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Review #1, by BitterSweetFlames What A Wonderful Existence

4th April 2010:
"Is it possible for one person to have so much? "

yes, molly it's possible. You're wonderful and beautiful.. :) I love how you made her sound.. She's been such a loud character throughout the book that seeing this soft, melodious side to her is amazing.. :D I love the way you write and the way you plodded through everything... :) Though plod is not the right word..
Can I say ah... floated with grace and melody?XD
Ick, I sound corny.. Anyway, that was an enjoyable read.. :) Hmmkay, I'm reading more of your stuff now.. :D



BTW, Kylie and I totally have the same view.. This hasn't gotten nearly enough feedback and recognition that it does deserve.. ^_^

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Review #2, by Elysium What A Wonderful Existence

1st March 2010:
Wow, you're not kidding. That was so different to the Hermione based one, and yet the same fluidity and prose-like writing was there. I loved the capitalisations of Life and so on, it really added to that wonderfully uplifting and hopeful tone in this piece. I could almost visualise that huge, yawning expanse of possibility which Molly was talking about. The descriptive writing in this was evocative and just lovely. It's just a total shame that, because this story isn't a romance, angst-driven dramione that it misses out on the feedback and attention it deserves.

I adored it :)

xox Kylie

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Review #3, by Hannah What A Wonderful Existence

24th February 2010:
Dude. Amazing.

I loved every minute of it. I feel ridiculously happy now.

Epic win.

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Review #4, by Swansea What A Wonderful Existence

30th January 2010:

Why does this have no reviews? It's lovely.

"Because there is no way to know what happiness is without experiencing sorrow."

So true.

I just love Molly in this, I can't explain it, but you portrayed her perfectly. I don't know how to get the all of once-ness of it all either, the way every sentence kind of sways forwards and back. It's just such a great piece.


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