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Review #1, by Lillylover22 Words Unspoken

17th May 2012:
That was brilliant 10/10 : )

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Review #2, by wotsitoyou Words Unspoken

18th August 2011:
That was great. Short, but really cute! It could have been a wee bit longer, but I enjoyed it nonetheless! Keep it up! :)

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Review #3, by xshadowrosesx Words Unspoken

20th August 2010:
Can I marry this story? Honestly.

Author's Response: Of course! I now pronounce you story and reader, you may kiss Draco (if Harry will let you) ;D

Thanks so much!

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Review #4, by NickiForDraco Words Unspoken

21st April 2010:
Aww! I loved this one, it was great! :D
You should write a sequel!? Please?! :D
All my love and support,

Author's Response: Thank you! No sequel, though, I am afraid - what would I write?! :(

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Review #5, by saffy22100 Words Unspoken

30th January 2010:

this was a good fanfic. funny in a way.

great job!



Author's Response: Um, thanks? Sorry, it wasn't meant to be funny lol :)

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Review #6, by AuroraGranger Words Unspoken

21st January 2010:
I loved it! That's PERFECT, it's just how it would be if they were together. Somehow in just one short chapter you seemed to convey their personalities, especially Draco's, perfectly in this sexy, romantic fanfic. It was wonderful.

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much! This was quite a different slash for me, I don't usually go explicit but it was fun ^_^

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Review #7, by _xDraco Words Unspoken

18th December 2009:
i liked it. alot. :)
you managed to make it really fast paced, but it still flowed nicely :)

'The intimacy of such a gesture spoke louder than the three forbidden words you couldn't say, and you felt a smile tug your lips as your stomach fluttered with an emotion you weren't entirely ready to identify.' - definately my favourite sentance

oh, i also liked the fact that it was written in the second-person. this was the first story i've read that was written in it. :) :)

second chapter, maybe? (yn)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it, thanks for reading! That line you quoted is one of my favourites from this too :)

Second person is a lot of fun to write, I do enjoy it. Thanks again for reading and for reviewing, I'm glad you enjoyed it! As for now, there will be no second chapter but maybe sometime in the future :)

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Review #8, by HogwartsGirl618 Words Unspoken

15th December 2009:
I don't read much slash. I don't read any Draco/Harry. The only reason I clicked on this was because you wrote it and you are a ridiculously talented writer. And I cannot even express how powerful this story was. I cannot explain how well you used language, how powerfully you used "you", how your vivid description was so real without being even the tiniest bit trashy.

I just read your story "Lights" - and I gave your first line of your second chapter the "best line award". But now I've read this and I decided I did not correctly establish the rules of the award. (dramatic music) The award is given daily and a new day begins at 9:11pm EST. Oh look! It's 9:12! I can give it again? How convenient! =)

No one knew how fucking beautiful he looked when your name falls from his lips.

I'm still sitting in shock and I don't think I will ever, ever recover. This deserves so much more than a 10/10. I'm committing such an atrocity by giving it one.

You're amazing and obscenely talented. And now I have another favorite =) xoxo

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Sarah! I am a closet Draco/Harry fan, mainly because of the passion it seems to inspire. I love a good hate/hate story :D

And to hear it did not sound trashy, God, you have no idea how much that comforted me! I was so scared it was going to come off like a smutty porn fic but there was really no other way to convey the feelings I want to. Thank you!!

And I love that you loved that line! Haha, of course you are free to do as you please - all the more awards for me :D

Thank you so much Sarah, you reviews mean the world!!


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Review #9, by SnitchSnatcher Words Unspoken

10th December 2009:


Incredibly hot?

Do I need to say more? No? I didn't think so. :P

Normally, I'm not a big fan of the slash, much less Harry/Draco, but when I saw that you had written one, I had to investigate and I must say, you most certainly did not disappoint. Not in the least. If anything, you impressed me so much that I might have to delve a little further into this little curiosity of a ship.

It was beautifully written, much like all of your work, and once again I find myself green with envy. Will this never end? LOL.

Great job, my dear! I loved it!


Author's Response: Molly, you talk nonsense :P

Hot is something I've been a bit weary of for this story - I feel like a bit of a smut peddler :P It was surprisingly easy to write which I'm not sure I'm pleased about, haha!

I'm a closet Draco/Harry fan (haha, geddit? :P) and I've been wanting to write one for a while...and then this came up :) I'm glad you enjoyed it! And yes, delve - there are a few complete gems in the Draco/Harry fandom, really good fanfics :)

And HUSH, CHILD. Like you don't have all my talent and (a billion times) more :D

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, Molly, it means the world! Thank you :D

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Review #10, by damn_death_eater Words Unspoken

3rd December 2009:
i have just very recently come to think slash is entertaining but thisis very interesting. a little bit of gramical error but thats ok.

Author's Response: Slash is fun, right? Thanks for reading! I'll look out for those errors :)

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Review #11, by TheDirigiblePlum Words Unspoken

3rd December 2009:
Goodness I love Harry/ Draco stories!! They're always so angsty and passionate that it's hard not to be swept up in them. Not to mention it's a relationship that never even touched the books which makes it that little bit illicit. :D Lol moving on my excited garble...

This was great! I loved everything, the descriptions and phrases. Everything was really pacy and that made it feel like the relationship could be ended brutally at any time, like you said. :) There were also subtle moments too, that gave a nice break in the scene.

Perfect. :) 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you! I love Draco/Harry's for the same reason! I really don't know what to say but thank you! Your reviews are always so lovely!

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Review #12, by NimJ Words Unspoken

26th November 2009:
Wow, I don't know what to say.
You write excitingly well!

You had me kinda turned on... :P

Author's Response: Haha, thanks :)

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Review #13, by ohcrapidroppedmybrain Words Unspoken

19th November 2009:
Hi Georgia! It's Constants from TGS (if you didn't know that already). I decided that I should go ahead and review you! I just have to say wow! I wasn't disappointed =]]

Draco wants more out of his relationship, but Harry doesn't. When you really look at it from an outsider's perspective, it was only physical. What I enjoyed about it was the way Draco viewed it. He was clinging on to Harry like he was his first love (I guess you can say that if Harry is his first male...partner?) And I believe Harry is having a problem with his sexuality. That or liking Draco, since they're enemies.

Even though this wasn't even 1000 words, you managed to capture a lot of emotion. For instance, "No one knew the Harry Potter you did; no one knew the submissive, wanton creature he became in those dark classrooms, away from the rest of the world", was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

As I was reading the first few lines of the story, my eyes widened and I immediately realised why this was mature. But...I liked it. The snogging session was HOT, and I'm not even a Draco/Harry shipper. The imagery and just everything completely made it.

Yeah, you were sort of right on the AU thing, but isn't that what Harry Potter slash is based on (unless it's Dumbledore/Grindelwald)? Of course, if they had to work on a Transfiguration project together, nothing of that sort wouldn't have happened, but the idea is interesting =]]

If there is any CC, it was that Draco's character was a little too soft. I'm not even sure if that is CC, considering that we've never had the chance to get into his mind. Besides, as said above, this is AU.

When Harry returned Draco's smile, I nearly died inside. It was brighter than Draco's. OMG! I can think of a lot of reason's why it might be, and they all go back to Harry being happy that they are in the closet. =[[ Poor Draco.

You must make a sequel to this! Draco needs to man up and be with Harry! They are destined to be together, and even though Harry is hesitant, it shouldn't stop them. I beg you, Georgia. You can just PM me what you think is going to happen after this, but I've got to know. I'll cry if this is left up to reader interpretation =[[

I apoligise if this review was just a tad too confusing! I fear I rambled too much.

Instant fav, 10/10!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Constants!

Actually, I was thinking it was going the other way - that Harry was more comfortable with the relationship than Draco - but each to her own :) I'm intrigued to see your view of this! Yes, Draco was clinging - while Harry is sort of awkwardly comfortable (oxymoron :P) with their relationship, Draco doesn't know what he feels but he likes it.

I'm glad you liked that line! Without sounding full of myself (which I will, but whatever), I find when I write short passionate scenes like this, I can come up with some pretty good lines :)

Thanks! I'm a bit wary of the beginning, actually - it comes across a bit smutty to be honest and I probably should think about reigning it in. But I think it gets across the passion I wanted, so I'll keep it as is for now :)

Haha, yes, school project - I'm such a sucker for the cliché's, haha :P Definitely AU but in a way I hope is partially canon (if that makes sense!).

Now, I definitely can understand how Draco would seem soft - my only excuse could be this is a very vulnerable point in time for him.

Haha, I'm glad you liked it! My interpretation of that would be that Harry was happy Draco was admitting SOMETHING about their relationship, even if it was that he simply wanted it to continue. And that he liked the kiss, which was much more affectionate than passionate. But, again, your opinion is equally valid!

I really don't know what happened after this - this kind of came to me (see what I mean? Queen of the Cliché, right here :P). I'll see what I can do though - I'll definitely send you that PM though it will probably just say I don't know where it would go :)

Noo, this review was actually one of the best I have received! Thank you for giving me such a detailed response! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Review #14, by Rose_Weasley123 Words Unspoken

19th November 2009:
Hey Georgia!

I must admit, I'm just a little bit of a closet Draco?Harry fan. Lets just call it Drarry for now :P. I've read a lot fo them, but I think this one might just be my all time favourite of them.

It's so easy to slip into tired old cliches, or make it far too OOC it's ridiculous, but somehow this felt all perfectly in canon. I don't quite know what you did. It might be the beautiful characterization or the pretty much believeable plot (I'll come to that in a second) that made it so amazing.

Your description amazes me. You have some beautiful lines, and you set the scene so well. I don't have favourite lines, I like it ALL.

The characterization seemed in canon, and they were all true to the books (which is very hard, as I'm discovering at the moment).

Perhaps a little CC- it didn't feel quite believeable when they started kissing suddenly. I think you could play around a little more with that scene. But really, I like it as it is.

I don't know why I continue to be amazed by you. Everyone knows you are amazing. End of.

10/10. :)

Author's Response: Becca, you are far too lovely XD

Thank you so much! I really am so pleased to hear that you liked this! It's my first Draco/Harry (I, too, am a closet fan!) so I'm really happy to hear such compliments!

I'm happy for the canon-ness; Draco/Harry can easily turn into girl-ish nonsense...okay, this is basically girl-ish nonsense, but whatever :P

I'm always floored when people comment on my description positively - it's a point I'm not at all confident with, so it's heartening to see!

By "suddenly kissing", do you mean the opening? Because that was supposed to be a mid-moment sort of opening. I'll see what I can do.

Thanks so much, Becca, for the lovely review. I'm so flattered, thanks!

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