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Reading Reviews for A Yuletide Seraph
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Review #1, by Mariah Webb A Seraph Visits a Yule of Yore

21st February 2013:
where is the rest. you havent written anything for this story in over 2 years. please get it done. i just came upon the whole series and have been reading it since the 1st story. please finish this so i can find out what happens thank you so much.

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Review #2, by Mariah Webb A Seraph Visits a Yule of Yore

21st February 2013:
where is the rest. you havent written anything for this story in over 2 years. please get it done. i just came upon the whole series and have been reading it since the 1st story. please finish this so i can find out what happens thank you so much.

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Review #3, by Shellee A Seraph Visits a Yule of Yore

22nd August 2010:
I love Sev so much. He cares so much about his father. Poor thing. I love Draco during that time, though. Showing somewhat of humanity. Him standing up to Lucius, makes my heart melt.

I was wondering, as well, when there'd be more of this? I noticed the last update date is quite a while ago.

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Review #4, by Shellee The Malfoys’ Conquests

22nd August 2010:
I am very much intrigued with the Yuletide Seraph. Brandon, Scorpius and Sev have something to do with it, yes? I don't quite understand why else their hairs would be in the letter. Or what exactly is happening. The boys are so utterly adorable. And Astrum is starting to grow up!

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Review #5, by HELEN A Seraph Visits a Yule of Yore

29th March 2010:

Author's Response: Thank you and will do on vacation now.

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Review #6, by HELEN A Seraph Visits a Yule of Yore

11th March 2010:

Author's Response: thank you but on vacation for a bit.

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Review #7, by ness17 A Seraph Visits a Yule of Yore

19th January 2010:
aww actually feel sorry for lucius because he knows, now, that it was wrong...but i can see where sev is coming from as well, seeing the past must have been horrible :( loved the chap tho!!

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I know I have a convert when someone feels sorry for Lucius Malfoy.

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Review #8, by ness17 The Malfoys’ Conquests

19th January 2010:
yay new story! lol, loved the beginning chapter! seems very full of excitement! i love the idea of a weasley being in slytherin (wonder what arthur thought of that hahah) and i think its so cute the kids have bf/gfs haha!

Author's Response: Thank you. This one was again inspired by Tom and I wanted to mess around with the houses. In Wishing, you will see why she went to Slytherin. When it comes to Quidditch, they all bring it though.

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Review #9, by danielaW A Seraph Visits a Yule of Yore

5th January 2010:
Hi again! I totally agree with you... Though i love Ron, i don't think that Ron/Herminone would really workout, i mean, their intelects are way to diferent... Would they even aspire to similar things in life? I don't think so...
I would love to check out your others stories! Though i'm a big fan of HP since i was twelve ( i'm now 21!), this fanfiction thing it's kind of new to me (only started about two or three months ago). Well i knew that they existed, but i guess that only when i realized the HP series were over :'(, i figured that fanfics were the way to go... And since i started i can't stop. I have read many fanfics by now, and yours are my favourite... I mean, you write like a professional! You got me to read your stories until almost 5 a.m, once i started, i read one after the other. You are by far the greatest writer that i find at HPFF... So hell yeah, i would love to check out more of your stuff!!

P.S. - Sorry if there is some errors with my writing, it just that english it's not my mother language... xD

Author's Response: Thank you so much. You have completely made my week. Do not worry about the spelling or anything. As a mono linguist here, I would just be proud to be even semi fluent in another language. I am so about the Dramione that I have a track three with Head boy and Head girl but there will be a bunch of mystery to it. The professional thing WOW: In my real job I write correspondence, marketing and what not. To anyone reading this and fellow writers, I actually showed a Dramione fanfic, Rotcellocxat since it was tame, to a marketing employer because they wanted to judge applicants on their creative writing skills and I got an offer. Some folks dismiss fanfic but it really does increase your skill level.
My Star Trek story is at http forward slash twice adastra.shadowknightonline dot com and it is mature.

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Review #10, by Liana A Seraph Visits a Yule of Yore

25th December 2009:
The bromance part was pretty funny. I read a story by another author that actually had a bromance between Draco and Harry. It was very creative. I think Draco's thoughts about Harry were all in his imagination. It's too bad in a way that Sev had to see how Draco was as a teenager. Hearing about it and seeing it are two different things. Thank you for writing this. I really needed something positive like this to read right now. Great chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you Liana and welcome back. The mood caught me to do a holiday tale and the bromance idea came upon me when I read a magazine article on bromances and got to witness one. To top it off, Draco is still arrogant which has passed on to his children esp Sev since he is the spitting image of him. I am glad I can help and give you some positive.

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Review #11, by Liana The Malfoys’ Conquests

25th December 2009:
I had read most of your stuff before and I checked to see if you had written anything new and I found this. I also found another story I hadn't read before so I'm back for a while. This was wonderful. I've always enjoyed reading about your positive view of the Malfoys. I always love reading about the Malfoy children so I'm glad you decided to fill in some of their time at Hogwarts. What a wonderful concept--a yuletide seraph. Many people can use a little more hope at Christmas. I know I could use some. I am snowed in with a blizzard and missed Christmas. I've been sitting here by myself for 48 hours. Thankfully the electricity has stayed on. So, once again, it's been a joy to read the beginnings of this story--maybe it will be my yuletide seraph. Great chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks for popping in Liana. I have another one I'm working on with DM/HG in their seventh year. I call it a track 3 because I was very much into writing an Agatha Christie type story so I hope you like. Also I'm now into Trek FF so if you like, please check out Ad Astra and look for my penname. Every genre is covered in that one. I'm sorry to hear about the blizzard. I'm so glad you like my take on the Dramione children. I hope it is your Yuletide Seraph. I could use some to. Actually, hearing that I made someone feel a little more positive is my YS.

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Review #12, by alannalove2009 A Seraph Visits a Yule of Yore

14th December 2009:
wow! Harry chased Draco or Sev!! HAHA! =]! Anyways Sev blowing up on Lucius is totally okay cuz Lucius was a jerk! Well i love him you know but still! Anyways I love how you brought the sixth book into this! WOOO! =]! Please updat soon! Also Update the Astrum story!

Author's Response: Thank you. The Astrum one will be updated after one chapter and the last of this one. Yes dear Lucius did have it coming bc when Draco did confront him it was so much nice. the Sev thing is a tribute to Malfoy arrogance.

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Review #13, by Lizzie_Lizzard A Seraph Visits a Yule of Yore

14th December 2009:
Once again an amazing chapter, I really liked how you bounced around so we got the whole picture on what is going to happen. I do feel bad for Lucius for what Sev is doing but the boys need to know why Draco went through it all, and this is their way since they have gotten their dad's temper. Oh and I do hope that Scorpius and Astrum don't walk in on Draco and Hermione, even though it would have some comic relief since the next chapter seems like it is going to be kinda intense.

Author's Response: thank you. Yes it will be intense but I have a funny flashback at the end to leave everyone in a good holiday cheer. Yup - Sev did lose it because the stories were just that he knew it was real but just never saw it.

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Review #14, by danielaW The Malfoys’ Conquests

11th December 2009:
Very good, i'm can't wait for the next chapter!!!
I love your stories! I've read all of them...Really, i've grown so fond of the characters that you created and the life that you built for them...
If Hermione and Draco ever got together, the original ones, I mean, i would say that it would be quite similar of what you wrote, or at least i like to think so... They are so lovely together!!! And their children!! OMG, really, WOW!!! I love them!! Specially, the boys!! And i liked very much that you gave a true friend to Draco, Harry...
And the funny parts are really great... I love it all!!
But i must say, that i think that Lucius would never change that much, not even in another world or dimension...
Finally, i wanted to ask you a favor, and i think that i speak for many of your readers... Please, please, please do write more about Hermione and Draco, like a romantic escape or something like that... Or even, a holiday with their children, but with much of Dracomione!

Thank's for sharing your imagination and work


P.s. - Please included Ginny a little more, after all she's Hermione best friend... It can even be littles gossip talks about their own lives...

P.s.s - I forgot to say that i love that some little thing in one story turns into a big thing in the following ones... I think that shows how really good writer you are...

Author's Response: Thank you so much and welcome new reader. I really love hearing from folks who like the series. It always gives me the fortitude to keep writing. After I got them together, I wanted to write the wedding, children and other difficulties they would face. It makes me so happy when folks like my vision. I see their kids having a wonderful childhood with Hermione being loving and Draco being strict but not abusive. Plus with Dramione, I see them as being mental equals and while I don't see Draco cleaning house but hiring someone to do so, I see him as someone willing to share in the responsibilities and not need to hold her back. Also, I feel that Hermione graduating top of her class wouldn't be happy taking a back seat to Ron. Based on my RL experiences, I see more Dramione than Ron/Hermione.

Back to formula - You got it. Well, I saw so many 7th year Head Boy/Head Girl that I gave in and outlined one. I call it Track 3. Since mysteries followed by romance are my favorite genres, I'm trying to also give it the feel of an Agatha Christie novel. Plus, I've slowed my pacing down so there will be more for everyone. On fanfiction, I have a story called Tahitian Treat with too much steam for HPFF.

Yay - Thank you for appreciating my continuity. That is something with the series that I am most proud of because I went anti-Trek in doing so. While a huge fan, their lack of it burns me. Now saying that (shameless plug), I have a Spura with heavy OC story ST2009 at Ad Astra if you want to check it out.

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Review #15, by alannalove2009 The Malfoys’ Conquests

10th December 2009:
YAY FIRST REVIEW! I am so glad you made a new story! I was about to write you on the forums! LOL! I loved this story! I thought Astrum's part was cute, and I did NOT catch onto the bogarts death. But I really wish you would update the Astrum story b/c I know she is going to be with Petri!! =]! Yet I was a tad bit confused. I thought Sev was gay? I guess not? Anyways I cant wait for the next chapter! Please update soon! && I love how you have been editing all the stories. I have been reading but I can re review! LOL! LOVE YOU! =]!

Author's Response: Thank you Alanna. xoxoxoxoxo Your reviews always make my day. The bogarts death will be explained in the later stories when I hook up Scorpius. The events during Nusquam had a substantial effect on Scorpius resulting in a huge Merit/Flaw both. Sev just said he was gay to shock everyone because he's compulsive like that. Things are just running a little slower these days but I'm still on it.

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