat Zolton! Great to hear from you again =).

You're too kind, thank you! I'm still not 100% confident that this is as good as I'd like it to be but your praises are incredibly encouraging, thank you so much for that.

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Review #10, by harrylilyjames Evil whispers and smiles...

16th January 2010:
omg!! wow!
this was absolutely fantastic, I have yet to come across a story on here that puts the reader into it, and I must say I seriously did not want this to end. It was fantastic.
Hope you keep writing stuff like this :) we need more of it!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I wanted to try something different with this particular story, go somewhere very dark/disturbed =p. It was risky but I'm so pleased that you enjoyed it as much as you did. I just might experiment more with this sort of technique ;), thank you for the encouragement and review!

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Review #11, by kandekisses Evil whispers and smiles...

23rd December 2009:
Goodness, that last line was perfect! Very nice touch there.

First off, I'm very impressed at the fact that you wrote exactly 500 words. I don't think I could do it. I tend to ramble on and on especially in my stories lol. But its not only the fact that you wrote exactly 500 words, but that for being so little words it actually was eventful and full of depth.

I like how you could see inside the mind of this death eater and what he is thinking while fighting. Very interesting twist. I don't think I have read a story that has done that yet. The only criticism I have is to maybe change the format. So it could flow better, like with italics and bold print. But thats just my suggestion.

Very good job hun!

Author's Response: Aaaw, thank you! So glad you thought so. :)

Don't worry, I have the same problem ;). Which made writing this even more fun but at the same time, challenging. But it's called a challenge for a reason hehe.

I did have the idea of exploring what goes on in the mind of a Death Eater for some time but wasn't sure how to go about it. Then the challenge popped up and it seemed like the perfect setting. It also gave me an excuse to avoid action scenes xD. I did think of that, adding a few italics here and there but since the entire thing is pretty much the voice of Evil, it might look out of place. But thank you for the suggestion.

Thank you so much for this lovely review! I really appreciate you taking the time to do it!

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Review #12, by Romina Stephanie Evil whispers and smiles...

15th December 2009:
I absolutely love that final sentence. Seriously, it sends chills down my spine. I really liked this piece, Misty - it flowed nicely and it was very engaging, especially the POV. Made the story all the more terrifying and awesome. It was all very clear, like a spool of film unravelling. I love your use of questions here and there; it's all very effective and, even though there's no name and it's only 500 words, the insight to this character is impressive, almost like you know him or have heard of him. This was truly an amazing read, my dear. I've missed your writing. *hugs*

Author's Response: Yay! Stephanie as the first reviewer! xD

You highlighted my favourite sentence! Hence why I used it as the summary and paraphrased it in the banner hehe. I thought it would be interesting and appropriate to use 'Evil' as the POV, especially considering the context of the story. Woah, it's great to hear you connected so well with him. I did consider giving him a more concrete identity but it seems more fun to let the reader decide for themselves who he is ;). You're really too much, thank you for such a lovely review!

*hugs back*

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