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Review #1, by Just somebody Two Loves or Not Two Loves

1st June 2010:
Mmm. Interesting. Not crazy about slash. Not prejudiced, I just haven't seen many good slash fics and it's not my personal lifestyle preference. A few things don't fit though, like Snape's patronus. Also Snape's outburst towards Dumbledore about letting Lilly's son be trained just so he can die at the right moment.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! Snape wasn't necassarly open to slash, but James touched him by his actions, which led to his confusion. Severus wanted Lily to be his lover, first and foremost. He hid his feelings for James that night away deep inside, because he was upset by them. Much like someone who professes love to someone, only to have that person laugh at them. Any recollection would cause that pain to erupt.
About the Patronus, that has always puzzled me. It was said to be a Doe, which is partnered with a stag. Are we to assume that Lily had a stag Patronus. I had always assumed that she would have had a doe. If she had a Doe than wouldn't Snape have had a Stag. I realize that the Patronus doesn't always change to the corresponding one of casters lover, but...
Again, this is a fiction between the lines of canon, which doesn't always line up itself.

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Review #2, by Serena_Snape Two Loves or Not Two Loves

14th December 2009:
What a great twist! I would never have come up with such an idea, but I love it. I've occasionally wondered about how Severus would experience love, when he seemed not to have been loved as a child. It was nicely written, I felt slightly uncomfortable reading it feeling a shadow of what Severus would have been going through. Thank you for sharing your creativity!

Author's Response: You are very welcome!

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Review #3, by trr Two Loves or Not Two Loves

10th December 2009:
wow it looks like snape was bisexual . very interesting

Author's Response: The character of Snape in this fic was a man who wanted to be loved and appreciated. I tried not to portray him as someone who was looking for sexual satisfaction by being bisexual. He had problems with the feelings he had towards that arrogant toe-rag.

Snape was deprived of love and tenderness when he was young and sought it from "friends" in the magical world. Unfortunately, Death Eaters are not the warmest of people. Lily, he fell in love with at a young age. His feelings in this fic were unexpected to himself. He probably never imagined ever remotely feeling fondly of James Potter. However, when Severus' life was in danger, James risked his own life to save Severus'. This act of unselfish bravery changed Severus' feeling towards James and everything he had believed up to that point about relationships.

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Review #4, by happyharrylover Two Loves or Not Two Loves

6th December 2009:
is your pen name like Art Van Delay... like an art van had a delay?

Author's Response: Actually that is the penname of one of my regular reviewers. My penname is Manwe Valarian as in not Art Van had a Delay.

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Review #5, by Ilisten2potterwatch Two Loves or Not Two Loves

29th November 2009:
are you saying snapes gay? i mean, dumbledore ya i can see that... it fits, but snape is absolutely head over heels in love with lily. i just cant wrap my mind around him having feelings for james. convincing story lol you have me rethinking everything. but snape is not gay

Author's Response: IMHO Snape couldn't wrap his brain around what he was feeling either. He had been raised devoid of any love, compassion, or tenderness. He had originally found that in the pretty Lily Evans, but recently they had been drifting apart. When James saved him from the werewolf and treated him with kindness it shocked him and also filled the void that was left by his rocky relationship with Lily. It was ironic that he only ever received this type treatment from someone who wasn't a Slytherin or a future Death Eater. The very people he chose to align himself with never treated him kindly, unless it was for their own purposes.

I came up with this idea when i started to wonder what had happened when James saved him from the werewolf. Why did he get so angry with Lily when she mentioned it, and why did he call her a "Mudblood" in his worst memory. Yet, he didn't attack Potter. (I know those are actual stretches for the justification of this story, but that is where my thoughts started from.) He wasn't comfortable with what he felt towards James. I wanted to portray the Wizarding world as being slightly homophobic and the Death Eaters as right wing Ultra-conservatives. (as are found in our world where they are always concerned about intermingling of races, nationalities, and sexual orientation.) Snape was afraid to reveal to anyone what he had felt towards James that night. He was also angered that James so casually moved on as though nothing happened. He had a hard time dealing with that. He was also afraid to let anyone know that. So when Voldemort went to kill the potters he had one choice, to protect them by professing his love for Lily Evans. He knew Dumbledore would not allow James to die also. While professing his love for Lily he also used this to push his memories of James further to the back of his mind where he wanted to keep them far from anyone ever finding them.
Thank you for the review.

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Review #6, by art vandelay Two Loves or Not Two Loves

29th November 2009:
that was good. pretty unexpected, i figured the other would be petunia but still good. very awkward but it fits.

Author's Response: Alas, it wasn't Petunia but Harry's famously arrogant father. I wanted the character of Snape to feel awkward about what he felt towards James, also.
Thank you for the review.

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