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Review #1, by Riya Potter Half-Life

28th September 2011:
Oh I loved it so much! I'm adding it to my favorites. This was a perfect story for a Snape-lover like me...

Keep writing... :)

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Review #2, by Kimya Half-Life

2nd May 2010:
Sorry to fill up your box with more reviews, but can I just say again that this story is amazing? I've said so before that this is my favorite story ever, and I just wanted to add another review.

The controversy you put in here with who get's the half-life really got me thinking: nobody's cursed. Possibly, long ago, an urban myth was created that by killing something as pure as a unicorn, one would be cursed forever. Thus, modern-day wizards/witches would go around thinking themselves as half-dead, and with that depression, they wouldn't bother to do anything fun or happy, because they think it's no use. In conclusion, they're really putting the half-life on themselves. Severus, on the other hand, does not regret his actions, so neither he nor his son is cursed by any means.

Sorry if my explanation is all jumbled up; English isn't my first language :(

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Review #3, by Kimya Half-Life

4th December 2009:
My goodness, that was beautiful. Completely and utterly beautiful. The kind of idea--killing a unicorn out of desperation--was totally original, and completely fatal. I cried at the end. The way you portrayed Severus and his feelings was so emotional, I can't even explain it. I'd give you a billion out of ten if I could, but for now your just going to have to imagine a handful of zeros in the rating. And now this is officially my favorite story.

Author's Response: Boy, you might as well have stuck a tire pump in my ear and blew up my head with this review. It's a real confidence booster when I receive great reviews like this. I'm so glad you enjoyed the fic. Thanks for reading!


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Review #4, by Scorpia710 Half-Life

29th November 2009:
Hey Ponytail! I had not read this yet, so I click the story--and now I'm going to go cry bitter tears into my pillow. The tears will cause a stain which will never come out and always remind me of this story and every time I look at it, I'll probably start crying again...that's how sad this is, okay, a little over dramatic, ^_^

This story was brilliant. I've never read a HP like it, very original, grim and pure emotion! I loved it! Thanks so much for writing and sharing!

Author's Response: I'm really glad you enjoyed this, Scorpia! Thanks for all of the compliments!


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