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Review #1, by Ed The Siege of Calais

22nd June 2017:
You need to studt geography! Going from France to England You would be travelingWEST!!!

Author's Response: I beg to differ. Traveling from Calais to Dover one would be traveling northeast But thanks for the review.

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Review #2, by Vivek A Better Place

3rd December 2011:
Thanks for giving credit to the authors who came up with that idea--so often I see people take ideas from others stories without giving credit, and that makes me sad.

Author's Response: My old creative writing professor always used to say "To write good fiction, you have to read good fiction." Inspiration is always a good thing; plagiarism, on the other hand, needs to be punished with the cat o nine tails.


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Review #3, by john Parting

17th November 2011:
nice story line plot is good i enjoyed it all

Author's Response: Thanks john. Glad you enjoyed it. There's a whole universe of stories connected to it; check out the timeline in the author's note at the end of the Epilogue


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Review #4, by jkelly Epilogue

14th November 2011:
congrats on the award, well done!!! Very touching epilogue

Author's Response: Thanks jkelly! I nearly fell off the couch when I found out I won.

Glad you liked the edited version of the epilogue, too.



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Review #5, by Aurorofthelight Epilogue

14th November 2011:
P.S. The lady and I found this epilogue to be a perfectly poignant, touches-your-heart ending to an amazing epic! Congratulations again on your Dobby! I can't think of a more deserving author on this site! My reviewer's quill is trembling in anticipation at the prospect of another stellar offering from the Crusadiverse and it's master!

Author's Response: Really glad you liked the epilogue. Most of it came straight from siledubghlhase, whom I miss a great deal. But I did add a bit to it so that it could be its own stand-alone chapter. That's an edit I'd been wanting to do for quite a while. I always wanted to the story to end with Harry's "I'm in love" line, but when SD wrote that epilogue for me, I knew it HAD to go in. Problem was, as written, it was too short, so I had to include it at the end of the final chapter instead of letting it stand alone.

That said, I'm blushing with all the praise here, mate. Rest assured, more's on the way, just not sure when



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Review #6, by Aurorofthelight Epilogue

14th November 2011:
Congratulations on the 2011 Dobby Award, O great and learned one! Hope it won't be long until your next new magnus opus, Eldy! The lady and I are having to make due with re-reads of your library of masterpieces(including this one most recently)! Fortunately, they are still keeping me smiling! ;)

Author's Response: Auror!!

Great to hear from you mate. Sorry this was more of a "re hash" than somthing new, but hopefully I'll get the time and inclination to get my muse in gear. I do plan on writing another xmas story in the next few weeks that will be part of a gryffindor collaboration (like last year with Lumos Kedavra from A Very Gryffie Holiday). I'll post in my author's update when it posts.



P.S. Thanks so much for the congrats. I was pretty floored when I won!

P.P.S. Glad to hear that my tales are still putting a smile on your face.

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Review #7, by 1917farmgirl Epilogue

14th November 2011:
Bro, I sorta hate you right now, just so you know. I really, really don't like crying before I go to bed. It makes my eyes red and puffy and my nose run and just isn't fun at all. But thanks to you and this incredibly emotional epilogue that's what I'm doing at the moment.

And yes, it's all your fault.

I know I've read this before. Heck, I've read this epilogue a dozen times, and it still gets me every time, like a knife to the heart. Yes, I know 'Mione's going to be okay, and I'm so glad she's finally home at the Burrow and has Ronnie and the coming twins to keep her from being alone, still killed off all my beloved Weasleys! Thinking of the Burrow with only the echos and memories of all those joyful voice breaks my heart. *sighs*

See, what you do? You're writing is so good you inspire real tears, and way too much inner turmoil and angst over imaginary people! Darn you, Eldy, and your litterary skill!

Your little sis *who is going off to find a new box of tissues*

P.S. I am oh so aware that I am behind in reading and reviewing your brilliant Crusade tales, something I hope to rectify in the coming weeks. And as for this "Last Crusade" tale you speak of, please oh please oh please tell me you aren't hinting that your fanfic days are coming to a close?

Author's Response: Dearest little sis,

No higher praise could be offered.But, before I let my head swell too much, I must point out that Siledubghlase (aka ghostchicken, aka sheila) was the brilliant force behind this amazing epilogue.

I'd always wanted Crusade to end on Harry's "I'm in love" line. But when Sheila whipped up this epilogue, I knew it HAD to go in the tale. Problem was, it was too short by about 150 words to stand on its own. I finally brought myself to edit it a bit today so it would be long enough to be its own chapter,after I made sure it would be ToS-kosher to split it off.Now, I suppose it has a little extra punch-and for that,I do apologize.But just a little ;)

The other thing that absolutely positively needed doing was an updated Author's Note. There were loads of reviewers that weren't mentioned in the old one and many more people who needed a proper thanks. And, most importantly, you, Mel, PP, WYHO and Co. needed proper recognition. I had to put that right, too.

Now, on a brighter note, never forget that the Grangers move into the Burrow too. All will be well for 'Mione. I promise!

As for a "fanfic farewell," I wouldn't be too concerned about me signing off. Right now, I'm merely contemplating an end to the Crusadiverse, not an end to writing. But I am concerned over the "last installment" in this series. That will be a very tricky piece of work to write well. Not really sure how I'm gonna pull that off.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on Tales from the Crusadiverse. But don't rush it! I know RL is still crazy for you. No worries little sis!


P.S. I'm really really pleased that it was you who left the first review for this new chapter!

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Review #8, by laine Parting

11th November 2011:
this was another one that I just couldn't stop reading. I have laughed and cried as I read this. Great story, keep up the good work.
Oh I also went and read 1917Farmgirl's story, Healing, like you suggested in the AN of one of the chapters, it was a great read too, and thank you for recommending it. Do you have any others to recommend. :D
Thank you, again,

Author's Response: Thanks so much Laine. It's been really great hearing from you throughout your reading the Crusadiverse and I'm really flattered you enjoyed it.

Good news! I beta for farmgirl and the next chapter of Healing should post soon. As for other recomendantions, I'd strongly suggest How to Tame a Marauder, by Melian; Snogging Sara Simpson, by ericajen, for starters.

Thanks again!


P.S. If you're in the mood for some really funny post Hogwarts stuff, I'd suggest anything by the dirigibleplum - check them out in my favorites.

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Review #9, by MalfadaPrewett Parting

1st November 2011:
It's because of you that my chem lab homework lays untouched and I'm up way past my bedtime. All happening because I decided to take a mild break and check the Dobby 2011 awards. I must say after spending the better portion of my night reading this, you definitely deserved your title. I normally don't like AU (or anything similar to AU, picky I know) but you have done a marvelous job that I feel was a close as one could get to match JKR's world while also imparting their own aspects and opinions. The little things you added to the characters were great, the different sides of them that we don't really get to see. Wonderful work, I wish you further success and congratulate you again on your very well-deserved award.

Author's Response: Thanks Malfada! Chem homework? No fun that, but I wouldn't be much of a role model if I didn't scold you a little for letting it sit. Tsk!

This is an absolutely stellar review. It means quite a lot to me to hear a reader get sucked into one of my stories, especially if its this one. Although Crusade has spawned a whole universe of stories, this is my magnum opus. To have it praised like this truly makes my day, even moreso when I hear from someone who typically shies away from "AU-ish" stories.

Thank you so much and I hope to hear from you again.


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Review #10, by Marissa Parting

22nd September 2011:
Wow... This story is just... amazing. I read Stop All the Clocks two nights ago and I've spent the past two days reading this. I honestly have to say that this is one of the best Fan Fictions I have ever read. I've been searching for a story that takes place after the war but they have just been too 'lovey dovey' for me. But this is absolutely perfect. I can't wait to read your other stories, I'm truly addicted. (: Great work!! You are definitely a gifted writer!

Author's Response: Hello Marissa! And thank you so much for this amazing review. I'm really glad you've enjoyed Clocks and Crusade.

I wrote Clocks with the sole intent of finding a way to make Ron the undisputed hero. Unfortunately, to do that effectively I had to kill nearly everyone off, including him. I simply couldn't leave the Clocks reality in the horrible state it was in, and the result was Crusade, which has spawned several pre quels (a timeline is included in the author's note at the end of Crusade's last chapter).

Actually, one of the reasons I wrote Crusade was to get away from the "lovey dovey" post hogwarts stuff out there and to try and do a fair balance between R/Hr and H/G. it seems too many fics, post hogwarts, focus too much on just one of the main pairings.

Anyway, I'm truly flattered by your excellent review and I hope to hear from you again soon.



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Review #11, by Capella Black Dieppe

9th August 2011:
So, the thing I really liked in this chapter was the bit where you let us know something bad is about to happen, but make it clear that the characters don't know. There's a word for it, which is sadly eluding me at the moment, but you do it really well. It's particularly good in this chapter because we needed to know it was hermione's fault in order to then understand Harry's reaction. It also helped to set the mood, which seriously hooked me in, and was needed given the extent of the damage. Really nice, all in all.

This chapter's also helped sway me on the Harry/Ginny pairing. I like that it's been understated so far, but I also like how we've seen more of it due to ginny being in danger. That seemed really true to their characters, and so has made me love them that little bit more!

CapellaBlack, Gryffindor

Author's Response: What a thoroughly insiteful review.

Foreboding? Is that the word your looking for? Actually, even the title of this chapter is laden with doom.

Dieppe was the site of an allied amphibious raid in 1942; it was kind of a "practice drill" for the eventual invasion of France. The allies were masacred. The allies casualteis were horrendous. Throughout the war just the name of the town (Dieppe) was synonymous with disaster.

Yes, Hermione's fault. She's been too engrossed in Ron to pay attention to the mission and now its nearly cost Ginny her life. And Harry? He's losing it. The one thing he feared most was losing Ginny. This all plays out in a nasty way in the next chapter.

I'm, again, very flattered that you like how I've developed the H/G pairing here. That's key to everything that happens from here out. Up to this point, the tale really has been R/Hr; from here forward it shifts more to H/G.

Thanks again!!


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Review #12, by Capella Black The Strategy and the Ecstasy

9th August 2011:
Aww, he braids her hair! That is so very cute! I haven't commented that much on the Harry and Ginny pairing so far, mainly because it hasn't felt like the more important pairing. Also, because I find the link thing... unusual? You've done it more believably than most writers, but it still seems non-canon to me. I am fully prepared to be swayed once I've read the other stories, but maybe a bit more explanation of why something so unique occurred would help? Ah, what do I know?!

Anyways, I still adored this chapter. The whole into-out-of England dilemma is brilliant, and this chapter really has me eager to see how they do in reality.

CapellaBlack, Gryffindor

Author's Response: A little art imitating life. I love brushing my wife's hair, so I couldn't help putting that in here.

The link is on the unusual side. I didn't create it. But I've seen three other author's use it: Edward Olivander, justanothermuggle and MyGinevra and I really liked it. I'm not sure who came up with it originally . I purposely do not go into much explanation regarding it because I'd be too influenced by the better explanations I've read and I don't want to steal. Hmmm. Mayhap I'll need to bite the bullet and finally come up with my own explanation (somthing more than what Ron relays to Harry while they were at Shell Cottage in chapter 3).

Glad I've got you enthralled - high praise again! Thanks!


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Review #13, by Capella Black Is One Hermione Better Than Two?

9th August 2011:
Whoa! *Fans self to ward off sudden flush* That was... slightly more graphic than I was expecting. Indeed, I'm not sure what was more surprising - the scene itself or that fact that it didn't squick me at all. Wait, have you turned me into a Ron/Hermione shipper? HOW COULD YOU?!!!

Well, actually, given everything that's happened so far, how could I not be. I was not expecting this plot twist at all, but the moment I read it, I fell in love with it! I adore 'Mione getting a chance to be back with Ron, without having him cheat on Hermione. I adore how they spur each other on - her reminding him it isn't cheating, him trying to wipe away her pain. Seriously, I'm like some Hr/R fangirl!

Oh, and the final few lines of the chapter - gorgeous. Really was just the humour we needed at this point! All in all, an oddly nice accompaniment to breakfast?

CapellaBlack, Gryffindor

Author's Response: Mwahaha! I have created another Romione fiend. My evil plan has suceeded.

Yes, it is a bit graphic, but, under the unique circumstances I thought it important to go into some detail. 'Mione has been devestated by the loss of Ron and now (part of her at least) has him back. She's overwhelmed.

The merge was not part of the original plan. I'd intended for both Hermione's to go to the Clocks reality and for Ron to continue to be caught in the middle. But I thought that was getting old and I wanted 'Mione to have a chance to be with Ron again. Then my muse hit me with the merge idea and I ran with it.

So glad you liked that last line. It pops up again in another tale "The Adventures of Reckless Git and Danger Ponce," which takes place shortly after the Battle of the Pitch. I just thought, given how gooey the bond is, poking some fun at it, now and then would be fun.

Thanks again!


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Review #14, by Capella Black The Battle of the Forbidden Forest

8th August 2011:
Of course, they'd bond over trivia! Really nice interplay between the Hermiones in this chapter, and I just loved 'Mione's response to the portrait of Snape. I also loved dumbledore's reaction to each of them. He was perfectly in character, being both insightful and discreet, focussing on getting the important things said. Very Dumbledore.

The addition of brooms to the action scenes also shows a real skill - each action scene feeling fresh and compelling. Do you draw them out, or can you just see it in your head? Either way, they really work!

Still hopelessly addicted!

CapellaBlack, Gryffindor

Author's Response: Addicted?! Wow. THANKS!!

I couldn't resist the Hermione/Mione bonding moment over trivia. Glad you liked that!

The scene with Dumbledore's portrait (and Snapes "GIT!" LOL) got a rewrite about a month ago. When I saw you were reading, I moved my editing time table up and rapidly began to graft in as many edits as I could so you'd get a good piece of the polished version. So, you're the first to review the new and improved scene. Again, VERY flattered you liked it!

Action scenes. I do actually see it in my head. But its funny - I usually only start with a sharp, but short, image of the scene. As I write, I start to see it all play out more fully in my head, like a movie.

For instance, right now I have a plot bunny that's not going away and I see it like a movie. The Quartet are running through a forest and...well, I digress.

I'm so glad you're enjoying this!


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Review #15, by Capella Black Dreadful Note of Preparation

8th August 2011:
And we're right back to the action! Again though, what really impresses me with the chapter is the detail and originality that has gone into it. The auror suits sound amazing, and I love how you've used explaining them to 'Mione in order to explain them to the reader. It just makes the whole thing seem smooth and keeps he action moving along faster than straight description could.

I also love the complexity of the inter-personal relationships. Many people would have just had Harry ask Hermione to be professional. You had him rind her of the official order of precedent in the situation. It just makes it all so much more life-like, and keeps me on the edge of my iPhone!

Really getting hooked on this one!

CapellaBlack, Gryffindor

Author's Response: Once again, thank you for the great review.

I figured that the Quartet have matured a great deal. They're not gonna run off half cocked with no plan this time. Also, because they've grown, Harry knows he as to deal with the Hermione/Mione problem on an intellectual level - he has to "out - book" Hermione. No small feat. And get everyone working together.

I'm really glad you've gotten hooked. High praise!


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Review #16, by Capella Black Choosing to be Chosen

8th August 2011:
Ok, so firstly, I am loving your Ron and Harry, mainly because they're actually being believable, in a way they so often aren't portrayed. The sacrifice they're being asked to make is huge, and so I love that they haven't just happily skipped off to do their duty. At the same time though, their love for the important people in their lives has made them agree in the end. That is just exactly right.

After the pace of the first two chapters, this one felt a bit slower, but I think it was really needed for us to appreciate the unfairness of it all and the magnitude of the task. And again, the dialogue and interplay in the various main relationships stopped it from getting even close to dull! Really nice stuff!

CapellaBlack, Gryffindor.

Author's Response: Thanks Ella!!

This chapter has my favorite Ron/Harry discussion. Harry's brood is, I think, some of my best writing. But I get mixed reviews on it. I'm very pleased and flattered that you thought it was a "real" portrayal of them. I figured, given the circumstances, Harry would be the reluctant hero this time around. It is GROSSLY unfair - you're right. But I think I took a big risk trying to portray Harry like this - as I said, lots of folks take issue with it.

Ron's not thrilled at the prospect of doing this again, but has hardened himself to it. Though he remains devoted to the canon Hermione, on some level He's still having a hard time looking at 'Mione and not thinking that she's his and he must protect her.

Between the two of them (Harry and Ron), they figure it out and manage to get grounded and do what needs to be done.

In many ways, I really write a Ron/Harry pairing, I guess. ;)

Thanks for this stupendous review!


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Review #17, by Capella Black The Two Hermiones

7th August 2011:
Whoa! And there's the darkness I just knew was going to be coming! As ever, gripping description, smooth dialogue and break-neck action merge to make an addictive chapter. And somehow, the chapters before now feel more perfect, because they set the scene for this to happen. Love it.

I like how you've handled the naming issues in this story - the Georges in the chapter before, the Hermiones in this one. Somehow, it all becomes very easy to follow, which is surprising given the characters involved.

Now to find out what's going on with that pendant...

CapellaBlack, Gryffindor

Author's Response: Yep. Pear-shaped with a vengeance.

I wrote this tale with two audiences in mind. those that had read clocks and those that hadn't. I also wanted to reach a larger audience by writing a Quartet tale and not just focusing on ron and hermione. In order to do that properly (and since I hadn't written ANYTHING else at the time) I needed to spend more than a few chapters building the back story of the Quartet in the canon universe. I needed to show what had been happening in their lives since the Battle of Hogwarts to get the readers invested in them. Then I lower the boom and have 'Mione from the Clocks reality show up, probably at the worst time possible for an emotionally spent Harry. I'm just no darn good...

Anyway, that's why there's such a long stretch between when 'Mione leaves the Clocks reality and appears in the Canon one.

Thanks so much for the praise of the name thing. That was a pain and took some doing. And I know lots of folks HATE Hermione being called 'Mione, so I had a little fun with that too.

Thanks again for this great review!


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Review #18, by Capella Black Party at the Burrow - BYOC

7th August 2011:
Yes! Just when it was confusing the heck out of me, you decided to come along and properly confuse the heck out of me. This is awesome, because I now can be certain I'm supposed to be confused. I really should have more faith, I guess.

As a firm fan of SATC (wow, you share that acronym!), I have been nervously awaiting the moment when it all goes pair-shaped, and this hasn't disappointed. The ending is brilliantly edgy and leaves me desperate to click next, but that just wouldn't be fair.

Not without first waxing endlessly about the characterisations in this chapter. Mr and Doctor G are phenomenal! The idea of him being a muggle Arthur is inspired, and her being the clear Hermione-model then fits it all together perfectly. And Hermione herself - well the line about not using unapproved spells in response to someone commenting that she had in fact invented it was just like something straight out the original series, but fast forwarded on four years! Loved it.

So, the next button is calling me...

CapellaBlack, Gryffindor

Author's Response: By the time you read this, I'm sure you'll have figured out what's going on.

SATC - Awesome! I've never seen Clocks in acronym form before. took me a minute and then my brain clicked over. LOL!

Yes, keep in mind this tale is the sequel to Clocks. But...well...hmmm. Maybe I'll wait till next chapter's response to address this. But I will say this. I was writing this tale for two audiences: those that read SATC and those that didn't. more on that later, tho.

Mr. G is my favorite. So glad you liked him! It just seemed the perfect justificiation for the R/Hr pairing, that Mr. G would be a Muggle Arthur, a lost Weasley. And Dr. G? well of course she's gotta be a carbon copy of Hermione. Really, really psyched you liked all that!

I really do love Hermione - she is just a great character all around. Whenever I have a problem plot-wise, I can always have her explain it, and it's believable. And I couldn't help poke some fun at her stern/bossiness here (and have her except the joke and laugh along with the gang) The Quartet has come a long way. They're still young, but they've grown and matured.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the next chapter!


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Review #19, by Capella Black On the Beach and in the Shop

7th August 2011:
Wow, this is quite a change of pace from the last chapter. Of course, that's what leaves me so completely on the edge of my seat. Because anything could happen, at any time. You write the humour and romance just as believably as the action and horror, and so the reader never knows what's coming next.

I am surprised that the questions posed from the jump between the first and second chapters hasn't been answered. So far, that's just causing me to try and read all the faster, but I could imagine it winding me up eventually. Or am I supposed to forget about it? Hm, tricky one, you are!

Anyways, for now I still need answers!

CapellaBlack, Gryffindor

Author's Response: This is an "aaah" chapter. I figured it was time for the Quartet to sit back and chill. Besides, I love fluff. It's one of my great weaknesses. Usually, in action/adventure stuff there's isn't much room for it. So I took advantage of this lull. I'm really, really glad you liked it.

Ah yes, the "what the heck is going on!" problem. Rest assured, you'll get your answers within the next two chapters.

Moi? Tricky? I do protest! Ok, well, maybe not that much. ;)



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Review #20, by Capella Black The Battle of Diagon Alley

7th August 2011:
Who writes the best fight scenes? Eldy writes the best fight scenes! Loving this chapter! The description is so edgy and compelling, that I really didn't know how things would end, and was constantly on the edge on my stool. Yet despite the fast pace, at no point did it lose coherency or vividness - I really felt like I could see it all, spell by spell. I love the originality of it too - the crossed stupefy's, the double wand blasts - all very believable, and all very unique.

The dialogue is snappy too, though I do have an unusually negative reaction to Harry and Ron calling each other brother. Don't know why, but it's probably me being odd. Still, that last line "I've been ready for eleven years" is perfect - so Harry and so right for the moment. Nicely done!

CapellaBlack, Gryffindor

Author's Response: Wow!! Capella, I'm blown away by this great review.

Blushing with the praise of my fight scenes. That's my strength, so if the fights suck, I got nothing!

I picture Ron and Harry, post Hogwarts, as kind of a "buddy cop movie." The whole "brother" thing, gets addressed in "Battle of the Pitch." They didn't just start doing that automatically - it took a very nasty fight in the Archives at the ministry and the aftermath for them to get to this point. So, rest assured, there is an explanation. Ditto as to the crossed wand spells (I cover that in "The Proposal") and Harry's use of that new "Disgorgio" spell as well as why Harry's and Yaxley's wands lock (both points are addresed in "The Tipping Point." - there's a timeline for all these stories in the author's note at the end of the final chapter of Crusade).

Thanks so much, again for this great review! I love hearing from you.


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Review #21, by Capella Black A Better Place

7th August 2011:
But...wait...huh? I'm extremely confused. I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to be, but nonetheless, confused is the word for it!

Still, confusion aside, this is a brilliant chapter. The action is compelling, and the reader feels like they are right there, seeing everything as clearly as in a film. However, you manage this without endless and pointless description, and that is what really makes this great.

Your characterisations are as spot on as ever, and while the very concept of Hermione and Ron normally makes me gag, you somehow make them workable. Possibly because they actually seem like a real, bickering-y adult couple. Careful, people might work out you're a grown up too!

Overall a fantastic chapter. Must read more NOW!

CapellaBlack, Gryffindor

Author's Response: Don't worry, you're not crazy. Everything makes sense by the end of chapter 5 - begining of chapter 6. I promise.

Okay, for a non- R/Hr shipper to praise this story is pretty amazing. Thank you! And thanks as well for priase of the descriptiveness. That's never been one of my strong suits so I'm glad you like the flow.

Promise not to tell anyone I'm an old fogie? LOL!


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Review #22, by Capella Black The Fall of Beauxbatons

7th August 2011:
Ok, so I'm still confused as to how the summary can be true given the plot so far. I also really wish I hadn't read it at all, because anything that might spoil one word of this story is pure evil. Seriously, I just cleared my whole evening!

I love your Hermione - she's both utterly in character and yet changed by what she's been through. And Ronnie too is adorably believable - intelligent like his mother, serious like his upbringing. The atmosphere is edgy and keeps the reader desperate to skip the whole review malarkey and get on with the next chapter. The spelling, grammar, and sentence flow are as flawless as I'd expect from you. So, with nothing else useful to add, I'll go on to the next chapter!

CapellaBlack, Gryffindor

Author's Response: Hey Capella!

So you've found Crusade! I'm truly flattered. I do hope you like the ride. I like to think its a doozy.

Hermione is such a great character. I hope you find that I continue to do her justice. She'll go through somthing of this tale. Ronnie; he gets some more development later on. I hope you like that, too.

Have no worries about leaving long reviews. No higher flatery out there than being so engrossed you don't want to waste time reviewing. You can make up for it by leaving an extra long one on the last chapter ;)

This whole thing is currently undergoing a final polish. I'm on the last chapter now; once that's done, I'll be reposting the entire tale from start to finish. No worries tho, as to what you might miss in the re write. Primarily some gramar hickups, a few clarifications and I make sure that Audrey makes an appearance so that it jives with the rest of the Crusadiverse (Battle of the Pitch, to be precise).

So, once again, welcome to Crusade!


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Review #23, by emma Parting

22nd June 2011:
what a fab story :) i haven't got this excited reading since deathly hallows! xx

Author's Response: Thanks emma! Really glad you enjoyed it; I had a ball writing it.

If you're interested, this tale is part of a whole universe of stories, with more on the way. A chronology of the Crusadiverse is included below:

1998 - July - "Hermiones Wand" - one shot - posted in "Tales from the Crusadiverse" as Chapter 1

1999- August - "Journey of a Thousand Miles" one shot - posted as Chapter 1 of "The Staffer's Choice Awards," a Prefect's Collaboration. It's in my favorites.

2000 - August -The Battle of the Pitch (main story line) -short story -posted

2000 -November - "The Adventures of Reckless Git and Danger Ponce" - short story- posted in "Tales from the Crusadiverse" as Chapters 2, 3 and 4.

2002 Spring "Best Laid Plans," -one shot; and "The Proposal" - short story - both posted.

2002 -Early Summer - "The Tipping Point" - short story - posted as part of "Tales From the Crusadiverse" Chapters 5, 6 and 7

2002 - Summer - "Children's Crusade"- novel sequel to Stop All The Clocks - posted

2003 December "The Gift"- one shot - posted as Chapter 30 of "The Final Battle," site-wide collaboration. It's in my favorites.

2004 -May - "The Battle of the Pitch" (introductory story line) posted

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Review #24, by Mintleaf The Strategy and the Ecstasy

23rd May 2011:
I'm back! Haha, finally got a chance to come back and read more! :)

Harry can braid hair? That's adorable haha! Again, I really love Harry and Ginny's relationship. It seems just right, exactly as I'd imagine it. Also, I thoroughly enjoy any mention of Ron eating; even subtle mentions make it feel so much more like Ron haha!

I presume the 'Battle of the Pitch' you mentioned is the amazingly condensed version of your story of the same name? I really should have read that first haha :P

Gosh, I love reading about all the strategy and planning! So often it's more enjoyable than reading about the action itself, for me.

I really loved this chapter, possibly my favourite in this story yet. I liked the balance of relationships between the quartet and the main plot. And what I love most is that in 'planning' chapters like this, it's clear how much you've developed the back story, which makes the story a bazillion times more enjoyable than stories that seem to just carry on with little to no information.

The mention of a DA member still being alive excites me! The quartet's prospects look so limited at the moment, so I can't wait to see what'll happen! :)

Author's Response: Hey Mintleaf!

Welcome back! Harry can braid - he has my affinity for his wife's long hair, no idea why ;) Besides, I thought it would provide a nice moment to show how devoted to her he really is, right down to being her "dutiful slave." No idea where that came from either...

Ron's eating. I love showing Ron as having grown up, being more confident to the point where he's not jealous of Harry anymore. But I still want him to be "Ron," the eating and his funny quips are the way I've chosen to do that. Glad you think it works.

Yep, the Battle of the Pitch mentioned is the same as in the Novela of the same name. But, never fear. "Crusade" is the first of the "Crusadiverse" stories I wrote, although all of the others, including "Pitch" comes earlier in the chronology. I do everything backwards. Anyway, you won't be lost; but nearly all the backstory and some of the things folks were curious about (Like why Yaxley's wand locked with Harry's) gets explained in the prequels. I'll include a chronology of the Crusadiverse below to help you out. But, no pressure to read 'em.

I delved into the planning to show that the Quartet has grown up; they're not doing things on the fly anymore. I'm glad you enjoyed it; sometimes all the exposition can get REALLY boring. I try to break it up with action and high pitched emotions. Hope you think the balance works.

Can't wait to see how you react to who of the DA survived. No more will I say.

Thanks again for reviewing!


Crusadiverse Timeline:

1998 July - Hermione's Wand one shot - posted

1999- August - Journey of a Thousand Miles -one shot - posted as Chapter 1 of "The Staffer's Choice Awards," a Prefect's Collaboration. It's in my favorites.

2000 - August The Battle of the Pitch (main story line)short story posted

2000 November -The Adventures of Reckless Git and Danger Ponce - short story posted

2002 - Spring "Best Laid Plans," -one shot; and The Proposal -short story both posted.

2002 Early Summer - The Tipping Point - short story - posted.

2002 - Summer - Children Crusade- novel sequel to Stop All The Clocks - posted

2003 December - The Gift- one shot - posted as Chapter 30 of "The Final Battle," site-wide collaboration. It's in my favorites.

2004 May The Battle of the Pitch(introductory story line) posted

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Review #25, by LilyGreenEyes Parting

29th April 2011:
Thankyou for this story. As you said in your AN, setting the rights wrong. I'm so glad we finally have a happy ending for them all. And a happy ending that was so touchingly written, with a sensitivity and beauty that only you can do. It's made me very emotional to read those final scenes with Mione and Ronnie, I didn't spill over until the last part of the Epilogue, and then I went full on blubbering wreck again! And then I read your AN, and I really spilled over. Thankyou, from the absolute bottom of my heart. To have praise like that on the final chapter of such a brilliant story by such a brilliant writer is truly touching. A million thankyous my friend.

And so, to a brief review then ;) I won't say much because I think in all honesty you know how well this is written, how well you have completed it and how well you have tied all the loose ends from 'Clocks'.

I thoroughly enjoyed Maxime almost taking on the role of Dumbledore in this final chapter. The explainations were explicit and entirely understandable and cleared a few questions I'd got loitering!

I first started to well up when they were all saying their goodbyes. I thought this was so heartfelt, touching and written with a perfect balance whilst remaining sensitive, in truth, it was amazing, fabulous *insert a thousand more positive adjectives here*

Mione explaining things to Ronnie was beautiful, and the fact that she is pregnant is a beautiful way to end the story, truly brilliant to balance things up and set the world right. I really felt empty after 'Clocks', it was a fantastic story, but I felt it needed finishing and balancing, and here you have done that masterfully. I cannot remember where I read it, but someone once said that nature always tries to balance itself and right it's own wrongs, and you've really picked up on this here.

And so, the end of another piece of fantastic writing by yourself. I said it all in the first paragraph, but let me say one more thing again, heartfelt and profoundly, thankyou Eldy, thankyou xx

Author's Response: Lily, I'm truly speechless at this magnificent review.

I first read it two days ago and have been hoping, in that time, to come up with an adequate response. So here I am, can't put it off any longer and I'm still having trouble finding the words.

I couldn't let Clocks end that way. And, again, you hit the nail right on the head. Nature is self correcting. Fate simply couldn't let things stand as they were (and neither could I).

The big plot hole in Clocks was the blood protection. Specifically, that while Voldy lived, Harry should've been anchored to life. Out of a combination of Bella killing him and Harry not being allowed to remain behind as anything more than a gaurdian, the reality was simply to unstable to exist.

Put another way - Clocks could never, should never have happened! LOL!

But, I'll tell you, I'd made such a mess of things in the Clocks reality, it took a whole novel and a LOT of skull sweat to put everything right and explain just what the heck happened. I say this in nearly every chapter, but its true: I'm really really really flattered that you think it works. Plot can be a horrid nightmare at times. And I've painted myself into a few corners on occasion. But, fortunately, the only ret-con I've had to do in Crusade was add in the reference to "Reckless Git and Danger Ponce" in chapter three.

I first had Ginny refer to them as that in "The Proposal" which takes place a month before Crusade. Then I wrote "Pitch" which takes place two years before Crusade and decided to explain the origins of the nicknames (courtesy of Ginny and Hermione for the crazy heroics our heroes engaged in at Appleby).

Then, I finally decided to use the names as a story title: "The Adventures of Reckless Git and Danger Ponce." It takes place about three months after "Pitch."

It would've been so much more helpful if I'd written these tales in order before I started posting. I really don't know how JKR managed it (or Tolkein for that matter).

Maxime as Dumbles: again your spot on. that was what I was going for and it just seemed right for her to handle part of the explanation and Hermione to do the rest.

The goodbye scene still gets to me. I'm glad it has the same effect on you. While its still horrid that Ron is leaving his Hermione, again, a new set of weasley twins will be gracing the Burrow.

My betas split over the idea of leaving 'Mione pregnant; but, since I'm the author I got the last word. Literally. LOL.

Now, I cannot take credit for the epilogue. Siledubghlase, a brilliant writer, and one of my betas, bodged it together in about fifteen minutes. I tweaked it only slightly. Amazing isn't it? Still chokes me up when I read it.

I'm loathe to close, but all good things must come to an end.

Lily, you've been with me from the start and I can't tell you how much it means to have you come back and leave such wonderful reviews for this tale.

Thank you my friend,


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