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Review #1, by Labhub Follow me

23rd February 2017:
I am late to this story but am so happy I found it. It definitely needed more reviews and more love!
I can really see how someone like Ron would be affected by the war this way and why a solitary journey would be so important to him.
I gather this is not going to be updated, which is sad, but thanks VERY much for writing and sharing your vision with us!

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Review #2, by bowtruckleinlove Follow me

18th June 2013:
I really love this chapter... It was so cute!
I have to say as well that I love that you've given Ron a completely different side to the norm!
Keep up the good work!

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Review #3, by minerva Butterflies and Hurricanes

1st June 2013:
liked it a lot pls continue with the storyline.thogh since ron is the protagonist i expected a bit more humor...

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Review #4, by jkelly Follow me

28th May 2013:
Love it !!! Update soon!!!

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Review #5, by bowtruckleinlove Madness

26th May 2013:
hmmm... I did a review yesterday, but I guess it didnt post. Anywhooo
I like the story line and the writing is pretty good, I do think that occasionally that you write a bit formally for what's happening or who's speaking so my only suggestion would be to maybe relax the character's a little bit more.
My only other thing is that I personally dont like it when people use 9/11 and have the wizards involved and using magic. I feel that it trivialises what happened there and all those people that died.
Apart from that, I've liked what I've read so far.

Author's Response: I agree my style is a bit formal. As a non-native english speaker I guess finding a good mix of formality and informality is hard. I will work on it.

The 9/11 reference is not meant to deduct or trivialise the event. It is in fact used to make Ron realize that the most horrible things can happen to anyone. That is also why I added the trenches of WW1 and the extermination camps of WW2 to the story. All of these events are referenced as low-points of the human race.

Also: thank you for the review!

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Review #6, by jkelly Madness

22nd May 2013:
This is the first time I have seen this story. I really like the story line! Your character development is really good, I like the old grounds keeper!. Keep up the good work cannot wait for the next chapter, Keep it coming!

Author's Response: thank you for the review. I'm glad you enjoyed my story, and my OC character. I will try to update soon.

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Review #7, by Dresdenrules Starlight

22nd May 2013:
Maybe I'm not the best person to give this review, inexperienced as I am, but I really enjoyed this. Sure, there's the occasional Typo, and you need to separate paragraphs more, but work with a beta reader, this could win a Dobby. This story deserves more attention than it has.

Author's Response: Thank you! I try to check my grammar and spelling, but as a non-native English speaker, I still make the occasional mistake.

As for a beta: I'm open to suggestions :)

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Review #8, by Manwe Valarian Bliss

13th December 2009:
Curious chapter, I find everyone accepting Ron back a little calmer than what i had figured. The big question is whether Hermione has remained unattached. I guess we will have to wait until the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I guess I might have added some hysteria, but most of the characters already hug him fiercely. Hermione sobs into his chest, and Ginny has to be disentangled from him to even reach the living room. Next chapter is going to be a bit lighter. I hope you'll read and review that one too.

Again, Thanks for the review!

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