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Review #1, by padfoot88 VII

28th August 2012:
I just had to smile at the end of this chapter, Sirius is so adorable, i kind of want Claire to just come out and date him already! Although the secret rendezvous and arguing are hilarious.

Author's Response: Nothing is better than secret rendezvous and bickering, of course ;)

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Review #2, by padfoot88 VII

28th August 2012:
I just had to smile at the end of this chapter, Sirius is so adorable, i kind of want Claire to just come out and date him already! Although the secret rendezvous and arguing are hilarious.

Author's Response: :) thanks for the review!

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Review #3, by cometolive21 V

29th November 2011:
Love the story. I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: More coming soon! Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #4, by Sam V

18th November 2011:
It's fast-paced and different, but I like it! Please update again soon :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm working on the next chapter, so hopefully it'll be up soon!

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Review #5, by Bluestreakspirit V

17th November 2011:
Gahh! Just kiss again! ;) nice work, bro.

Author's Response: Thank you! Thank you for reading!

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Review #6, by xjamesandlilyx III

28th October 2011:
Loveee it so far! Still have one chapter left, that's uploaded - update soon!!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm hoping to have a new chapter up within a couple weeks! :)

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Review #7, by Anoniempje IV

27th October 2011:
I love them too! They're so cute together! Update soon:)

Author's Response: I know, right? A new chapter is on its way! :)

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Review #8, by Eminem I

6th August 2011:
I don't think you have to capitalize the word HAT--even if you're referring to the sorting hat--and wingardium leviosa is a spell that only levitates objects. Levicorpus is used to levitate people. But other than that, I found that I was happy to relate to your story and that it was written more like a Rowling book than a teenage girl's diary...unlike most fan fiction stories that show up on this site. So. Ya know. Kudos.

Author's Response: Thanks for your review!

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Review #9, by Claudia I

22nd July 2011:
it's really good, but it kind of jumps around a bit.

Author's Response: I'm sort of terrible with story lines, so the jumping around works a lot better for me. But I'm glad you liked it :)

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Review #10, by iluv2eatcarbs I

28th September 2010:
I like this so far! I love your OC she's a little fire cracker and I like how she dislikes Sirius but at the same time she doesn't, which leaves a window open for her relationship with him to grow :)


Author's Response: Yes! I love Claire, she's just the best OC ever. I'm glad you like it! Thanks for your review!

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Review #11, by spam_up_sam II

1st June 2010:
I really enjoyed, and I hope you update soon =]

Author's Response: I'll try! But it seems I'm a little late :P

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Review #12, by spam_up_sam I

1st June 2010:
I remembered reading your Rose/Scorpius oneshot not too long ago, and I really liked how you wrote so I thought I'd check out some more of your writing. =] Plus, loving a bit of Sirius/oc, I was pretty chuffed to find this!
And I love it, dear! Refreshing take, Claire seems great so far and of course, Sirius is in it so I'm happy lol
Anyway, I'm off to the next chapter =]

Author's Response: I'm so glad to hear that! Thanks for your kind review! PS I love your stories, just so you know.

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Review #13, by remiy II

27th May 2010:
i love this i would favorite it but im new and dont know how can you please tell me

Author's Response: Honestly, HPFF is kind of dodgy for me, too, but you have to be signed in to your HPFF account and there should be an 'Add to Favourites' option on the story page. Hope that helps!

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Review #14, by RegulusSiriusGirl I

24th January 2010:
Wow I really like the sound of Claire and the way you write is very enjoyable to read. I haven't had a chance to read your other stories but if I loved this one chapter I really think I will enjoy them :)

Can't wait for more, please update soon !

Author's Response: I'm very glad you enjoyed it :) Please stay posted for any updates! And thank you very much for reviewing!

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Review #15, by Unwritten Curse I

7th December 2009:
Hi there. I was just perusing the Recently Addeds and stumbled upon this gem. :)

Your writing is refreshing. Easy, yet sophisticated. Nothing feels forced. I fell easily into the pacing, although it is comprised of only short snippets. I rather like the way you have it set up, actually. It gives just enough without giving too much. And you let your readers imagine the rest.

In fact, I really like this set up.

In regards to the plot, everything seems so... typical of Hogwarts, but you give it your own style, your own feel, and it's wonderful. It's realistic, yet interesting. It's normal life, but it's intriguing.

To put it simply, I truly enjoyed reading this. Definitely a de-stresser during a tumultuous finals week. 10/10

Keep writing,

Author's Response: Thank you very much for this review! It's nice to know that my writing is appreciated. I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it!

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