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Review #1, by couldyoureallyknow Take shape

18th May 2010:
write more please! :D :D

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Review #2, by hermione888 Believe in you

18th March 2010:
OMG i luv ur writing. its so good put up a new chaper. please. 4 me. lol this story is addicting and always has me wanting more. 10/10

Author's Response: i had a lot of exams to pass and now i'm writing an important chapter and i keep deleting it because i'm not satisfied with it. sorry for this stupid block...

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Review #3, by hp_forever13 Books and quarrels

25th January 2010:
OH DUDE!!! THAT WAS AWESOME!!! it was so good, plz write more!

Author's Response: :)) glad u liked it. I have a lot of exams right now, but I have chapters written in advance so I ll try to keep them going :P English exam tomorrow :))

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Review #4, by hermione888 Plans

14th January 2010:
A Rather interesting start. Wow fighting before they even get on the train, tsk tsk tsk. I really did enjoy it. Nice job!

Author's Response: :P yeah, i always like it when draco and ron get into a fight. ch 3 is waiting validation... :-< should be up in a day or so. hope you keep reading

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Review #5, by Lynne Dirt

23rd December 2009:
i feel so sorry 4 hermione. but i'm glad 2 see something happening between malfoy and her. like u, i think those 2 r the perfect match. u know, kinda "forbidden love" thing. i've always liked stories w/ "forbidden love" elements. anyway. merry christmas and just let ur pen fly!

Author's Response: Forbidden love indeed. as for Hermione being treated badly, I m sorry, but I don t want to plunge into the heart of the story just yet. I think that Draco needs time to change, and better reasons to do that, hence the whole idea of the story (that will be revealed in chapter 6/7). For some reason my pen is really stubborn and refuses to fly, but I m struggling. 5 chapters down, 6th on the way, and hopefully much more to come. Thank you for the review and hope you ll keep track of the story.

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Review #6, by Lynne Plans

23rd December 2009:
the fight between the 2 was very interesting! i shall quickly review and read the next chapter. *eager 2 see what is happening next!*

Author's Response: forgot to wish u a merry christmas as well. *Blush*
do you have a ff page? i can't seem to access it.

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