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Review #1, by hpgrl somewhere a clock is ticking

11th January 2011:
hi. this is a great chapter. very well written. it flowed along smoothly and I loved the descriptions and the story worked well with little dialogue.
thanks for sharing :)

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Review #2, by Romina Stephanie somewhere a clock is ticking

5th June 2010:
I can't believe I haven't read this earlier. I've been meaning to, I really have, but I don't know, I guess life just got in the way of me and this place. But I'm here now, and better late than never, I suppose ^-^

Anyway, I loved this. I have a smile plastered across my face and I'm just, so, so happy you wrote this. I think you captured what I wanted their characters to be perfectly - and I absolutely loved the relationship you wrote for them. I remember that you were a bit uncertain about them as an item, since it's a well-used cliché, but the idea of them was always a fun thought to play around with and I liked them together. The fact that you still were ambiguous about the true nature of their relationship throughout, and that you left it a bit up in the air, all the while hinting at it, just made me sincerely happy.

Ugh, can't stop with the gushing. No, but seriously. This was very well-written and I'm the one who feels honored for having you write this. It's all I could have hoped for, for these two characters. Thank you, Gubby

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Review #3, by soliloquy somewhere a clock is ticking

12th December 2009:
I think Romina Stephanie's Scorose is one of my favorites. And I think this has quickly become a new favorite too. I just...I can't even describe how much I adored this one-shot. You really did such a wonderful job with everything.

The dialogue between Brigit and Albus is spot-on and witty. The descriptions and insight into Albus is amazing. I loved the 'how typical' parts. I don't know why but they just really...stuck out to me. When I think about this one-shot and Albus & Brigit's relationship, those are the words that come to mind. You've conveyed their relationship so...wonderfully.

I can't believe you don't have any reviews on this! This deserves recognition! It deserves reviews! This is just, a spectacular piece of work. I'm adding this to my favorites ^_^. Good job. :D

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