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Review #1, by LyricalDancer Meet Antoinette Moore

9th August 2012:
I love this story :) Keep writing!~! 101/10 and favorited

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Review #2, by Serendipity1234 Meet Antoinette Moore

15th January 2012:
Hi :)
I really like it so far!! Though I feel I know and like James a lot more than Antoinette. I suppose I just haven't read enough about her to know her character yet. Also, she's obviously anxious and weary at being at a new school again, so she's not exactly light-hearted. But she seems sweet and nice. And James seems fun so he'll probably lighten her up :)
I hate that he has such a pathetic girlfriend though.

Looking forward to the rest! Update soon!!!

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Review #3, by calilover Meet Antoinette Moore

16th March 2010:
i currently really like antoinette. she seems really down to earth and level headed. and it seems as though she would balance out james perfectly :]

i also like Dom too. A good brother, but not at the point of over bearing. Not very nice to leave her by herself, but I think that he's unknowingly help her come into her own. :]

really like it so far. can't wait for the next update.

Author's Response: Sorry for such a delayed response! i am currently editing and writing more chapters of Chasing Red after the two year long break. I do hope you are still eager to read it.
Yes i wanted to make Antoinette sort of a rule follower and i wanted james to help her loosen up a bit. which is why they are so opposite.
I made Antoinette a twin because, i've always wanted to have a close sibling i could confide in myself and so i gave that to Antoinette. Haha yes Dom has unknowingly helped her and im sure she will thank him for it later :)

I am editing both chapters first before uddating chapter 3 so it should be soon enough :)
Thankyou for your nice review :)

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Review #4, by Theia Luna Who's that girl?

9th March 2010:
wow this is absolutly awesome.. it's really good and i'm off to read the next chapter! =]
i was wondering if you were going to continue writing Parental Guidance? i absolutly love that story too, and i really hope you don't abandon it! *pouts lovingly* please hurry with both stories plz!


Author's Response: My apologies for such a late reply, Thankyou for reading my story :)
I have just recently begun to get back into fanfiction and i have been focusing on Chasing Red but i do want to continue with parental guidance. Although i did write it a while ago and there are many things i would like to edit, fix and change. So i might be doing that first before i begin to write new chapters
Thankyou :)

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Review #5, by XoXmaximumcullenXoX Who's that girl?

21st February 2010:
THis is really good story!!
who's the guy in the picture who james
update soon!!

Author's Response: Thanks :) The guys name is gaspard ulliel. i LOVE HIM! hahaha thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #6, by miss_aurora Meet Antoinette Moore

17th February 2010:
Love her, so far. For a starter, I love the name Antoniette itself (my sister's name, well sort of). And for the first impression, I guess she's a good girl, the type I definitely like. It's such a coincidence that she met James that way but well, James has a blondie as a girlfriend right now so I bet things aren't going to be that smooth.

Thanks for the update! :)

Author's Response: Yess i love the name Antoinette, it is actually my name! i needed a name and mine was there so i used it!!lol yep Antoinette is a good girl, she likes to follow the rules. nope it isn't but you'll have to wait for the next chapter to find out more!!
Thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #7, by SexyDoorFrames Meet Antoinette Moore

4th February 2010:
I like Antoinette, so far anyway and the banner is stunning :) TDA is the house of geniuses. I really liked this chapter, I understood why you split in in half, otherwise, it's just like too much in one chapter. It was brilliantly written & it flowed really nicely too. Good chapter :)

Author's Response: hahhaah yes they are SUPER geniuses.yep your right if i kept up with my writing it would just bee too much. thanks a bunch :)

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Review #8, by flying_rabbit Meet Antoinette Moore

29th January 2010:
I have a feeling that Antoinette will get a lot of unwanted attention once James decides to start chasing her (and not just from him). Must be terrible to have to move and switch schools so often. Hopefully she'll get to stay at Hogwarts for longer than just a few months :)
She's right about the weirdness of Muggles not noticing people going through the wall. I always wondered about that :)
So Antoinette got all the bad genes? Maybe in her opinion, but I'm sure the Potters will think otherwise :D And it sounds like Dom and James might become great friends, if they both enjoy blowing up toilets :P Dom sure makes friends pretty quickly; good for him, but not so good for Antoinette :(
James was pretty nice to her :) But of course, he already saw her on the platform (and almost couldn't look away, haha). He doesn't have anything better to do? I'm sure Bonnie would love to hear that! And the name Freddie didn't ring a bell for Antoinette? Oh well, she'll probably find out the connection soon enough. But she doesn't know James? That must be a nice change for him, I guess. But if he didn't have anything else to do, why didn't he keep her company for a bit? :(
Hope you'll update soon!

Author's Response: Yep the new new girl always gets attention. whether she likes it or not. Hopefully she does get to stay at hogwarts but you will read more about that in future chapters ;)
Yes i always wondered about that too, it thought maybe i'd include it in this chapter to see what you guys are thinking about that.
Yes Dom is more out going then Antoinette and not so shy. she wants to be more likee him. Yes James was nice to him. he likes to make a good first impression. Antoinette didn't get a chance to ask his name so she does not know that James is the son of famous Harry Potter. James has a girlfriend waiting for him, remember.!
Thankyou So much, i love your reviews :)

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Review #9, by flying_rabbit Who's that girl?

29th January 2010:
That sounds like a fun car ride :) Lily's line that Harry shouldn't kiss Ginny while driving was quite funny, and of course very true.
James has a very... nice girlfriend, by the sound of it ;) Maybe he should start thinking as a Potter and ditch her or something :P But of course, he's a teenage boy with a whole lot of hormones. But Bonnie's really getting on my nerves already :P I don't know how he puts up with her, but I'm sure he'll have his reasons. Just a question, though, if Bonnie is so hot and all, wouldn't everyone in school know that she's taken? And she seems quite clingy; would James really be able to keep their relationship (or whatever it is) a secret?
Albus won't be very happy with James' antics, but I think it was pretty funny that James told Molly about Al's girlfriend. Ginny warning James that she didn't want another letter about him blowing up a toilet must surely cause some deja vu-moment for her, shouldn't it?
So James still sleeps with a bear too? I see a great opportunity for Al to get his revenge :D

Author's Response: hahaha yes it does sound like a fun car ride doesn't it. Yes It seems James likes his girlfriends for their looks and not their personalities. Yes even though i wrote her bonnie gets on my nerves as well!! and as you can tell bonnie is going to get a lot worse. James jjust doesn't want to tell his parents that he has a girlfriend. inside school its alot different so of course everyone at school would know.
Hahahaha the time for revenge will come
Thanks for your AWESOME review!!! :)

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Review #10, by :D Meet Antoinette Moore

29th January 2010:
i like this story and you shouldnt have halved it D:< unless you update heaps fast ahhah :D
GREAT STORY i like it :) i like the feel of this antoniette girl ahha :)
update soon !

Author's Response: haha thanks :) i HAD to have halved it. it was much much too long but i promise the next one will be up soon :)
Thanks for your review!!

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Review #11, by dark_angel_14 Who's that girl?

5th January 2010:
MORE PLEASE!!! looks amazing...but there is only 1 chapter (pouts) more!


Author's Response: im writing the second chapter right now, hope to have it up soon, maybe today even. :)
Thanks for the review :)

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Review #12, by Rosie_Posie Who's that girl?

26th December 2009:
Hi! Loved this chapter! The way that they all act is how I thought they would!

Update soon please!

Author's Response: Thankyou so much! i tried to make all the characters as close as to how i thought J.K.R would write them so im glad that worked out. i will be posting chapter 2 as soon as the queues re-open. thanks so much for your review x0x

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Review #13, by wolverine83 Who's that girl?

18th December 2009:
I really liked this first chapter of this story and cannot wait to read more. I even saved it to my favorites already. There were a few grammatical errors in the chapter but nothing that was major enough that would have made it hard to understand. Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to reading more.

Author's Response: Thankyou so much. i am halfway through chapter two already but unfortunately because the queues are closing december 20th i probably wont be able to post it until next year. i will eventually go back and edit my chapters to clear all the errors. thanks for telling me i must have missed them. i am so glad to hear that you have added it to favourites! Thank you so much for your review :) x0x

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Review #14, by miss_aurora Who's that girl?

18th December 2009:
Potters always fall for redheads, right? It's inevitable, James. Lol. I like this :)

Author's Response: hahahha yes it is!
Thankyou so much for being the first to review my story :)

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