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Review #1, by Mary Forkie gets Peeved

7th April 2011:
love it, hope you update soon!

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Review #2, by B. Martin All Hallows Eve

2nd August 2010:
Good work! Here's to more!

Author's Response: =D The next chapter is in the works. It's yet another Forkie chapter.

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Review #3, by B. Martin Chapter Four: Forkie meets the Weasley Twins

2nd August 2010:
Hilarious, brilliant use of canon

Author's Response: =) Thank you!

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Review #4, by imperfectionist All Hallows Eve

30th July 2010:
TROLL! ...I think she should have tried to go see the troll. Good chapter :D

Author's Response: She was so very close to coming to it. But...in the midst of writing that, I ended up laughing me arse off when I remembered that picture of Tuffnut and the troll.

That ruined all plans of going to see a troll.

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Review #5, by imperfectionist A typical grapome

28th June 2010:
Loved the interaction between everyone! : D

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Review #6, by imperfectionist A Hogsmeade visit and a flying good time

28th June 2010:
I cna't believe I missed this chapter! Aarrrgghh. I like Lee's point of view in this chapter. It's always nice to get some insight on him. The books never did that. Wot

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Review #7, by Im_No_Muggle Of Quidditch Tryouts and Spying Upon Them

5th May 2010:
I like how Fred, George, Wood, Angelina, and some other characters from Jo's mind came into this fic. It's always nice to see old favorite characters return. Very enjoyable, Fred and George are spot-on with characterization. I will be reading the next chapter soon! Well done!

Author's Response: I'm sorry this reply is so late; school and a general lack of HP-inspiration has led to me basically abandoning this site for awhile.

I'm glad you liked this chapter! I'm always trying my best to get the characters to feel 'right', especially since Rowling did an amazing job creating them.

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Review #8, by Im_No_Muggle Chapter Four: Forkie meets the Weasley Twins

30th March 2010:
I enjoyed this chapter more than the previous three, because it was from the hampster's perspective. It was just so unique and interesting, plus, it included Fred and George, some of my favorite characters. Well done again!

Author's Response: ;) Forkie has a few more adventures coming up. They mostly come when I can't think of anything for the humans to do.

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Review #9, by Im_No_Muggle I thought this was supposed to be quiet time?!

29th March 2010:
Beautifully worded throughout the whole chapter. I'm really enjoying reading this. I have a great admiration for authors who create their own characters, instead of using JK Rowling's characters, which is what I am, admittedly, doing in my fic. Each has unique and diverse personalities. Keep it up!

Author's Response: Sorry for the late-ish response; a mixture of the blinding April Fool's prank along with Sakura con prevented me from replying sooner ^^;

I'm glad you like it. I still use a few of the characters, as you could see in the latter chapters, but it's not the main group. I like using lesser used characters 8D They have more personality sometimes!

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Review #10, by Im_No_Muggle Do we have to go to class?

22nd February 2010:
One of the most clever aspects of this chapter was how a few times you had Forkie, the hampster, speak. Although he is, of course, not really talking, it is a very clever way to include him as a character. Well done, Woollongong Shimmy.

Author's Response: Ahh yes, the French hamster. He has quite a bit of commentary in the latter chapters and will have a few chapters dedicated entirely to him. =3 Thanks for the comment!

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Review #11, by Im_No_Muggle Back to School we Go!

19th February 2010:
In the beginning particularly, I thought the words were strung together beautifully. Great character creation with unique personalities. My only complaint - I thought the ...'s were a bit overused. Overall - a good story. Can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Thank you very muchly! I'll keep the elipses thing in mind for future chapters.

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Review #12, by imperfectionist Of Quidditch Tryouts and Spying Upon Them

9th February 2010:
hehe, I like the end! Fred makes me laugh...

Also, Knock.on.Wod!

Author's Response: I will be totally using the Knock on Wood thing later one now. And I'm glad Fred makes you laugh. Laughing is good. Very good. Makes you live longer. And I am rambling. Rambling does not make one live longer.nor does it make one prosper.

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Review #13, by imperfectionist Chapter Four: Forkie meets the Weasley Twins

10th January 2010:
I love Forkie! He's the best, ever.

I want a hamster ball.

Author's Response: Just wait until I get to the chapter where he gets his own hamster wheel. It's fraggin' amazing.

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Review #14, by oddling Back to School we Go!

8th January 2010:
the hamster is cute! :)

Author's Response: Lol, thank you! I try to make him such.

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Review #15, by imperfectionist I thought this was supposed to be quiet time?!

11th December 2009:
Oh-ho-ho. I know what happened there.

Author's Response: =3 And thou doth knoweth of what is to come being that I discuss this with thee...Thou art my only commenter...

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Review #16, by imperfectionist Back to School we Go!

26th November 2009:
I like Forkie. He eats lumps. Lumps of what? Your--.you know the implication.

Author's Response: Well, hammies do eat their poo sometimes...

You hath stolen my review virginity! *le gasp*

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