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Review #1, by RonsGirlFriday Unexpected

15th August 2010:
I could just die happy after reading this, I really could. Such a beautiful portrayal of Ron's character. The descriptions and emotion in this were just right, too. And the R/Hr moment at the end was just enough, not overdone, but so touching.

This line might well be the most wonderful thing I have ever read in my life:

How delicately beautiful she was, how her face wasn't one that would bowl you over the first time you saw it, but one that was just so wholesome and intelligent that it could weave its way into your skin and heart until you found yourself thinking of little else... or so Ron found anyway.

And really, this line, too: So it was important to be lively. Ron could only congratulate Hermione's hair for realising this... but then she'd always realised things that he hadn't.

You have such a way of putting words to things I would find so difficult to articulate. And it's always unique - I have yet to find another writer who takes such a fresh perspective on things or uses such witty, whimsical phrasing. Every time I read something by you, it makes me smile. Especially if it's R/Hr - but even if it isn't, it's still superb.


Author's Response: You're too nice to me! My ego is twitching cheerfully...

Your last paragraph meant a lot to me because I tried quite hard with this story, mainly because writing Ron in a more serious way wasn't something I'd really done before and despite the self he puts forward I think there's a lot more to him.

I did want to put Hermione in it, but I really wanted to focus on Ron. But as she's so important to him the little Ron/Hermione moment had to be put in. :) I'm glad you didn't think it was overdone, because I was worried it would make it cheesy/too fluffy (even if there is such a thing!).

Ron's a character I often find myself wishing I had in my life! Life would never be boring with him in it I don't think! Of course no one is right for him other than Hermione but he'd be a great friend or brother... if only. :D

Thank you lots for your review! This one really made me happy. :)

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Review #2, by Katie Unexpected

13th January 2010:
Cool love it excellent realy touching. Fred dies*Cries* but i love Ron in this one a realy good ronn and Hermione one but realy emotional with Ron and Georges thoughts Love it excellent!

Author's Response: Thank you! Fred dying was sooo sad and I felt it was time to write a one-shot about it. Help me through the pain. *sniffs*

I'm glad you liked Ron! He's harder to write than I originally expected seeing as he's not the most outwardly emotional person.

Thank you again! Glad you liked it. :)

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Review #3, by Sarah_Bee Unexpected

17th December 2009:
wow. just wow. I am stunned. You are just amazing! Seriously, this is just the most touching and beautiful one shot I've ever read about Ron Weasley. Your descriptions are just stunning and practically perfect.

I love how you portrayed Ron and you really got his emotions across. Dealing with loss is never easy and writing about someone losing a family member isn't easy either! But you pulled it off so well!

I also love how you brought Hermione into the fic at the end. These lines "Im not walking through there again, he said standing up, and pointing into the woods around him, gesturing to Hermione just so that he could absolutely establish his point clearly, Not by myself.

You wont be by yourself. Im here.

those get to my heart and make tears fill my eyes! I really did start crying a bit towards the middle! I loved it! I'm glad the banner fits your story!!! I enjoyed making it.

I'm definitely favoriting this. :)

Author's Response: Wow thank you! I don't think I've ever made anyone cry with a story before. I don't mean to sound so happy that I made you cry but I hope you see what I mean! :)

I've never really written about losing family members before so this was quite a new thing for me so hearing I managed to pull it off is a very nice surprise! Especially as Ron isn't the most outwardly emotional character I didn't think I could sit him down somewhere and make him cry... I wanted to make his grieving process a bit more unique. :)

Thank you so much again for the lovely banner and review! (oo and the favouriting. :D)

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Review #4, by theelderwand Unexpected

16th December 2009:
DP, that was a wonderful one-shot!

Exceptionally descriptive. You really put the reader there with Ron. You also captured his emotions very well, especially the part about how sudden shocks are overpowering when your emotionally vulnerable.

The end was perfect, having Hermione find him and lead him out. I loved how you described the way Ron sees her.

I really liked this story. You write R/Hr brilliantly.

Thanks for this.

Author's Response: Yeah I really wanted to go a bit overboard on the description in this one because I had a very vivid image about what I wanted this story to be. So I'm very happy you pointed out nice things about it! :)

I had to put Hermione in there at the end. Ron simply isn't complete without her! Thank you so much for your lovely review! Your reviews always make my day! :D

ps. I promise I'll finish reading your story! I've broken up for the holidays now so I'll have plenty of time to get some reading done! :)

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Review #5, by Marybeth Unexpected

13th December 2009:
Very nice - your descriptions are so detailed (like the beads of water clinging to the grass) that they really pull you in and make you feel like you are right there. I loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you! I did describe those water beads a lot didn't I? :D I wanted to create a really vivid story in terms of visual detail, but I think I managed that more in some parts than in others.

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Review #6, by Emerald_Lights Unexpected

13th December 2009:
Can I just say, I love stories where Ron is not comic relief? Why he seems to fall into that all the time, I don't know.

Long story short - I really liked it!!

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

Yeah I agree that Ron is often used as comedy (mainly because he does it so well) but I wanted to write a story where I delved deeper and maybe reveal a bit more of the true Ron that he tries to hide. :D Very deep of me, I know - ahem.

I'm so happy you liked this story, because I was a bit unsure of it. :) You've made me very happy! *simple things please simple minds etc.* :D

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Review #7, by ReAnna Unexpected

12th December 2009:
that was cute i liked it

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Review #8, by fall_for_you Unexpected

12th December 2009:
Nicely done! I liked seeing Ron show some emotions, and Hermione being there to hold his hand. Ron's memories from the funeral were really sad though. I really liked the part where Ron talks about her hair too. It was cute :)

Author's Response: I wanted Ron to remember that he always had someone there to help him through dark times, hence I had to put Hermione in there! I just love them together, they're my favourite couple ever!!

Thank you for your lovely review!

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Review #9, by Timechild Unexpected

12th December 2009:
An interesting fic. The detail was good and the emotion was well presented. You clearly showed Ron's grief.

Nicely done

Author's Response: Thank you. I wanted to tie in the detail of Ron's surroundings in with his emotions... don't know if I pulled it off but thanks again for your review! :)

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