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Reading Reviews for Endlessly, She Said
11 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Werewolf_love Chapter 11

23rd October 2011:
What's wrong with him! It's driving me crazy! This is a fantastic story, please keep writing it!

Author's Response: thank you :) the new chapter is in validation, so I hope it'll be online soon :)

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Review #2, by B3TH Chapter 11

29th August 2011:
This is amazing please write more!

Author's Response: The new chapter is in validation :) I hope it's online soon :)

thank you for your review!

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Review #3, by The Fool on the Hill Chapter 10

19th August 2011:
Sirius just 'quit' quidditch. Good story though!! but i really wanna know what is up with Sirius!!!

Author's Response: Thank you :) I was just about to post the new chapter, so hang on until it's through validation :)

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Review #4, by The Fool on the Hill Chapter 4

19th August 2011:
I love your story! Poor Jamie! But about halfway through this chapter you say "She better took some" which should be take, or rephrased differently.

Author's Response: Really? Thanks for pointing it out ^^ I wouldn't have known on my own ;) I'll change it asap, it just bugs me that to change one little word, the entire chapter has to go through validation again...

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Review #5, by katkaaax3 Chapter 9

3rd August 2011:
omg i love sirius :3 he is my favorite guy from harry potter world (and draco ofcourse :P) but i am just dying to know what is wrong with him??o.O :( i want the funny cheerful sirus back as possible and i have a suspicion but i am not saying anything i just hope partly that i am right..well usually i am ;)
and yes your english is really good :D so dont worry ;) cant wait for the next chapters ;D *.*

Author's Response: me too :D Draco and Sirius and James are my favorites as well ^^
I'm going to have to disappoint you: there'll be no funny cheerful Sirius in my story anymore. Well, at least not until the epilogue that is.
haha, I'd have loved to hear your suspicion, but since I have a habit of not saying someone's right or wrong (just so I won't spoil anything ^^) you wouldn't have gotten an answer out of me anyway ^^
thanks so much :) the next chapter has just been validated, so it should be up for viewing :)
- Lune x

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Review #6, by page394 Chapter 9

1st August 2011:
id like to marry this fanfic. ;)

Author's Response: hahaha that's awesome ;) Send me the date so I can be the fic's maid of honor ;)

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Review #7, by Anonymous chapter 7

16th January 2011:
What is up with SIRIUS??? i know its a girl coz of the summary but ugh!!! anyway... i really enjoy this story and i know this is like probably ages since you last updated but can u PLZZZ update soon?!? thanks :)

Author's Response: haha, don't always trust your instincts ;)

I'll update asap, I promise :) It's the next chapter on my to-validate-list :) I still have so many chapters to validate :D

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Review #8, by MrsJasperHale18 Chapter 3

30th August 2010:
English isn't your mother tongue?! really? i didnt even notice. seriously. you sound just like you know Englsih like you grew up with it! thats so cool! i wish i could do that...btw very good story!! keep writin! XD

Author's Response: thank you ^^ you should have heard me three year ago, I was a total disaster ^^ but I still make a lot of grammar mistakes :)
thank you so much! The story is finished, so it will updated, no worries :) I just really hate waiting for my chapters to be validated. It takes so long!

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Review #9, by GracieBagel Chapter 1

30th July 2010:
wow now this was good ;) i really wanna find out why Sirius is all distracted and not himself ! Um I just thought i'd help you with your english, at the beginning you've put "making homework", that's not quite right. "Doing homework" is better :)

Author's Response: I finished the story last week, so I hope I'll be able to put it online soon (if it doesn't get rejected again that is)

oh right, I make that mistake all the time :s thanks for pointing it out! I'll change it right away :)

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Review #10, by Paloma Patil Prologue

27th November 2009:
Your English is very good. I like that you haven't revealed too much in the prologue, since it makes me want to read on.

There is a small typo: 'he promised himself he would Sirius about it...' Should it be something like 'he promised himself he would ASK Sirius about it'? There is a word missing.

Other than that, this is well done. Update soon.


Author's Response: Thank you :D

yes, I noticed it too late. Thank you for teling me ^^ I changed it, but I'm still waiting for the validation of the changes.

The next chapter should be up around tomorrow :)

xx Sjoeks

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Review #11, by belladonna nightshade Prologue

27th November 2009:
well as you said i can't say much about a prologue but i am very impressed with your writing, i wouldnt have been able to tell that english isnt your first language, Oh and i greatly approve of your song choice XD

Author's Response: It's an amazing song isn't it ^^ I just love it :D

thanks for the compliment ^^ I think that the first chapter will be validated tomorrow or the day after tomorrow

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