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Reading Reviews for Kindred Spirits
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Review #1, by rosehedwig243 II

25th April 2017:
Hey hey Hey Sam!

Here to jailbreak for Angie for CTF in the race against the clock.

I love the POV you’ve chosen, and you certainly accomplished your point here. I enjoy writing from the perspectives of characters and then reading others takes on stories and characters from the same pov style.

This story has such a haunted and ghostly feel that it was so easy to get sucked into reading it until me and my emotions were totally chewed up and spat out after the last word. Such fantastic writing and i commend you on that.

I wish Molly had talked to her about not being ashamed of herself and the Weasley’s financial status before she went off to Hogwarts, that would have made a world of good for her in the long run.

I love how you’ve portrayed young Ginevra Weasley exactly as how she would have felt, alone, abandoned and simply reaching out for someone to take notice of her for her, which is exactly what my lovely house alumni Tom Riddle did.

I believe adding in line breaks would help with discerning between when she has her ‘flashbacks’ and back to her form of the present.

Such a great and well written story from an interesting pov, keep the fingers typing and the brain sparking fic ideas!


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Review #2, by adluvshp II

25th April 2017:
Oh, poor, poor Ginny. I love stories reflecting on her and Tom's relationship and it is great you have tackled the topic in such a manner. It is dark and creepy and disturbing but at the same time it is believable. Of course such an incident would have its after effects. Ginny getting nightmares totally makes sense, and then as she reflects on her life - how she started Hogwarts, wanting to have her own adventures, but finding herself overshadowed by the Weasleys, not feeling noteworthy, having low self-esteem due to not fitting in with her friends, it is all realistic and sad. As an eleven year old girl, it is normal to have such insecurities and hers are only enhanced here. And then she finds Tom in such a time - well the diary - of course it is going to get a hold on her. The way he has manipulated her is easily seen - being the kind listener and friend she needed, and that it made her happy is a little frightening to be honest. Worst, the ending bit, where she is clinging on to the memory and wondering if it really is dark, or if something can make her happy then it should not be. Now that is a dangerous path to set on. I wonder how things will shape up further for her. This was a beautiful chapter though with some amazing writing. Loved it, everything from characterisation to flow!

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Review #3, by Stephanie II

7th January 2012:
Its really not a bad story. :) Keep going

Author's Response: Thank you for the review.

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Review #4, by luv_addictGxJ I

19th November 2009:
great! i can't wait to read the rest!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.

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