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Review #1, by terry Defence

6th December 2011:
I just want to say I love this story, perhaps because I can relate some. It looks like its been about a year since you updated but I really hope you do continue writing.

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Review #2, by rosie evans Defence

25th July 2011:
i really like the story! wat do you mean that she has/had been prepared for the curse before? i really wanto know wat happens and wat happend in the past. it mentioned earlier that her other brother isnt desd-wat does that he has the imperius curse on him or hes being tortures or even maybe hes ont he dark side- for an idea if its that one you could make it so he turns over to the light for his little sister-or that hes a part of the order of the pheonix. anyway,when are they going to see each other again because THAT has got to be one interesting conversation!

Author's Response: Hiya! :)

I'm glad to see this still gets readers! I have it planned out to the end so I do know the answers to your questions but.we'll just have to wait! =P I am still working on this but writer's block has been hell for me so can't promise an exact update but hopefully soon enough!

Thank you for reviewing!
- Galawen xx

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Review #3, by Graceling Spirit Defence

22nd January 2011:
Absolutely amazing...10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much! For the lovely words within the review and for the review itself =)

- Galawen xx

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Review #4, by Serious Bunburyist Defence

12th January 2011:
Oh no!
I dread the answer as to why Willow has been prepared to throw off the imperius curse!
~Serious Bunburyist

Author's Response: It's not that bad...maybe =P
Thank you for reviewing :)!
- Galawen xx

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Review #5, by LilyFire Defence

26th December 2010:
Galawen! Merry Christmas!
So, at the beginning, I wasn't entirely sure that I would like it. I mean, I was intrigued, and wanted to figure out what was happening, but it just seemed…off. I know that's not much help but that's the only way I can describe it. But it goes away around the time she spends her week with Remus, and I have fallen in love with this story.
I love Willow, and she's always presented herself as a strong, well thought out character. Watching her transform from the apathetic girl to someone who cares and, what's more, wants to care. She's letting people in, becoming friends, and cares. (Yeah, I know, I said that, but it seems to be a major thing).
At first it seemed that you were leaving out Peter, or forgetting him, but that changed. He does seem to be important.
Now the only thing I'm worried about is the future. If you stick with canon, then in just a few short years Willow is going to be losing all of her friends (except maybe Remus). Unless she dies first, of course. But now I need to know what happens next. I'm excited for the next update. So, please hurry.
Again, Merry Christmas, fellow Puff. I hope you have a fantastic holiday.

Author's Response: Hello! :)
I'm glad it grew on you eventually, the reason you may have felt that way might be because for a few of the beginning chapters I actually hadn't a clue where I was going with this story. I knew a basic outline but individual chapters were being written straight from my imagination without any planning :O
I love Willow myself :D Originally I was planning this to be a more Sirius-orientated story but when I started writing her I just couldn't stop! Her capacity for caring is one of the defining things about her I think and is the main reason she has such trouble letting them in at the start; she knows she'll care too much eventually.
Peter is the character I find the most difficult to write out of the entire series. I've said it before but trying to see past the betrayal and the person he became to the boy he must have been is a serious challenge for me and I'm trying very hard to not leave him out :)
Lol and I'm afraid I can't tell you about the future just yet =P But sure stick around and you'll find out I guess!
Thank you for these LOVELY presents, I'm gonna go answer the rest of them now. I love reviews! :D :D
- Galawen xx

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Review #6, by spangles Defence

15th December 2010:
Ok I'm really sorry I didn't review every chapter, but I am really tired and knew I wouldn't be able to make it through 17 chapters in on go with stops in between.

That out of the way, UPDATE THIS ASAP! I love it! The plot is SO original I love it! I'm so excited to read a marauders thats not just gossiping girls in Lily's year and obnoxious overly attractive marauders. Your writing is amazing and everything is so believable! I love Willow and the story you've given her and cannot wait to find out more! You simply have to update this or I might have to update it for you. The whole story is great and I love it! (:



Author's Response: Hello! Thats completely fine I tend to read a story and then just review the latest chapter myself :O

I so HAPPY that you like this! It seriously overwhelms me when people say that they think this is original and believable because they are the two things I look for in a story myself :)

Unfortunately I'm not going to make an update before the queue closes - it would mean putting up a sub-standard filler and I refuse to do that. Buuut I intend to write loads over the Christmas so there should be updates galore as soon as ze queue reopens. And hopefully I'll hear from you then too!

- Galawen xx

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Review #7, by fire witch Defence

12th December 2010:
oooh cliffy!!! update soon!!!

Author's Response: I'm going to try very hard to get a chapter in before the queue closure. Fingers crossed!
Thanks for the review =)
- Galawen xx

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Review #8, by MorteLlina Defence

9th December 2010:
I loved the ending of that chapter.

Author's Response: Lol good I'm glad the cliffy didn't annoy you! :D
Thanks for the reviews and I hope I hear from you again :)
- Galawen xx

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Review #9, by MorteLlina Revelation

8th December 2010:
I love love love the quote at the beginning. I love Rumi.

Author's Response: I had never actually heard about him until I saw that quote somewhere but it fit so perfectly I had to go find out where is came from and he certainly seems like a very interesting person! And his writing is beautiful :)
- Galawen

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Review #10, by dramione_ftw_4ever Defence

8th December 2010:
Whoa. That's a crazy chapter. I LVOE it though. I'm a new reader. And I'm loving every moment of reading it. It's been favorited by me. ^.^
Keep it up, I love Willow's character just so you know.
Can I tempt you to read some of my stories?? Pwetty Pwease? *bats eyelashes*

Author's Response: YAY!! I love seeing the favourite number go up :D :D :D
I'm so happy that you like Willow so far because I'm always going to be insecure about whether people are getting her so I love to hear that she's liked :)
I'm tying to get ze new chapter written and of course its Christmas time so things are a bit hectic but as soon as I get a proper chance I'll take a look at your stories :)
Thanks again for the review!
- Galawen xx

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Review #11, by HOLY HIPPOGRIFFS Defence

7th December 2010:
oooh i wanna read more!!! Great story, love!
Lots of Love,

Author's Response: Thank you! For the review and the love :D Glad you like it so far and hope I hear from you again in the future :)
- Galawen xx

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Review #12, by naflower05 Defence

7th December 2010:
ahhh!! a mini cliff hanger at the end! ...or it could have been mentioned earlier and i just read it so long ago that i forgot. hmmm... well for me if a cliffy, so ah!!! i cant wait for more, so update again soon!!! =]

Author's Response: Lol nope you're ok I mentioned nothing earlier..well not as far as I know! =P
Theres a queue closure coming up for Christmas so I'm going to try hard to get a chapter in before that but this is a pretty hectic time of the year for me so its gonna be hit and miss.

Fingers crossed though and thanks for another lovely review :D
- Galawen xx

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Review #13, by LilyFlower_x Defence

7th December 2010:
oh, sounds good, i want to read more and also, hope you had a lovely, NaNo experience :)

update son!

Author's Response: Aw thank you m'dear :) NaNo was a.intense experience shall we say!

I'm going to try as hard as I can to get a chapter in before the queue closure but it's gonna be tight!

Thank you kindly for the review!
- Galawen xx

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Review #14, by The Quick Quotes Quill Defence

7th December 2010:
Ahhh!! such a cliffhanger!

Please write more, little bit desperate.

Love charcter of Willow, and this story is a great change from loads of really samey sirius/OC stories out there.

Love to know more about where alice is from and who she is, my only crititism would be that I don't get her character.

But I really love your story, keep updating!!


Author's Response: Lol it wasn't originally a cliff-hanger until my fingers just typed it without any input from my brain so I said I'd leave it ! :)
I makes me so happy to hear people think that this is different to the tons of Sirius/OC stories because that's one of the things I'm terrified of doing!
And as for Alice, I'm trying to let the reader learn about the characters as Willow does so if you don't understand her yet, then neither does Willow and so hopefully as Willow gets more involved you will too!

I hope that made sense! :S But Thank You so much for the review and I'm going to try my level best to get a chapter in before the queue closure :)
- Galawen xx

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Review #15, by Serious Bunburyist Freedom

28th November 2010:
Very interesting story. I really love the way it's done.
Although Willow does make me angry sometimes. Well done in the begining when you let the reader assume her real name is Millie.
Very good characterization.
Can't wait for your next chapter,
~Serious Bunburyist~

Author's Response: Yay a new reviewer! Thank you for taking the time to review and I completely understand your anger at Willow. She gets pretty frustrated at herself a few times! Next chapter has just been added to the queue so hope to hear from you on that one too! Thanks again!
- Galawen xx

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Review #16, by naflower05 Freedom

23rd October 2010:
great chapter. update soon please!!! =]

Author's Response: Shall do my best my dear, thanks for reviewing!! :D
- xx

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Review #17, by fire witch Freedom

21st October 2010:
Awww I absolutely love sirius, And this Chapter!!!

Author's Response: Yay, Sirius should be loved by many ;) and I'm happy that my chapter is too!
Thanks for reviewing! =D
- xx

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Review #18, by lily_sfd Freedom

20th October 2010:
Really good. Glad to read sirius's and willow's exchange. keep writing

Author's Response: Plan to! Thanks for the review :)

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Review #19, by niks_560 Freedom

20th October 2010:
Good to hear from you Lady! Where, oh where, have you been keeping yourself? If I remember correctly, you said you would upload rather soon, but it has been ages! But, all is well. I know more than anyone, how long it can take to get around to things, so don't worry 'bout that lass.

Great chapter, as usual. I loved it. And I do hope, personally, that there is more of Sirius to come!

Anyway, take your time on the next one. I'll still be here whenever you get back to it. Your story is far to good to leave unfinished!

Peace out x

Author's Response: I have ridiculous time issues. I have to be at least an hour early for anything that involves university or work. However in meeting my friends, and evidently updating, time just passes me right by!
Anyway I'm really glad you liked this chapter! And of course there'll be more Sirius; I'm still trying to figure out his character so we're all learning about him at the same time!
NaNoWriMo was pressuring me waaay too much so I've decided to take a step back from it and so hopefully there'll be a new chapter up in the next few days! I say hopefully. :)
Danke kindly for yet another lovely review! =D
- Ruth xx

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Review #20, by naflower05 Laughter and Unease

24th September 2010:
great chapter!! its really coming along! cant wait for more, update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! Update should be along veeery soon! :)

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Review #21, by orangezauber Laughter and Unease

24th September 2010:
I just read through all of your chapters and I must say that this is quite a brilliant plot. It is an original idea (at least I haven't seen one quite like it) and it really has this great flow to it. The way you write Willow is fantastic. I feel as though I can feel all of her emotions with her, but I can also feel how the Marauders, Lily, and Alice are feeling.

I especially like how you split up the weeks. And the fact that every one is giving something to Willow to help her break out of her shell seems much more plausable than say just Sirius (since he is the love interest in this story). Because it is true, everyone has a secrect or deepness to them that is only visable by getting to know the person. Again you did a fantastic job writing all of this out. The flow of your writing is beautiful and I look forward to reading more of your story.

Until next time,

Author's Response: Hello! :)
I'm really glad you consider this an original idea because lets face it, there are hundreds of Marauder era fics out there and I was a little afraid of being thrown into the general category with them!
I love writing Willow and I'm glad that you enjoy her charcter; sometimes I have to remind myself that I have other characters who need attention too!
And yup this may be a Sirius/OC fic at the end of the day but I don't intend to merely focus on that. I'd rather say this is an OC/Sirius fic because she is my main character and that is where I want the attention.
Thank you so much for saying that about my writing and I'm so happy to have new reviewers! Thanks again! :)
- Ruth xx

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Review #22, by niks_560 Laughter and Unease

23rd September 2010:
I totally agree with you about the length of the chapters. Quality over quantity.

Anyway, this chapter was brilliant. It really was great. I loved James, and that seemed to fit him perfectly. I loved that he got her to laugh and when he did, he wasn't shocked like the others, as though they have been hanging out all the time and they have a laugh all the time as well.

Peter was a shocker. I quite liked him. You gave him depth, which most people, when they write him, usually lack. I like how you made him good, with the slight hinting of his future misdeeds. But also made it not too obvious. And also you made him quite smart. Again, most people just write him as a stupid character (which I doubt he was. I see him more as average compared to the other 3). So, overall, I liked his depth. A nice and very unexpected surprise :)

I love how Willow is now opening up as well as becoming noticed by other as well. It's like we're watching her slowly, but surely, come to life.

I can't wait for the next one. Sirius' week! I loved his reference to her name being fitting of her person. Aww, that was lovely. Not soppy but clearly significant.

I am falling in love with story even more. It is so different and yet so captivating.


Author's Response: Yes!! I'm so glad you liked it! James and Sirius' chapters were actually the very first ones I wrote so when I finally got here I considered changing it a bit but I'm glad I didn't :)

Peter's bit was a shock to me too! I have a real problem with Peter as a character - and I've talked about this in the forums, but I find it so hard to see past his betrayal and think about the person he must have been to have inspired the trust in the first place. I think I've finally managed to find my Peter now but its gonna be a little dodgy characterisation for a bit maybe until I fully figure him out. But I'm determined to not just leave him out and pretend like he wasn't around.

Yea it took us a while but Willow's coming through! I'm slightly scared that everyone's waiting for Sirius. His bit was my very first bit of writing so I really hope it doesn't disappoint!! I hope to hear from you then too :) Thanks for yet another lovely review!
- Ruth xx

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Review #23, by Blue Biro Laughter and Unease

23rd September 2010:
aw, cant wait for Sirius' turn!
loved it!
pleaspeleaspelease update soon!
you rock!
becky ;p

Author's Response: Very very soon! Everyone seems to be waiting for Sirius! I hope ye like it now! Thanks for yet another review! :)

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Review #24, by fire witch Laughter and Unease

23rd September 2010:
ooh update soon... please...

Author's Response: ASAP I promise! Basically depends on the queue cos its written :) Thanks for another review!
- xx

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Review #25, by Mrs_Black215 Miracles

17th September 2010:
omg!! plzzz update this story is thheee best!! i want 2 see wot happens when it's sirius' week! plz update soon!! :) 10/10

Author's Response: Lol don't worry he's coming soon :D Thanks for the review! :)
- xx

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