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Review #1, by Hermione Jean Granger In the Minister's Office

2nd October 2010:
A bit vague. I feel like you could have gone into better description. Creative though

Author's Response: First, thanks for reading and taking the time to write a review! And I do see where you are coming from. This isn't one of my favorite pieces of mine, and the lack of detail is one of the reasons. I'm glad you seem to have liked the idea though!

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Review #2, by I_trusted_Snape13 In the Minister's Office

28th August 2010:
awww that was so sad! i was on the verge of tears at points, i felt so bad for cho! really good writing though!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! And I can't believe I almost brought you to tears. Thanks for reading and reviewing, it means a lot!

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Review #3, by Potter_Princessx3 In the Minister's Office

12th August 2010:
Oooh that was really good!
Very detailed and I love how its in Chos POV.
Your a great writer!
Feel free to check out my fanfictions...THANKS!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am glad you liked this piece!

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Review #4, by xCho Chang In the Minister's Office

12th August 2010:
This is so brilliant! You surely need to write more! I love your writing style and the fact you made this up is just absolutley fitting! Jk Rowling would be proud I'm telling ya!

Author's Response: Oh that means so much! And from your username it seems you are a Cho fan? Which makes the fact that you liked this all the more meaningful! Thanks for reading, and especially for reviewing!

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Review #5, by Pretty Purple Pelican In the Minister's Office

1st July 2010:
I think that "Missing Moments" are so under appreciated. I never really thought about the fact that Cho was probably question after Cedric's death. This was really short and simple, but you fit a lot into it. The only thing that I can critique is your ending. It doesn't tie anything together for me. I know it's a moment, but it's very abrupt. Very nice job, though! I enjoyed this :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I use to be one to stay away from missing moments, but I read a few that I loved and I couldn't stop. I am planning on going through all my one-shots this summer and making some corrections (most based on reviews) and one focus will be endings, so I will take another look at this!

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Review #6, by moonbaby11 In the Minister's Office

29th June 2010:
I really liked this one-shot. You could really feel Cho's emotions, and I actually felt bad for her! I don't really like Cho, but you seemed to capture her rather well. I liked how the ministir seemed to be grabbing for any explanation he could get, other than the fact that Voldy was back. Great story! ;)

Author's Response: Thanks so much. Of all six of my one-shots this has had the least feedback and reads, so I love getting reviews. It also means so much to me that you seemed to like it. Honestly, I am not a Cho fan, especially when she is with Harry, but it was for a challenge and I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed writing her.

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Review #7, by tbhasker In the Minister's Office

12th January 2010:
Ahh I love it! Seriously, this was extremely good! Although, I did feel that it ended a bit abruptly; but other than that, I think it's wonderful!

Author's Response: Yeah, I hate endings to be honest. I understand exactly what you mean, but this is an improvement from the original ending which was about a paragraph shorter. haha, so I am happier with it. Thanks for reviewing! And I cannot wait for chapter 3!

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Review #8, by chewytriacle In the Minister's Office

31st December 2009:
You should have mentioned that Harry and Cedric both liked Cho, but then I don't think Cho would have thought about that stuff at this time.

Author's Response: I did think of mentioning Harry toward the end, but I felt, like you said, that Cedric was the only thing she had on her mind. Maybe if I had continued it a bit longer she would have reasonably thought of him, but I think I was a little too soon. Thanks for reading and reviewing!!
:) BaletGir

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Review #9, by The Forgotten Muse In the Minister's Office

14th December 2009:
Oh well done. I like how you portrayed Cho's emotion and it was defiantly a twist on what I was expecting. You are a wonderful writer so keep up the good work. Thank you for participating in my challenge (and seeing it through!).


Author's Response: Wow, you reviewed quickly! First off, thanks for letting me stay in your challenge and for being so understanding. Secondly, thanks for the kind review. You don't know how glad I am you liked it! I really enjoyed participating in the challenge, it was pretty much my first (I started it at the same time as another) and I really liked it, it gave me inspiration and a great start on what to write!

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Review #10, by JS Weasley In the Minister's Office

13th December 2009:
oo i like this! great job! and i was glad to read that cho fully believes voldemort is back

Author's Response: Oh yes your my first reviewer for this fic! Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review! I am so glad you liked it. I thought that since Cho lost Cedric and eventually joins the DA, she would be one of the ones to want a real answer and believe Dumbledore from the start.

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