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Review #1, by Kerie I値l miss you too

11th February 2011:
Aw, this was sweet! What a wonderful present, and I think you wrote them both awfully well

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Review #2, by confusedlover I値l miss you too

21st June 2010:
very lovely.

this was short and sweet, and ultimately a very cute story. although it ended on a note that didn't have them together, i liked how they remained close friends and understood things were for the best. wonderful job. i hope you have an amazing day! (:

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Review #3, by amy I値l miss you too

10th February 2010:
i just love this short story thats all i have to say

Author's Response: Aw Thanks. It is a really cute simple oneshot that's why I like it.

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Review #4, by Estelle Black I値l miss you too

28th November 2009:
Aww that was so sweet, it was beautiful short and beautiful. i think Luna and Dean make a good couple :)
Estelle XOX

Author's Response: Thank you for the review
I think Luna and Dean are a sweet couple ;-)

I'm making a story on Luna/Dean on where Dean is the godfather to Luna and Rolf's twin sons and when Rolf dies Dean helps Luna get over his death

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