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Review #1, by AbbyDaiquiri Changes

29th January 2013:
it is "Edge of Night" or "Edge of the Night" in case you wanted to put the song title in :)

Author's Response: oh right :) thanks for that

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Review #2, by Luzianne Changes

6th June 2012:
right into the heart of most intense pain and sufferring, with mystery of why hemione. the step mother, and piqued interest in real mothers assets,,, yes opened doors and find your style different than other reads,

Author's Response: very surprised to see a review for this chapter

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Review #3, by jcem1 Changes

29th March 2012:
This is awesome! I had to laugh at her only talking to her dog lol

Author's Response: LOL. i totally know who you are..

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Review #4, by ... Changes

29th March 2012:
omg! i cried...i think that's enough said...

Author's Response: lol is it sad that i love when people cry in my stories

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Review #5, by Sandra Changes

20th March 2012:
I think you should write out the welcoming feast.

Author's Response: Thats awkward.. there is no welcoming feast...
Unless you mean that i should write it in..

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Review #6, by Madamoiselle Malfoy Changes

11th December 2011:
I love Pippins Song! Yay. Now, I'll keep reading!

Author's Response: lol aww thanks

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Review #7, by Pippin Changes

10th December 2011:
I love the Lord of the Rings! The song with Pippin singing is The Steward of Gondor.
And your story is great!

Author's Response: Lol thanks you. keep the reviews coming.

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Review #8, by dracos_lover365 Changes

15th October 2011:
The song is called "the Edge of Night"

Author's Response: ok. thanks for that?

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Review #9, by dobbys_socks Changes

26th September 2011:
I'm crying! That was such a depressing story so beautifully written that it made it seem even more depressing! It's beautiful when she sings Pippin's song at the end because of the amazing imagery. I thought it was really cute how she didn't want to talk to anyone but the dog. My heart is melting reading her story! 10/10.

Author's Response: lol. i didnt believe that you would read all of my stories lol.

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Review #10, by confusedlover Changes

25th September 2011:
very lovely!!

this is a wonderful start to a story! i cannot wait to read the next chapter when i get a chance. poor hermione...she's so sad. that is honestly terrible what happened to her, but it will certainly create a pretty awesome plot for this!!

onto chapter two! (:

Author's Response: lol aww thanks hahaha

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Review #11, by sarina Changes

4th May 2010:
Hey! Here I am, sorry for the delay, I was ill longer than originally thought...

So this is an AU Hermione, right? Her family always seemed a little boring in the books, but you've thought of a good alternative. Giving Hermione siblings is a great idea. However, I'm sad they're not part of this story.

The idea with the puppy is great, too. I'm wondering where Crookshanks is? (Sorry I'm a fan of cats.)

Although putting Draco and Hermione in a dormitory together is a little cliche, you have managed to make them have a unique relationship. In most fics Draco comes across differently and you Hermione has a nice dark, depressed touch to her. I can foresee loads of angst! :)

Your plot idea is good, but I think you can work on a few things. First of all, this chapter is really, really long! Maybe breaking the story down into tinier parts would be easier on the reader. You could also put more variety into the words you use, that would make the sentences go smoother. I hope I'm not too picky ;)

I'll read chapter 2 tomorrow and I'm still sorry for the delay!

Author's Response: Great! thanks for that, i will work on those. unfortuantly i cant really put the siblings into the story. i will figure out something with crookshanks although im sorry to say you may not like it...=[
its fine, you didnt have to jump into it i was just wondering what was happening. ill figure out a way to make it two chapters (although i like to get the basics out of the way first)
Thanks again Sarina! =]

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Review #12, by CloudsAreMadeOfCandyfloss Changes

14th February 2010:
I love this one so far, I wanna read more of it so you should definitely update.. :)

Candy x

Author's Response: ok will do just trying to get the challenges out of the way, hang tight its on its way!

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Review #13, by kh2020 Changes

14th December 2009:
Very good start. Anxious to read more.

Author's Response: thanks for the review!

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Review #14, by Jayden Joshlin Changes

14th December 2009:
Great start!
I really enjoyed this chapter, and I hope you update soon with more :)

This is going to be fantastic, I can tell already.

Keep writing,

Author's Response: awww thanks jay lol my first review for this story. see its you that made me count to ten and revalidate after 3 or four rejections. im glad i stuck it out. =)

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