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Review #1, by Anonymous Across the Universe

13th November 2013:
Gah! No words, I just... 3regbrngjrlkje. Tragic perfection, that is what this is. I love this. Andromeda lost so much, Ted, Tonks, her sisters, but Teddy at the end...adorable. I haven't read Ripples, but maybe I will now, to figure out what happens to these versions of the characters.I don't even like the Beatles, but you used these lyrics well. I liked the galaxy themes that continued. I love this, 10/10!

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Review #2, by soliloquy Across the Universe

22nd July 2010:
Oh my godness. Dear Jo. My heart has been sufficiently pulled from my chest and thrown into Merlin-knows-where. Your words have just left me a big pile of mush. A tearing, sobbing pile of mush.

Andromeda. I never realized how truly sad her story is. She's honestly lost everything and then she's gained Teddy! Argh. I want to give her a big hug.

But really, I've always seen her as the peace-keeper in her family. It makes so much more sense when you put it in that way of why Frank and Alice were picked and Dorcas and sigh.


brb. dying. :p

But, really, wonderfully written! Great characterization! Canontastic! ;D

Author's Response: Tanya ♥ you are so ridiculously kind!
To be honest, until I started writing this I didn't realise just how much Andromeda lost - she gave up everything for Ted, and then both he and Tonks were taken from her! Also I see her having the aristocratic Black pride/instability and blaming herself for things she couldn't control but feels like she should.

Yes. Ripples is planned to have a sequel story following Dorcas Meadows and Andromeda Black and I'd completely given up on it because I have zero time and a million wips at, BUT YOU HAVE MADE ME EXCITED ABOUT IT AGAIN. I AM SERIOUS. SERIOUSLY SERIOUS.

Honestly have been on the verge of going on hiatus from ff for a while; among many other things, I'm in my last semester of college and taking exceptionally difficult courses because I am masochistic like that. But getting reviews like this, reminders of how magical writing and reading can be.. well, let's just say if the I get to the end of Ripples this year as I hope to, you will be one of the wonderful people who kept me from wandering off! Thankyou dear!

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Review #3, by Schnatz Across the Universe

25th April 2010:
as I've promised before I've read another fanfiction from you. I chosed this one because I like Andromeda and was interested how you discribe her and her life. As I expected you did a great job!
I like this songfic (sad was only that I couldn't hear the song during reading because my laptop has problems with the loud speaker at the moment *sigh*) It was as much emotional and tragical as I am used from you. There are not much words need for telling you that this short story was brillant. By the way I really liked the comparison to the universe. This had something poetic.
Love, Schnatz

Author's Response: Hello dear! I have seen and swooned over all your reviews, I've just been having an insane week and a half with university! It continues til Monday, after then I shall have leisure to reply properly!

I love Andromeda, she's an amazing character to write! This piece was much sadder than I intended, but I am glad you liked it!

Thanks for the reviews, I do appreciate them more than I can say!

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Review #4, by J_O_I_Rowling Across the Universe

4th March 2010:
the story was beautiful, and you told it so well. starting from a vague statement, the story was built. I think i can learn loads from it. I didn't cry, but i was close to crying. Especially the beginning, when sh was talking about her sisters. That i found to be especially moving. Great story. and really symbolic too, that andromeda held them together, and andromeda happens to be the only galaxy of them, the rest are stars. so that was cool

Author's Response: oooh didn't see this til now, apologies!

It was quite vague, most of my stories seem to be. I'm sorry I made you sad, this is definitely one of my more teary pieces. I'm not quite sure what you'd learn from it, but I'm glad you liked it!
Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by sirius blacks lover Across the Universe

20th February 2010:
Really good writing:) Sad, but I love how you used the song in it, great job!

Author's Response: Oh my goodness, I nearly didn't see this because I haven't looked at this story in ages!
Thankyou so much for taking the time to review, I really do appreciate it! Glad you liked it!

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Review #6, by Indigo Seas Across the Universe

22nd January 2010:
Here with your review! ^_^

Goodness, you really have lovely prose, don't you? I don't believe I've read much of your work before this, which I now regret because this was absolutely beautiful! I mean, really, really beautiful.

Tragic? Yes. But I don't think that "too tragic" would be a word to describe it. Almost all stories, some more so than others, include a fair amount of angst, and though this was composed almost entirely of it, I don't feel as if it was TOO angsty. It was beautiful and tragic, but not so much so to make me dislike it.

You really have a lot of talent, my dear. I can't help but envy your lovely style throughout this whole piece, which is really something to be proud of. Very, very nice job.

- Rin

Author's Response: Rin, thankyou SO so much. I can't tell you how much it means. You are really far too kind, but I am so happy you enjoyed it, and the angst didn't make it unbearable. Despite being a fairly happy and generally silly person, my stories tend to be awfully dark and sad!

I'm fairly new at posting on hpff, about six months old and fairly sporadic til the brilliant and highly addictive TGS sank its claws in me =) so I don't expect you to have read anything of mine before, but I am completely stunned by your praise and really don't know what to say! This is just such a lovely review I can't stop smiling!
x Jo

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Review #7, by FredAndGeorgeForever Across the Universe

14th December 2009:
yes, i am one of the people who stalked across from tda because of the banner ^__^

im glad i did, that was a raather good read >.< infact, i loved it.

*laughs madly*

Author's Response: haha I'm very happy that you did, and even more happy that you reviewed!

Stalk away, all stalkers (of banners and stories) are most welcome, especially when they have a sense of humour! I have quite a cackle myself, it's good to know I'm not alone!

I can't tell you how much it means to be told you enjoyed my work. Thankyou!

Sarah did a truly amazing job with the banner, all credit on it goes to her =)

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Review #8, by maggiepotterblack Across the Universe

6th December 2009:
I love the Beatles, very good choice in song, you appiled it prefectly this was amazing, this story is.

Author's Response: A review I didn't have to beg for! *happy dance*

The Beatles are the best, and I love this song. I actually wrote the fic first, and then the song popped on my ipod and was floating around my head and everything just clicked amazingly. I'm so glad you liked it, thankyou for reviewing!

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Review #9, by HProse Across the Universe

6th December 2009:
Wow! A really, really fantastic chapter! I've been out of the loop from reading stories lately, and this is my first in... a year! I've never been quite interested in the Blacks, but the way you portray them is very unique and fascinating. I love how you developed Andromeda gradually over the chapter, and were able to incorporate a story AND a song.

Overall, very nice work. I can't wait to read more of this :) Also, the banner is lovely! I know it's not in your story descprition yet, but I saw it over on TDA, and it made me really want to read this... :D

Author's Response: Sarah is just incredibly talented, isn't she? She {shameless self plug} made my other banner too, so if you want to check that out. . . . . . ...

lol regardless, your review blew me away. I'm glad you enjoyed the Blacks, especially if you don't normally, and that you liked it!

Unfortunately, Andromeda has to wait for me to finish Ripples before I can write her again (her parents are still teenages/twenty somethings in my current fic) but I love writing her, so there will be more - going to be called 'Chasing Waterfalls'.

Oh and wierdly enough, I wrote the fic, then this song played on my ipod and i realised it fit almost perfectly, and tweaked the story a bit. I was mildy scared by how apt the lyrics were!

Thanks again!

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Review #10, by WitnesstoitAll Across the Universe

5th December 2009:
Oh my goodness. This was a wonderfully poignant little song fic. The descritption was beautiful and distant... quite appropriate for Andromeda's place in life. Her angle on Frank and Alice's torture was quite unique.

Andromeda has always been one of my favourite minor characters. She is so layered and complicated. I feel that you captured this complexity in this wonderful story.

The last part, the part about Andromeda sitting and rocking Teddy, warmed my heart. Despite everything that she had lost through her life, she did have a tiny little life to tend for. Perhaps in this new life she can right the wrongs she didn't know to right earlier in her life.

Wonderful imagery and description. I'm sorry if I'm not making any sense. How this story made me feel is just beyond my vernacular ability to describe.


Author's Response: Melissa, I can't thank you enough for your reviews. As a new-ish author on this site it just warms the cockles of my heart to get even one unsolicted review or feedback, and you've been amazing =)

Andromeda is a fascinating character really, and it was fun to write her (espesh as I was supposed to be studying hard)

Andromeda's relation to Alice and Frank is obscure here, but will make more sense when the sequel of Ripples - about the second generation, Andromeda Black, Dorcas Meadowes.. etc.. gets out.

I felt the fic really needed the hope at the end - otherwise its just too heavy and tragic.

Thanks again!

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