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Review #1, by Summer_Raven Obsession

7th July 2016:
This was great! I loved this story. My favorite piece of writing in this was when you described his eyes as "violet gems" and "melted violets". You are a very talented writer and your description is on par. One thing I noticed is that you use a lot of long sentences with dashes in them. It absolutely works in this story, and it's a good choice, but some of them could be broken up. Overall, this is a fantastic story and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

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Review #2, by SexyDoorFrames Obsession

3rd February 2010:
If i had to sum this story up in one word I would use real. It was excellent, I really think you captured her feelings really way. I loved it, oh pure brilliance it was. It flowed really nicely and the writing, oh was like amazing. Excellent story. 10/10 :)

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Review #3, by Yoshi_Kitten Obsession

11th January 2010:
Hey! Thanks for sending me the link! I had already found it tho, like right before I got your message, lol! I spent like half an hour looking through all the recent one-shots (from November till now) before you sent me your link the other day, lol! I think I went through around 25 pages or so before I finally found it!! I just can' believe I didn't think to bookmark it before they took my topic down...

Anyways, I can now officially say that this was definitely worth the wait!! I have never read anything about Merope & Tom Riddle before, so when I heard that you were taking the pair after you got your number, I was SOO excited to read this. You did an amazing job writing this, I mean your attention to detail was fabulous, the way you described her thoughts, desires and everything else was also amazing!!! I really liked how you started out with the story about her favorite quill and then came back to it again at the end. It really tied everything all together quite nicely. I also think that the Title fits very well with this story too!! :)

Thank you so much for accepting the challenge! Your entry was incredible, I mean, you really seem to paint a picture when you write, and I absolutely LOVED reading this! I am certainly interested in reading more of your stuff now, lol, cuz you are god!! =)

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Review #4, by ClearCutDiamonds Obsession

23rd December 2009:
Well, I had read parts of this as you were writing, but I'm shocked by how amazing this was once I read the entire thing. Nadia, this was so well-written and I think you captured Merope's true feelings so well in this. I think the beginning was great and the end - with the quill being trampled was a nice touch.

I think this was incredibly real because it was so well thought out. This is so different from your other light-hearted stories. I think you really show your amazing writing abilities in this.

I can't believe I'm this first to review this. But, I can say this - whoever didn't read this is really missing out.


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