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Review #1, by Dalek194 The Years Gone By

2nd July 2010:
Nice work here :-) It is very short, but you still fit the song to the story well and it is nice and sweet. There are a few spelling errors;

Slytherine should be Slytherin

basilk should be Basilisk

Fauxes should be Fawkes

But, besides these few errors, it is very well-written, and happy in a sweet sort of way. Nice work. I'm not so sure about Harry feeling anything for Ginny when she was in the Chamber except brotherly love,as he didn't even know her properly, she hadn't shown her true colours in front of him yet. Still, a very romantic and sweet one-shot, well done

Author's Response: Thank you, I thought that he just interpertated it as brotherly love but on truth Harry has always been in love with Ginny. I hope you liked seeing a different way of loooking at it, Thanks for reviewing

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Review #2, by cbw214 The Years Gone By

11th June 2010:
good job sister dearest

Author's Response: Thank you, but don't read anymore of my stories, sis.

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Review #3, by withalittleink The Years Gone By

4th April 2010:
:) Not bad at all. I wrote a lot of stuff like this when I was twelve, and in fact, I was probably around your skill level and style too. I'm 15 now and still working at my writing. If you work at it, I think you can be really good. I give it an 8. Keep at it ;)

Author's Response: Yes an eight, your the only person to have rated me at all. Thank you. And I bet you were better than I am when you were twelve

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Review #4, by Alex_Cat The Years Gone By

16th March 2010:
Wow, for 12 yo writting this story? Awesome job!!! And I understand the tiny mistake that you've made as 12 yo. Keep up the great job, maybe someday you'll be a famous writer.

Author's Response: You are so nice, and I hope I am an author when I am older, but I dont know about famouse. I am trying to stop haveing those tiny mistakes now because they are why people cant stand reading stories sometimes.

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Review #5, by Manwe Valarian The Years Gone By

16th March 2010:
Yes, you did a very good job. There were some small mistakes, but I've seen worse from older writers. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Me being me, it would not be mine if there weren't things spelled wrong

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Review #6, by Miss Weasely The Years Gone By

16th March 2010:
you are only 12? It's actually quite good for someone so young! Take care of your spellings and sentence structure, you actually have potential.

Author's Response: Thank you Miss Weasaly, who is your father/mother? I know lots of the Weaselys. And spelling and sentence structure is exactly why me Langue Arts teachers never favor me.

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Review #7, by hp&twilight_fan_101 The Years Gone By

3rd March 2010:
That was ok, but there were lots of spelling and grammatical errors. Also, it's Fawkes.

Author's Response: yeah, sorry I am really bad at spelling, and I am only 12 so I haven't learned to much about writing stories, so I am sorry you didn't like it much. But hey I hate Twilight so

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Review #8, by kassandra466 The Years Gone By

19th January 2010:
haha!! aweee!! that was cute!! i LOVED the ending! made me SMILE!! :D it was so cute!!

Author's Response: thank you, i always leave reviews like that because when/if I get them I smile

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Review #9, by Kale The Years Gone By

4th January 2010:
It was kinda cute! I really enjoyed reading it.

Author's Response: Kinda? what is Kinda suppose to mean?! no i am just kidding, thank you Kale.

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Review #10, by Harry and Ginny The Years Gone By

3rd January 2010:
great story this one however i found some mistakes.
1. Slytherine - Slytherin
2. the basilk - the basilisk
3. Fauxes - Fawkes
4. to stupid to relise it -too stupid to realise it
5. she was beuatiful - she was beautiful
6. the begining of fifth year most defianitly - the beginning of fifth year most definitely
7. Hermoine - Hermione
8. encourgment - encouragement
9. infront of - in front of
10. I remeber . I remember

i hope i could help u. keep writing more great fics please.^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: thank you, I like you stories too, thank you for your help.

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Review #11, by annella The Years Gone By

19th December 2009:
cute. makes me smile i love that song

Author's Response: yeah, I like the song too. Harry and Ginny are one of my favorite characters to read, but hard to write, I don't want to mess up with the books.

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Review #12, by my wicked quill The Years Gone By

19th December 2009:
OMG!!! when i read the tittle the first thought in my head was, "That god blessed the broken road..." and when i found out it was that song i freaked out, this is too perfect for words, the lyrics were an exact replica of their story and i loved how harry somehow alsway knew it was going to be Ginny. 100/100!!

Author's Response: It is just how I always thought they would be, that Harry did always know, because in the books it is like he knows.

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Review #13, by Alexandra The Years Gone By

19th December 2009:
Very touching. Short, yet full of meaning. Keep up with the good work.

Author's Response: thank you for the review, short yet full of meaning, thank you

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Review #14, by american wizard The Years Gone By

19th December 2009:
this is interesting, thought it would include years 2,3,4,5,6,7 for ginny, but this is still good

10 outta 10

Author's Response: thank you, I made others from Ginny's POV

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