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Review #1, by angelicdemon1209 The White Room.

1st February 2012:
It's good! But it was really kinda scary, specially because I feel so bad for Draco during the times of Half Blood Prince.. But you have captured his emotions well

Author's Response: I adore writing horror, but I always go off in some other rambling direction and confuse myself. I was scared of posting this, but I'm glad it worked out and I'm proud of it. Thank you :)

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Review #2, by SelfInducedParanoia The White Room.

6th September 2011:
I quite liked this. It isn't exactly what I had imagined Draco's frame of mind was at the time, but its quite an unusual and thought provoking piece; very nice. I also liked the idea of the white room as opposed to a black one, which usually is associated with claustrophobia and such. I wasn't keen on the black hole bit though as it seemed to create a break in what I would've imagined would be a never ending period of time, trapped in a white room which never changed no matter what you did to try and get out.

Author's Response: Thank you. Also thank you for telling me your actual thoughts, because this story might be getting a little tweak, and you've definitely helped.
Thanks again.

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Review #3, by Salogel The White Room.

17th August 2010:
I think that you did pretty well, you did well with description. However, it was a but confusing. But, all in all, good job!!! :)

Author's Response: Yeah, a lot of people have said that. I think it's a good thing, because that's sort of what I was aiming for. Because Draco's life is so confusing itself.
Thank you :) x

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Review #4, by spencefa The White Room.

8th August 2010:
well, you did convey all of the above, and yes it was rather confusing, but it was really quite good.

Author's Response: Yes, reading over it it must seem confusing, but it's sort of what I was going for. Well, not to create confusion, but an abstract sort of reality.
And thank you very much.

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Review #5, by LilyFire The White Room.

9th March 2010:
This is great. The insight to Draco's mind, the feeling of being helplessly trapped by the things he had to do, you conveyed wonderfully. Full marks.

Author's Response: It was really difficult to write, unsuprisingly. You can tell :P
Thank you sooo much

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Review #6, by flying_rabbit The White Room.

10th February 2010:
Well, I wasn't sure which story you wanted me to review, so I sort of randomly picked one :)
But I think you did a good job describing how he must/could have felt during HBP. The fear and the feeling that he was nothing but a puppet in others' hands seem quite real. I can see how this must've been difficult to write, but it's nicely done :) Eep, hopefully I won't dream of a white room tonight :|

Author's Response: Thank you.
Naww, it'd be good if you dreamt of a white room, that means I've done my job. Yeah, giving children nightmares is my new occupance; check out my CV ;)
Thanks x.

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Review #7, by Lovely_Slytheriness The White Room.

29th January 2010:
Very, very nicely done. I'm too sleepy right now to leave a proper review, but I'll be back. I don't see much of this sort of stories around on this site. Mostly it's fluff here, pure and simple. no one really touches the issues that you do here. Delicious, dear.

Lovely Slytheriness

Author's Response: A good enough review for me, I thank you very sweetly. (sorry, watching Wizard of Oz) XD

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Review #8, by JohnnyPickAlot The White Room.

23rd January 2010:
I actually found this little snippet quite intriguing. I really liked the way you portrayed the way he kept falling into the black hole when he kept failing. In my opinion, I think it described Malfoy's situation very well. Though it was kind of morbid, I think it was perfect. ;]
10/10, love. Cheers.

Author's Response: Thank you very much XD

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Review #9, by harrypotter607 The White Room.

22nd January 2010:
awesome!i love this chapter! how did u no what malfoy was thinking during The Half Blood Prince? awesome

Author's Response: I didn't, I made it up :D
Thanks x

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Review #10, by spam_up_sam The White Room.

22nd January 2010:
I thought you captured Draco's state of mind brilliantly in this, it was abstract but in a way that emphasized how he was feeling on the inside.
And I think you conveyed his sense of claustrophobia about his task and failures well
Yeah, it was a really good piece =]
I enjoyed reading

Author's Response: Thank you very much :D x

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Review #11, by LindaSnape The White Room.

22nd January 2010:
*He fell, crashing to the ground with a sickening thud, but he did not response.

I think the word you were looking for there was respond.

Otherwise, I think this was interesting. I would have liked it if it were a bit longer, perhaps, but otherwise it was a curious read. I particularly liked the last line.

Author's Response: Oh damn, thanks for telling me.

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