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Review #1, by RelentlessFire Trial

30th November 2013:
Please update, I would really want to keep reading this story.

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Review #2, by xxDobbyX Repercussions

17th December 2010:
Does Al still go to hogwarts or not??? Please update soon.

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Review #3, by Prongs_101 Trial

30th October 2010:
Wonderful! Loved every minute of it. Super well-written!
Update soon! 11/10

xx LCF

Author's Response: Lol, looks like someone took my little sig. :)

Thanks for enjoying it Prongsy!

xx LCF (lol)

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Review #4, by Ardeel Trial

28th October 2010:
Wooo that was a good one! I loved the hearing. I've actually never read a decent one on hpff wizrading wise so that was really interesting. =)

I'm a little shocked they don't snap Scorpius's wand but I suppose they have their reasons for putting him back in school. Can't wait to hear about the first day! Hope you get your muse back and update soon! =)

Author's Response: Thanks Ash. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

xx LCF

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Review #5, by xxDobbyX Trial

25th October 2010:
I didn't expect him to go back to Hogwarts. So that's a suprise. Please update soon. xD

Author's Response: Thanks xxDobbyX, I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #6, by xxDobbyX Differences & Change

21st October 2010:
Heey, Does Rose still go to hogwarts??? i didn't realy understand that... good story xD

Author's Response: Nooope. Rose is smart, like her mummy. So she gets the awesome privilege to graduate early if she wants to. And she did. So there. :D

And thanks for the review. Glad you're enjoying it!

xx LCF

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Review #7, by sarahmadison Trial

18th October 2010:
I did not expect it at all and can't wait to find out why this happened. I really do like rose/scorpius but have a thing for rose/ted. I would love to see more interaction between them

Author's Response: Thank you sarahmadison! It really means a lot. I'm glad you're enjoying it thus far. As for the Ted/Rose, is that a thing you have in general or is it just from my fic? I have to agree with you there though, I'm quite interested in them myself. Perhaps I'll revisit the pairing once I begin posting my series of oneshots and drabbles.

xx LCF

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Review #8, by Ardeel Repercussions

24th September 2010:
Yay for an update! This was interesting..being in Scorpius's shoes. Rose should really be pleased with only 6 weeks of a punishment..I was thinking it was going to be 6 months minimum. But then again, she doesn't work directly for the that makes sense :P.

I do have a few questions! One, are they Rose and Al in school as 7th years? Or is this summer..strike that. It's August 23rd lol so school hasn't started yet as 7th years, right?

Okay moving on. Has Scorpius committed a lot of murders? Because at first I thought..yeah it's bad he ran away and attacked wizards but deaht or dementor kiss seemed pretty harsh. I figured they'd stick him in Azkaban for a few months or something. So what exactly are all his crimes?

I liked this chapter very much and look forward to some more Rose/Scorpius action! I was really reminded of Sasuke and Sakura in the first just hit me now. When he leaves and she's really hurt. Yeah, random moment but it came to me just now haha.


Author's Response: Yay, thanks for the awesome review. Lol.

Ok so to answer your questions:

One: This is going to be Albus', Scorpius & Co., final year heading off to school. Remember, Rose graduated earlier that summer and she's the only one who's seventeen, though Al and Scorpius' birthdays are coming up fairly soon.

He hasn't committed any direct murders, but a lot of people died because of him. Remember the argument that Monroe put on about the Malfoy family. That comes into play a lot in the future. As for his crimes... well you'll see within the next few chapters once his trial commences.

I know. I didn't realize that until my friend pointed it out. I was "Ugh, great now I feel like I've stolen or something." lol.

Thanks for the awesome review Ash!

xx LCF

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Review #9, by Prongs_101 Repercussions

23rd September 2010:

ANd yes, Yay for a bromance... what exactly is that btw? Lol
I can't wait for the next update, so PLEASE post soon!


Author's Response: Haha. Thanks Prongs. It means a lot!

xx LCF

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Review #10, by FireCracker2000 Through The Looking Glass

8th September 2010:
Very good :-) I liked Fred's entrance - I assume he's another cousin but I was glad you didn't spell it out. In fact you've got a lot of 'catch up information' to get through and I like the way you drip feed it. Great chapter Hx

Author's Response: Haha. Thanks so much. I'm glad that you enjoyed it as much as you did. :)

xx LCF

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Review #11, by FireCracker2000 Differences & Change

7th September 2010:
Hey! I'm really enjoying this, can't wait to read more. You've built up Rose to be a very interesting character :-) I'm looking forward to them meeting up with Scorpius again.

Author's Response: Thanks so much FireCracker! It means a lot to me. :)

xx LCF

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Review #12, by FireCracker2000 Prologue

7th September 2010:
Ooh like it! Nicely written :-)

Author's Response: Thank you very much FireCracker! I hope that you enjoy the rest of what I have so far. :)

xx LCF

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Review #13, by Ardeel Tempestuous Reunion

30th August 2010:
Baah good chapter! Very intense. I swear you write action so well. I loved the interaction between the characters, especially Rose and Scorpius. I also liked how you had them physically fight..I think that adds to it. By the way, lol you threw in a bit of Sasuke hahaha..

"Suddenly Rose disappeared in a flurry of rose petals. Sasuke blinked as he looked around."

Thought I'd point that out, lol. Ohh by the way, explain the illusion thing. I was confused..probably because it's like 2 in the morning and I'm soo tired. =)

Great chapter by the way! So what does this mean now; their hands locking..what was that? The..whatever they used..against each other?

Author's Response: Oh gosh! Lol. I do that sooo damn much! It gets confusing, especially since I'm writing my Naruto fanfic as well(btw how's that going, liking it or no?) so I tend to mix them up!

Either way, I'm glad that you liked the chapter so much, and I'll message you on TDA to tell you about all my little pieces. :D

xx LCF

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Review #14, by Prongs101 Tempestuous Reunion

28th August 2010:
I loved it! Wow. You are fantastic when it come to writing action, and it only gets better since I picture the scene going on in my head like a movie. So again, wow.

And the tension with Rose/Scorpius/Al! It's so hearbreaking but at the same time you can't help but hope that things turn out alright for the three of them.

Awesome job and keep up the good wrk!



Author's Response: Thanks so much! I appreciate your reviews soo much. It means a lot to me. ANyway, I hope you're ready for the next chapter!

xx LCF

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Review #15, by loopyluna To See You Again

16th August 2010:
You evil, evil person! :P How could you leave it like that? I scrolled down to get their next words and it wasn't there, I almost had a heart attack. I got so in to this chapter and it just, finished! Still, it's definitely your best yet.

Not many people can pull of writing action, but you can :) You've written it so, it was very intriguing.

Still, I have caught up to the chapters now and must wait for updates like the rest. Brilliant story! :D

Author's Response: Forgive me, but it had to be done! I'm still glad that you enjoyed it that much. :)

Again, thank you so much for the high praises. Action is always something I'm commended for but to me it's like I was missing an extra 'oomf' to it, to just really put the icing on the cake. But I still appreciate your awesome reviews, if anything, they make me want to write even better action scenes :)

Yes, you're all caught up now. But like I've said, as soon as my chapter for another one of my fics is validated you can bet your heart that chapter six of this baby's going in for the queue. :D

xx LCF

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Review #16, by loopyluna Calm Before the Storm

16th August 2010:
"You know if you wanted a bedmate last night you could have let me know. I'm probably much more fun than Al." he whispered teasingly.

Brilliance, how did you come up with that?

It's so sweet how Teddy cares about her. It's like they are so close they should be together. But you did say about the way he saw Victoire and Rose back off ... :/
But they're still cute.

I love the way that they didn't make Albus watch, it's as if they're giving him a heck of a lot of sympathy :P

Another quote?

Rose smirked. "Perhaps I'll pretend to be your mistress. I could pull it off."

She's rather cheeky isn't she? Still, this made me smile. :)

Author's Response: Lol. Oh jeez, the quote.

It was just a bit of a spur in the moment thing, actually. I wanted the readers to know that yes there was a possibility of them, that Ted DID have feelings for her and not the other way around. Though I am a Victoire/Teddy fan, I do think that Rose/Teddy would also be a good match; at least in this fic. But as of right now, Rose isn't interested in dating anyone so there's no rush with that. :D

Oh yes, my little "Rose-petal" is quite the cheekster. As TTTB progresses, you'll see more of that side of her coming out, as well as some things that you haven't quite seen just yet. ;D

xx LCF

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Review #17, by loopyluna Through The Looking Glass

16th August 2010:
I love how close Rose and Albus are, it's really, really sweet. I can't wait to read more of them. It's as if they're more twins than cousins. They understand everything about each other.
And she loves Scorpius. I guess that's kinda obvious :P But that's so sad. The way that you wrote it is beautiful!

And the letter! Oh gawd the letter. It's really sad how she got that notice and not Teddy, he would find it easier than the other two. That ickle order is probably going to come back in to play again, right? Wrong? Maybe? Can't say? :)
But the scary thing is that she would do it. It's so sad the way that Rose has lost sense of everything that she was. If only she could find that blue spark in her eyes again.
Loved it! Love Teddy - still :)

Author's Response: Again, I feel like your reviews just leave me breathless. Honestly, it's too much! I am not worthy of such high praises! Lol.

I do love the bond that Rose and Albus have forged during Scorpius' absence. I feel like they would rely heavily on one another for support and be each other's beacon of light.

Yes she loves him... loved him. It's what made this all the harder for her to deal with. Not only did the person who she cared for and admired leave her, he also attacked one of the most important people in her life. So she's quite bitter and angry about that. It's made her so hard, and I know in the future it'll be hard for her to regain that sense of humanity that she's been so long without.

Oh yes, the letter. It does come into play in the next following chapters, but that's as much as I'll say! As you can see from Ted's pov, Monroe's taken a bit of a twisted obsession with Rose in terms of her working for him. Things are going to get really ugly there.

Glad you love my Ted! :D

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Review #18, by loopyluna Differences & Change

16th August 2010:
It's really sweet how she likes to watch clouds, as if it's an escape. But then again, sad how she looks at them but can't see the beauty that resides there :/ hopefully, one day she will find it again.
Will we see more of Lysander?

And they have to go and get Scorpius. That's just brilliant. How did you come up with that? I bet it's really hard for Albus to see him again.

I love Teddy already! He is just how I imagine him, you've made him perfect. He is incredibly intelligent, yet really, really sweet!

Author's Response: Yeah, I thought that watching clouds would be enough of a mundane hobby she would have that would help her keep her mind off things.

Yes, we'll be seeing more of Lysander in the future, same goes for all of the characters actually, including several OC's of mine.

Yes! The hunt for Scorpius is on now. I kind of figured that since Albus and he were best mates as kids, and since he was used to Rose's presence as well even if they didn't always talk, that it would be harder for him to turn his back on them and not listen to what they have to say.

Hehe, Teddy's one of my favorite characters here. He's sooo much fun to write because while he's older and more mature, he's still got this juvenile side to him that eases a lot of the tension that comes with them being Order members.

I'm glad you're enjoying this so far!

xx LCF

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Review #19, by loopyluna Prologue

16th August 2010:
Oh my gosh, this is really good! I read it all yesterday but it was really late at night and if I left a review then it wouldn't have been readable - I can't string words together at that time of night. But it definitely deserves them so i thought that I would come here and leave them now! :)

I can't believe that Scorpius did what he did - well, i can understand why. But poor, poor Al. And Rose. I can't believe that he just left her on the floor! :O

Still, it's brilliant!! I love Next Generation stories where evil has come back again :P Even if it seems to be partially in the form of Scorpius somewhat.

Author's Response: Oh my. You're praise has left me speechless, especially coming from one of my own favorite authors. I just adore your fic, Wolfsbane(though I get a bit lazy when it comes to reviewing.. haha ^-^;;)

Thanks so much, especially for liking my story. This is my first attempt at a fic for the next generation and it's good to hear that people are actually enjoying what you have come up with. :D

xx LCF

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Review #20, by Ardeel To See You Again

15th August 2010:
Gah! This was great! As I've said before, you write action so well and with ease. I only hope my action comes close to yours! The conversation that will follow Rose and Scorpius must be interesting and I'm dying to know what happens.

By the way, the dude with the green hair is freaky as I imagined him in my mind, haha. Can't wait for your update!

Author's Response: Wow. That was a super-sweet review! Lol. I felt like blushing at the action praise, especially since in my eyes your actions far surpasses my own. Lol.

I'm glad that you liked it so much :)

And guess what? The first chapter for The Demon In Me is up for validation! :D

xx LCF

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Review #21, by Prongs 101 To See You Again

13th August 2010:

Scorpius is back!! Ah!! I can't wait for the next chapter. Please, please, PLEASE update soon!



Author's Response: I know! And as soon as my chapter for The Demon In Me gets validated I shall be posting the next chapter asap!

xx LCF

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Review #22, by Prongs 101 Calm Before the Storm

13th August 2010:
I really liked Steinbeck! There was something really cool about him that's hard to shake. Like you've got no choice but to like him at this point of the story and where you're writing it from.

Fantastic as usual.


Author's Response: Wow, thank you. You know Steinbeck has been deemed a pretty popular character so far. I hope that as the story continues and as the role he plays grows, you'll like him even more.

xx LCF

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Review #23, by Prongs 101 Through The Looking Glass

13th August 2010:
I'm totally in love with Fred II here. He's got such a badass and likeable character.

Keep up the fantastic work darling.



Author's Response: Haha. Yep, Fred II is definitely one of my favorite characters.

Thanks so much for liking it. :D

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Review #24, by Prongs 101 Differences & Change

13th August 2010:
Wow, this story is really shaping up, and it's only the first official chapter!

Can't wait to see where it goes.


Author's Response: Thank you! :D

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Review #25, by Prongs101 Prologue

12th August 2010:

That's all I have to say about this chappy. That is one heck of a beginning. Can't wait to see what else you've got up your sleeve!


Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad that you've enjoyed it so far.

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