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Review #1, by blueirony Fatherís Wizarding Travelling Robes

4th December 2009:

Two things, before I say anything else:
First, congratulations on completing the challenge! And second, I am so very sorry that I could not put this in the official list of entries from which I picked a winner. I hope you understand that. Nevertheless, I hope you did find the challenge rewarding!

Now, I won't go too much into plot or characters since I want to mainly focus on the object you used, but I will say something very quickly: This was lovely. Horribly sad and it really tugged at some very real and basic human emotions. The characters were well thought out and well executed. Something about this was very bittersweet. It made me smile, but it made me sad at the same time. You really brought out some emotions in me!

Now, the use of the object itself - very well interpreted. I do have to admit, I did have a very loose idea about how one might go about writing about each of the 100 objects I thought up. Nothing special, but just a small, fleeting idea. This idea for the travelling robes was different than what I would have ever imagined, but so much more. They embodied an entire person, their existence, their being. And that's something very special. Through the robes, a boy found his father and his father was once again with his son. That's just... so horribly sad, but so beautiful at the same time. Bittersweet, as I said before. Wow.

This was such a lovely read. It really was.

-Ju :]

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