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Review #1, by ShadowRose Shattered Perceptions

4th February 2015:
Hello! I'm here for the Gryffie Review Exchange (although I'm definitely a little late, so I'm sorry about that).

I'll admit, I was a bit hesitant when I saw that I'd been assigned this story. For some reason, I've never really gotten into AU's, so I wasn't sure what to make of this one. However, I was completely blown away by this story. Already you've got such a rich plot line packed with a ton of drama, and you had me scrolling as fast as I could to find out what happens next.

I absolutely adore your characterizations of the twins - it's perfectly on point with canon. They balance the witty banter and funny attitudes with their more serious sides, which kick in when they see how poorly Harry's been treated. Their behavior around Muggle objects is perfect as well - Fred's confusion in the kitchen was definitely entertaining to read.

I also think you've done a great job capturing Harry's character as well - he's got that moody element to him, as well as the self-blame and sarcasm that are so central to his character, particularly right after OotP.

You did a wonderful job with the action scenes in this chapter - they were both fast-paced enough to keep me wanting more, while also going into enough detail that I could clearly tell what was happening, something that definitely takes a good deal of skill as a writer. I was very impressed and can't wait to see how these develop in future chapters.

The last line was perfect - of course that would be something Fred was thinking.

This was an incredibly fascinating story, and I can't wait to see what happens in the next few chapters in the fallout of what has just happened here. Great job!

ShadowRose (Taylor)

Author's Response: I know I'm horribly slow getting to this response. So sorry! Sometimes, life just doesn't play fair.

I'm glad you found this story engaging and interesting to read! I really like this story, and these first three chapters practically wrote themselves a long time ago. It was so fun to explore the full range of the twins' personalities, and Harry's as well.

And then I got stuck. On plot. And this story stalled and I just haven't been able to get it going again. I was so excited to have someone looking at it again, to help me decide if it was worth trying to finish. Your review here really helped me so much. I feel like this story has some things worth finishing, and maybe I can get it rolling again!

Thanks so very much! This was an amazing review.

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Review #2, by CambAngst Anger

16th January 2015:

I'm at a loss for words. First and foremost, I'm semi-distraught that I never read this before. I'm upset with myself. I'm going to struggle to forgive myself for a while. But I'll get over it...

This story is amazing. The emotions that it evokes are unbelievable. Actually, it's very easy to believe now that I think about it. Without straying a hair outside of the ToS, you've created this amazingly vivid story that makes the terrible things that have happened to Harry plainly obvious. It's really incredible writing. I'm in awe and I'm angry. So very, very angry. At the moment, I want to tear Vernon Dursley limb from limb. I want to see the fat oaf suffer terribly. I want to paint "Magic Sucks" across his chest and hand him over to Bellatrix.

I saw that you picked this for the January Review Swap. That's how I found it. Please, please, PLEASE say that you're looking for the motivation to take up writing it again! I know it's been a long time. I know it's hard to get going again. But I'm begging you, please write whatever it is that George and Ron are planning to do to Harry's despicable uncle. Cookies, cake, pie... the world is your oyster if you do me this favor. Name your price!

I'm not sure I can add anything more to this review than what I've already said. This is a story that I'm dying to read more of. Remember: baked goods! Awesome job!


Author's Response: Wait I missed this one! And it was one of my favorites as well! I think I screamed a little when I realized you had read this poor abandoned story. :)

Don't be upset with yourself! For reasons we've talked about since, I don't advertise this story very much because I don't want to let people down when they realize it's not finished. Seriously, don't be hard on yourself.

But thank you SO much for the glowing compliments. I think my head grew three sizes reading this review, and you know it gave me the courage to pull the fic out again and start trying to work through it. Hopefully when school gets out for the summer I can really get to work on it.

This story was something I really wanted to write, but it was hard as well. That anger you mention and going into detail about the horrible things done to Harry was hard to get down on paper. As for the TOS - well, this is the edited version. I had to get help from several validators to make sure I did toe that line. It's a very tricky line to walk.

(Your creative way for dealing with Vernon is certainly one I've never thought of!)

As for motivation to keep writing, I think you know the answer to that now. I really, really DO want to finish this. I just have to make it all WORK. Who knew that such a small story could open up such a large can of worms. As for my price? LOL. Just help me whittle down that massive Idea Document I sent you into something that can be worked with. That would be amazing. (And no, I don't really mean that. You don't have to do my work for me.)

Thanks again for this review. I still can't stop smiling from it. You really made my day twice, once when I got it and just now when I got to read it again.

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Review #3, by DougA Anger

24th October 2014:
Another excellent chapter. You simply must continue this story. It is far to good to be abandoned now

Author's Response: I hope to continue it! I just need to figure out some very major things. This that you've read is just the tip of a very big story...but it has issues.

Thanks again!

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Review #4, by DougA Standoff

24th October 2014:
The reactions of the Weasley's are very well done. The serious reaction from George, the usual prankster, to Arthur's "Get away from my sons.", to Bill, Molly, Ginny, and Ron. It all plays perfect. Also nice are Ginny and Ron's insights into Harry.

I also like that Harry wants to keep Ginny away. I always thought that he had started to fall for her around the time of Ministry Battle. Not wanting her to see him in this state is a very nice touch. I will be interested to see if any of the other Weasleys pick up on this.

As to who knew and when, I've always found it odd that Dumbledore, who seems to know everything, didn't know that Harry was being abused. Especially since the Order was watching him, McGonagall knew that "these are the worst sort of Muggles.", and the escape from the house in the car. Then again, Dumbledore seems to happily set Harry against Voldemort, so maybe he isn't much better.

This continues to be an excellent story.

Author's Response: Thank you again, for the great review. I always felt like there are all these stories out there, where Harry is rescued by someone and the Weasleys are hardly ever in them. That seems so unnatural to me. They have already practically adopted him, how could anyone think they wouldn't be in the thick of it if Harry needed help?

And I agree with you on Ginny and Harry. I think he liked her a lot longer than everyone thinks. Maybe he didn't fully know it yet, but the seeds were there.

Ah, Dumbledore - I have to admit to a soft spot for the old man. I don't like stories that turn him into a villain or evil manipulator. I know he made mistakes in how he handled things, but I honestly think he was trying his best to help Harry. So, I won't be turning him into someone evil in this story, that much I know. I haven't figured everything else out yet, but I do honestly believe he didn't know this was going on. Maybe that's looking at the world through rose-colored glasses, but isn't that what fiction is for?

Thanks again for reading! I really appreciate these reviews.

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Review #5, by DougA Shattered Perceptions

24th October 2014:
I found this story as a result of reading your story HEALING.

This is very touchy subject matter, but I feel that you have handled it very well. I am an attorney, and I deal with a lot of abuse and neglect cases. Harry's reaction of shame, embarrassment, and feeling that it must all somehow be his fault, is very much in keeping with children that I have worked with. A wonderful start, and I am very interested in seeing how you progress with this.

And yes, I will be reviewing HEALING.

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm aware this story covers very sensitive material, so I'm glad you think I handled it with tact and understanding. I was hoping for that.

I haven't updated this story for a long, long time because I've been rather stuck on plot issues. At the moment, I'm concentrating on finishing a few of my other WIPs, but then I hope to come back and hash this one out so I can finish it. I do still very much want to, I just have been stuck.

I do so appreciate the review! Thank you for reading and reviewing.

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Review #6, by narglesarereal Anger

4th November 2013:
Please please write some more im desperate to hear what happens next. This is like one of the first stories i read and it's still one of my favourites.

Author's Response: I'm so sorry that you have been left hanging on this story. I really do want to finish it sometime, but my plot needs some serious reworking and I just haven't had time to sit down and do it. Maybe someday.

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Review #7, by ShePotter Anger

14th April 2013:
Great, great story! No sure if you're still around, but I hope one day u will finish this. I love the love shown & the hate as well. We haven't Ron told Hermione? Please come back & soon pease! Thanks

Author's Response: Thank you!

I AM still around, just struggling to come up from the pile of real life I'm buried in. I'm starting to post again, but it will be a while before I get back to this story. So sorry! But I wanted to let you know I got your review, and thank you for it!

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Review #8, by Imo Anger

24th December 2012:
I don't know if I've asked you already, but PLEASE CONTINUE THIS STORY!! It's one of my absolute favourites and I just want more :D :D :D

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I really do plan to finish this someday, but I can't give you a time frame right now. :( Real life has really crimped my writing lately, and this story is especially stuck. When I can work out a plot problem, it will be back. Until then, know I'm thinking about it.

Thanks again for reading!

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Review #9, by FredsGirl1993 Anger

1st June 2012:
Oh, you must update soon!! This is so brilliant, and I must know what happens to my Freddie!!

Author's Response: I'm working on it! It will probably be a bit longer yet before this story gets going again as I'm working on finishing my other novel, Healing, while I iron some plot issues out on this one. But, it will be finished, I promise.

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Review #10, by Pacific Wizard Standoff

5th January 2012:
1917 Farmgirl: Your stories are like great wine. They get better with age. I am a Twins fan. (No, not the baseball team). Just love how you told this story from George's point of view. It was great to delve into his mind and heart and hear and feel his thoughts and emotions. Your storytelling is so vivid I felt the anger, hurt, frustration and sadness along with George and all of the others.

Talk about tension! When Bill brandished the pistol, I thought Dursley was a gonner. That was riveting. The little side bar over the Petunia and her broken dishes was a stroke of genius. That one snippet with Bill's comeback towards her summed up the entire story.

You handled the whole business of physical abuse with honesty and compassion. Like all bullys, Vernon Dursley will always wallow in his own ignorance and minimize his own weaknesses on the suffering of the weak and innocent.

Amazing and moving story that deserves a 20/10. Very well done. PW

Author's Response: Well, if they get better with age, they're gonna be REALLY good considering how long it's taking me to write them! LOL. But thank you so much for the wonderful compliment!

You know me. I love my twins. I just think they are such great, underused characters that have so much more to offer than just comic relief. It was very enjoyable to put them in a situation where I could show the other sides of their personalities, and the fact that they are actaully TWO personalities, and not just one with two names.

So glad the tension worked on paper! It is very hard to write that and I often worry that things are dragging, or betting to explan-y...if you catch my drift. The dishes thing I had in mind for a long time, but the pistol thing just kinda hit me as I was writing it. I like it, so I'm glad you do to.

Wow, thank you again SO much for such a great review! I was trying hard to write such a sensitive topic with tact and so it's nice to hear I'm doing okay.

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Review #11, by Phoenix_Feather49 Anger

28th December 2011:
I absolutely adore you stories! I've read them all and I love them all :) Beautifully written.
Incredibly hard plot to write without it being too gruesome or crude, really. But it was fantastic- of course, horrifically sad.
Update soon!

Author's Response: Awww, thank you! It makes me so happy to know people like what I write!

This is an incredibly hard plot. That's why it hasn't been updated in ages. I'm working through my outline at the moment, trying to figure things out and get it cleaned up, then I will be back with more. But I'm so glad you think I've approached the topic with tact and such. Thank you!

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Review #12, by sbmcneil Anger

31st October 2011:
This is a great story I hope you continue :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I plan to continue, real life has just been in the way for the last year or so. Starting to dig out now, though, so I will be back with more as soon as I can.

Thanks so much for reading!

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Review #13, by sbmcneil Shattered Perceptions

31st October 2011:
You are right that there are a lot of stories about the Dursleys going over the limit, but this is very original. I really like the idea of the twins rescuing him.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you like it, and that it felt original to you, as I was trying very hard to make it that way.

And I love the twins, so that was sort of a given. Plus, there are very few stories that I can find that let Harry interact with the twins much on his own, and I wanted to do that.

Thanks again fore reading!

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Review #14, by Pacific Wizard Shattered Perceptions

21st September 2011:
1917 Farmgirl: I don't know what happened to my previous reviews on this story but I want you to know that I wouldn't miss reviewing one of your magnificent stories, especilly this one. I'm going to reread then re-post my reviews to you. You'll see my reviews on this story soon. From what I remember, this was going to be a classic entry and it had me riveted. Keep up your gifted writing. PW

Author's Response: Awww. You are the best! I'm so, so flattered you would read it again and review all over! Thank you extremely much! I can't wait to read what you think for the second time!

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Review #15, by @$hley18 Anger

23rd June 2011:
LOVE this!!! i come back and check everyday to see if theres another chapter. quick question... do you plan on continuing this story? i sure hope so, but i understand if you dont. :] THANK you for writing this!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm very flattered you love it enough to check everyday! And I hate that you are always disappointed by my lack up updates.

To answer your question - yes, I will continue this story, but it might be a while before updates start coming. Real life has been incredibly busy lately and I just haven't had time for writing. I will get back to it, though, as I love it too much not to.

So, thank you for your review and your interest! It means a lot!

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Review #16, by TeZan Anger

20th May 2011:
Are you going to write a continue?

Author's Response: Yes! Overwhelmingly yes! I've just been going through a very, very busy stretch of real life and haven't had time to write. It's summer now, though, so hopefully I'll be back soon.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #17, by Michelle Anger

27th March 2011:
Ooh...PLEASE CONTINUE ASAP!!! : ) LOL. very good and very addicting!! now i'm going to go read healing : )

Author's Response: Thanks! And thanks for going off to read Healing as well! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I don't have anything to update this with yet as real life sorta jumped on me lately, but I spent a lot of time in Dec. and Jan. outlining plots for this story so hopefully it gets back in the action soon.

Thanks again!

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Review #18, by bmhallows Anger

1st March 2011:
I know when a story is good when I find myself fanfictioning it myself! Since I read this story a few days ago I keep thinking about it, I am intrigued where you are going to take it. In my head I like the idea that as they learn more about Harry they might learn more about Ron and how much he has supported his friend over the years. Also something about even though he needs lots of help and healing- respect for how well harry has coped all of these years. Your world has completely sucked me in!

Author's Response: Wow! Thanks for such a fun review! I'm honored that my story grabbed you so much you started thinking about possible plots yourself! And for the record, some of your musings aren't that far off from things I have planned.

Just to let you know, this story has a lot left to it. It's going to be long. And at the moment it has some plot holes I've been working through. It might be another month or so before you start seeing updates to this one, but I truly hope you'll keep reading once they start going up again.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #19, by George Weasley Anger

8th February 2011:
this story us awsome! i want to no wat happens!! DO NOT ABANDON

Author's Response: Thank you! And no worries, it's not abandoned. The lack of updates right now are a combination of two things - my real life is insane right now, and this story is getting it's outline finessed. As soon as I can I'll be back to it, though.

Thanks for reading!

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Review #20, by George Weasley Anger

28th January 2011:
wow! this is awsome! please update soon! I really wanna know what happens!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad you are reading! I promise I'll update as soon as I can.

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Review #21, by xxFlutterStutterBOOMBOOMxx Anger

13th January 2011:
I still love this story :) Updates make me happy!

Author's Response: Aw.thanks! Glad you're reading!

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Review #22, by EmilyAppleton Standoff

26th December 2010:
wow this is giving me a heart attact

Author's Response: Please don't have a heart attack. I'm not sure I can take that guilt.

BUT, I am glad you are liking the story! Thanks!

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Review #23, by Sharon Anger

20th December 2010:
Great story! Can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Thank you! It's nice to have you reading.

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Review #24, by Piggiebag Anger

20th December 2010:
great story :)
loved the evil voldemort muggle uncle vernon had turned into and how molly's reaction was not silent or so but like a real mother keep the good job up!

are you going to update soon?

Author's Response: Thank you! Nice to see a new reader. Evil Vernon wasn't really that fun to write, but Mother Molly ALWAYS is. :)

I'm not exactly sure when the next update will be. I'm working out some bugs, but rest assured I will get it there as fast as I can.

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Review #25, by pholmes Anger

20th December 2010:
please continue with this story. i am interested in finding out how you complete this story. i really like what i am reading.

Author's Response: Thank you. I have every intention to continue it. I'm not the speedest updater in the world, but I will do it as often as I can. Thank you for reading.

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