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Review #1, by firefly910 Christmas Cheer: Love, Luna

19th March 2011:
Hi firefly from the forums here with your review :)

I loved this story.
Luna is one of my favourite HP characters and I you have captured her essence perfectly.

I can just imagine her prancing around the dorm with the presents, beaming from ear to ear.
I really could imagine Luna thinking of something like that.

The idea of using Snape, who is the exact opposite of everything Luna is was brilliant.
It just proves that Luna can cheer up even the most dreadful of people; even if it is only just for a second or two.

This one shot was definitely full of 'holiday warm-fuzziness'.
It made me smile and saw awww in a number of places.
There should be more Luna Lovegood's in the world, it would be a much nicer place.

Thank you for requesting a review, it was a pleasure to read such a lovely, warm-hearted story :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you love Luna so much, and I'm glad this story was a treat for you. Nothing like a Christmas story in spring to really bring out the warm fuzzies.

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Review #2, by Akussa Christmas Cheer: Love, Luna

15th March 2011:
Hello dearest and so, so sorry for the delay of this review.

I really liked this story, no matter if its a bit out of season (my mistake, I take all the blame do not worry!). With this little story, you manage to bring me joy and happiness, as if Luna had given me a puffskein too.. I love the attention to details you put in there; the rubans, the names on the list, the physical expression of characters; it was all very well done. You also managed to place this story in the timeline in a very subtle and cute way; these are the kind of detailing I enjoy.

The characterization of Luna sounded perfect, right on target in all her loopiness. The retelling of the scene in potion was hilarious; it was very well done considering there was Luna's distance of emotion in it (like she oculdn't possibly understand what had been wrong with her idea) and that is very in character. Snape was also very well done. The reactions he had, the comments and physical expression he let transpire felt natural for the character. Ginny was ok but everything in her attitute made me beleive this was taking place in their first year! The stress and finger turning, the fearful glances... Her dialogue was excellent and in character, its more the physical expression that led me to beleive that.

It is also a very clean piece; kudos on the grammar and writting! Only one little thing didn't sound right to me (and that might be because I'm picky, who knows!) :

"Ginny Weasley was completely absorbed by the Luna’s words"; 'the Luna'?

Overall, a very enjoyable piece that I had a great time reading and I'm - again - very sorry I didn't come across earlier.


Author's Response: I'm glad you like the story. Ginny was in her second year at the time of this story, so she probably still has a little bit of her old character.

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Review #3, by xLauriePotter Christmas Cheer: Love, Luna

23rd February 2011:
OliveOil_Med: Hello, Laurie here with your requested review! Sorry It's took a while, RL sucks atm.

I was really happy when I saw someone had wrote Luna, I haven't yet had a story in my request thread to read Luna fics. ^.^ I love Luna!

I think Luna is a hard character to write and you've done pretty well in writing her odd, unique view on life.

I completley love the idea of this! It's a nice humourous fic that shows something that you really can imagine Luna doing. I love Ginny too, Another favourite character of mine. It's good to see the contrast between them both, and the bond appearing too.
"Luna leaned in closer, bringing her voice to a whisper. “Don’t worry. If anyone asks, I won’t tell that you opened it early.”" - This is totally something I can imagine Luna saying, I even read it in my mind in the voice of Evanna. Haha! (She plays Luna so well :))

I think you've characterized Snape well too. The way he's a little suspicious before he opens the present, I really can't imagine Snape finding it amazing and opening it quick (I just laughed at the thought). I also like the way he's a little reluctant to why Luna would of done this for him.

Great fic. I loved this.
I really felt the christmassy cheer - And its February!
Thanks for requesting, It was a lovely read! :D
~ Laurie.
P/s. I rated 10/10!

Author's Response: No shame in picturing Evanna as Luna Lovegood. She was born to play the role! I even find myself trying to think of excuses for why Luna had Evanna's cute little Irish accent!

I never thought Irish accents could be cute before then!

And nothing can make you happier than a 10/10! I do love Luna and I have mother fics featuring Luna and Snape, but I am trying to come up with ideas about a longer story about them.

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Review #4, by LovelyMioneWeasley Christmas Cheer: Love, Luna

22nd February 2011:
Hello there love. I had some extra time lying around I had not anticipated so I got over here quicker than I thought I would be able to.

And I have to say I chuckled when you asked for "holiday warm-fuzziness" under your areas of concern. ^_^

So this one-shot is 1000% original; I could not even make a claim to have come up with something ever so clever in my own mind. You already have scored major points in my mind because of that.

Snape and Luna, Snape and Luna, what a pair. I thought that you did overall a really fantastic job with the two. Snape is very clearly in good character; you make him slightly paranoid (no dismissal of homework, no points, no final grade raising), curious (harvesting organs...slightly creepy), guarded, but all the while, you keep this clear understanding that Snape is not this completely evil man (as detailed by the almost tender smile).

Luna is a hard character to pinpoint in my mind (which is why I've never really attempted to write her). Your intepretation is hard to go wrong as long as you stay within a realm of believability. You definitely did that; at first, I found the sticking her head into the pot a bit odd and unintelligent; however, with Luna, good justification for any action can rise in her mind. I don't think she is stupid and you didn't portray as just gave her her own Luna logic. (Adding more of each color instead of removing one silver strand for example).

The one character that seemed off to me was Ginny. It wasn't that I didn't believe that she couldn't act as such, but Luna and Ginny seemed to have a fairly solid relationship to me especially after Fourth Year. What year was this supposed to take place in? I do feel however that Ginny was put up a bit more attitude and less...fear. Luna is a force to be reckoned with though so it could go either way in my mind.

Overall, you did another excellent job. I think it was a splendidly original one-shot with some great holiday warm-fuzziness thrown in. I wish it was still Christmas now simply because of the one-shot. Thanks for requesting dear!


Author's Response: Yeah, I've always felt like Snape and Luna had such a wonderful chemistry, so I'm constantly trying to think of new stories to write about them. But what I really need to do is come up with a good idea for a longer story that involves them.

As far as Luna's reasoning for her head in the pot, let's think of all the possibilities: it would be a bad idea to let an eleven-year-old with scissor's cut her hair; if it did end up working it would make for a good business venture; maybe Snape would want to consider it as a businness venture, and then he wouldn't have to work with kids; why is it that he even works with kids anyway if he hates them so much?

See, we can keep going on and on and on.

As far as their age, though, it takes place during Ginny and Luna's third year, so Ginny still has a little bit of awkward left in her. And I don't know any student who could keep her cool around Professor Snape.

Except maybe Luna! And that's why she's awesome!

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Review #5, by Aderyn Christmas Cheer: Love, Luna

17th February 2011:
Hi, here for your review!

This was cute! I like the premises- it seems like something Luna might do. Well, normally she does seem a bit more detached, but this could very well happen.

I do think that she is a bit too childlike though. Luna can be hard to write as a main character, since she's so dreamy in the books, but you didn't do too bad at all.

Great choice of present for Snape :) I also like his first reaction to the gift.

Finally, the last line is a nice touch, but I think it should be "every one."

Author's Response: Well, I'm glad you like it, but it seems that everyone has their own idea of how Luna should be portrayed.

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Review #6, by electricfeel Christmas Cheer: Love, Luna

16th January 2011:
Hi electricfeel here from the forums with your review :)

Such a cute idea for a story. Very sweet. Your characterisation of Snape was pretty well done, especially after he opened the gift and realised he could use the Puffskiens spleen, I liked that. Also, when he reverts back to "normal" after Luna mentions being grumpy.

However, I don't know if your characterisation of Luna was quite right. I think in the books she comes across as ditzy but intelligent, I don't think she would have stuck her head in a potion for example and I don't think she would have to ask why Snape is so grumpy, I think out of everything, she understands human emotions best. We see this in the books when she seems to know that Harry would want to be alone etc. I did love the beginning however when she was putting ribbons in her hair. That was very Luna. She is a very difficult character to write and I think you managed certain aspects of her personality well. Her method of giving out presents and who she gave the presents to for example.

Overall though, it was very sweet and definitely had an original plot :)

Author's Response: Well, Snape is a confusing sort of person. I think the reason Luna was so confused was that he got a lot angrier than she thought was necessary...and he hurt her feelings!

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Review #7, by thegirllikeme Christmas Cheer: Love, Luna

14th September 2010:
So cute!

I love your Severus and Luna oneshots. It's so genuine to how I think it would really be.

Author's Response: They do have an interesting chemistry don't they?

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Review #8, by krazyboutharryginny Christmas Cheer: Love, Luna

18th August 2010:
haha. I love Luna. and you got her just right, if you know what I mean! This was a very cute one-shot and you did a great job! 10/10

Author's Response: Well, I'm glad I've made you a fan!

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Review #9, by LoopyLemon Christmas Cheer: Love, Luna

25th July 2010:
this was cool but what about the rest of the presents?

Author's Response: Well, this story seemed complete where it ended, so anything else qwould have just seemed forced. Besides, seeing Snape break down his defenses for even just a moment is as big as a climax as there can be.

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Review #10, by bushbabies94 Christmas Cheer: Love, Luna

3rd July 2010:
i like this one alot! u are really good!!!

Author's Response: ThanX! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #11, by Snowking Christmas Cheer: Love, Luna

23rd May 2010:
I like this story because of its charming details. It is also always nice reading about "second row characters". Besides, I sent a message to your forum profile because I would like to translate one of your stories. Have you noticed it? I would be pleased if you contact me.

Author's Response: I have answered you message, and I wish you luck. And again, I hope you will send me the link!

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Review #12, by Weasley Rose Christmas Cheer: Love, Luna

5th May 2010:
Nice Story!

How do you make banners?


Author's Response: I'm glad you like this little bit of Christmas in May. And you get banners from The Dark Arts. There is a tiny banner with a link of to the right, fourth block down. That is where you file banner requests.

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