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Review #1, by ginerva_molly_weasley Before The Wedding

9th March 2012:
What an amazing one shot!

Narcissa is a hard character to write at the best of times but when you're trying to describe one of the biggest days of her life with her ever changing emotions but also trying to get her to come to terms with the fact she will have to marry a man that she has never loved is an amazing feat.

I found it very interesting that you originally made Rastaban originally betrothed to Narcissa as Narcissa was the youngest child so by rights Bella should have already been married however I think you made this work really well with Narcissa just flat out refusing him!

The way you portray Lucius is very convincing as you show him to be one who despite not loving his future wife, he also doesn't seem to mind offending her and her friends which is exactly how you'd expect a pompous pureblood wizard to act.

The thoughts about her wedding though and the detail you show with her surroundings and also her emotions were utterly amazing and I'm so glad I chose to review this piece!


Author's Response: Wow! Thank you so much for a beautiful review :) I don't even have the words to respond to this- it was so nice! So I'll just leave with my greatest appreciation and thanks!


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Review #2, by Selene Before The Wedding

8th August 2011:
I don't usually read one-shots Drecklin, but this one caught my eye as I browsed your author page. I'm so very glad that I clicked on this though. The detailing you gave was magnificent. I felt as though I could reach and touch Narcissa's wedding gown you described it in such detail. I wish for nothing more than her to find happiness in her marriage; you gave such a twist to their relationship I don't recall ever seeing before. It makes me wish for more, to see how the two adapt in their marriage. If she ever finds happiness, even if for just a few moments.

Thank you for such a wonderful read Drecklin!

Author's Response: I am so glad you liked this little diddy here :) It always makes me so happy to read such a great review. Thanks again, Selene- you're a doll!!

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Review #3, by FlameoftheWest7 Before The Wedding

6th June 2010:
Beautiful descriptions and emotions. I've written a fic about their wedding as well, and describing the elaborate clothes and surroundings was my favorite part, so I bet you enjoyed it too! Great job.

Author's Response: I did enjoy it! Thank you so much for the complements and review, it's very encouraging :)


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Review #4, by Misty_Rey Before The Wedding

15th December 2009:
You captured Narcissa's character exquisitely! She had so much depth and was very unique to the usual characterisations around hpff but felt very real and canon. Judging from her thoughts and emotions, she had a certain subtle strength but her desire to please everyone and take the easy route made her relatable and human instead of a cold & steely Black. Her relationship with Lucius was also interesting. It was almost as though she was stuck, undecided whether to like or dislike him. Her brief encounter with Lucius showed that he is indeed capable of having a softer side while still being a pompous ass. It also showed potential for their love to grow and mature. From the HP series, I always felt he cared alot more for his family than he led on. The story itself had a lovely and smooth flow to it. It was easy to read as well as engaging. Simply put, it was an extremely well-written piece.

It was incredibly refreshing to read such a different take on the Lucius/Narcissa relationship and a very well-written story. I enjoyed it immensily. =). A well-deserved 10/10!


Author's Response: Oh goodness, thank you so so much! This review is incredibly uplifting. I always find Lucius and the Blacks hard to write because they are held to certain standards in the books and I'm just so glad thats its gone over well here ^___^ Thank you for the wonderful review!


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Review #5, by pinks Before The Wedding

7th December 2009:
Great story! I like how at the end, there is a slightly hopeful bit when Lucius speaks to her, but that it dissipates like a soap bubble.

Author's Response: Yes! That's what I was going for! Thank you so much for the kind review! Very much appreciated.


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