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Review #1, by Thestarlitrose kaleidoscopes, colours and dimensions

6th February 2011:
ah! I really really need a sequel to this!!! I'm dying to know what happened after she woke up, does she remember and does she and Scorp get together and have lots of pale strawberry blonde children?! Seriously though sequel please?!?!

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Review #2, by lauren kaleidoscopes, colours and dimensions

16th October 2010:
okay, i just want you to know i actually read this all the way through when normally i would have bailed just because you put a disclaimer on this about the drinking, above and beyond what most writers do. my dad has a drinking problem, so a) a few years ago stumbling on a story like this would have left me very very upset for a long time and b) the disclaimer would[and still does] mean the world to me. so thanks for putting that on there. and maybe a follow up in which rose renounces drinking and has to deal with what she said to scorp? plese?

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Review #3, by Kaitlin kaleidoscopes, colours and dimensions

12th April 2010:
Omg I love this!! Very well written. But in one of the paragraph u say shit instead of shirt. Haha

Author's Response: hahaha story of my life.
i should go back in fix that. talk about confusion.
thanks for the review! :]

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Review #4, by Zoe kaleidoscopes, colours and dimensions

14th March 2010:
cuteness! this just made all my scorpxrosie dreams come true.
-fans self

Author's Response: hahaha succes :]
thanks for leaving a review!

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Review #5, by SexyDoorFrames kaleidoscopes, colours and dimensions

4th February 2010:
Aw. That was lovely. I loved it, it was really brilliant. The writing was really good and it flowed nicely as well :D

Author's Response: aww, thank you for the sweet review!

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Review #6, by marciabarcia kaleidoscopes, colours and dimensions

22nd December 2009:
Loved it! I would also Love to find out if Rose remembers :)


Author's Response: i hope she remembers!
and hopefully ill find the time to write a sequel to this oneshot someday! :] you guys have basically convinced me, haha.
thanks for leaving a review!

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Review #7, by TheTenthWeasley kaleidoscopes, colours and dimensions

15th December 2009:
I loved it; it was different to all of the goody-two-shoes Rose Weasley's we keep reading about. 10/10!

Author's Response: hahaha thank you :]
and im not sure about a sequel, but i'll keep it in mind!!
thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by mrsphantom kaleidoscopes, colours and dimensions

23rd November 2009:
very interesting. i wish it had been a bit longer though :(

Author's Response: oh, sorry!
maybe someday soon! i do love these characters!!
thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by spam_up_sam kaleidoscopes, colours and dimensions

19th November 2009:
Well...I adore this
I really do, believe me, I've been there...perhaps not as drunken but I could really relate, that probably makes me sound like an alcoholic...I'm not lol I'm just British and enjoy the odd glass of wine
But anywho, I wished you'd written more. I haven't enjoyed reading something so much in a while actually, so this made me happy
But ahh, can't believe you left it there
Add another chapter...go know you want to! =P
LOVE this!

Author's Response: spap_up_sam, thank you for taking the time to write such a lovely review! i think you're a brilliant author yourself, and your rambling review made me smile :]

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Review #10, by loserface kaleidoscopes, colours and dimensions

19th November 2009:
Awh, That was cute and very original. I loved it. I really, really want to know if she remembers it though!

Author's Response: hum ... i think she does :]
makes it all more interesting.
thanks for leaving a review!

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