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Review #1, by naflower05 Chapter 4

15th April 2011:
really good story so far! i love her quirky attitude! i cant wait for more, update again soon! =]

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Review #2, by SplatteredInk SmudgedMascara Chapter 4

11th April 2011:
I like it :) The way she woke up sounded like something I'd do :/

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Review #3, by Kenzie Black Chapter 4

11th April 2011:
This is really good! I love it(:

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Review #4, by pinwheelgoddess Chapter 4

1st July 2010:
Get the next chapter in as fast as your little fingers can type! I love every word of this series and would enjoy seeing this hot-sexy-funny-smart Sirius. You don't get that often with a lot of fanfics about Sirius Black. :D

Author's Response: I enjoy the fun and more realistic Sirius over the sensitive-want-to-talk-about-your-feelings-Sirius.

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Review #5, by KatrinaLK Chapter 4

23rd May 2010:
Couldn't be bothered to log in but I just HAD to leave a review.
I LOVED this chapter! I didn't expect her to be in Ravenclaw though so that was a surprise. Anyway, please update soon!!

Author's Response: Fantastic, I was a tad worried with this chapter, but it's nice to know that it came out okay. Yes she is indeed a Ravenclaw, I couldn't see her in any of the other houses except Gryffindor and that is too cliche.

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Review #6, by Sabina Spell Chapter 4

19th May 2010:
this story really has the potencial to be very interesting! and fun! i hope you will continue writing it!

Author's Response: Yay! Glad you think so! :D

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Review #7, by Nicole Chapter 3

15th May 2010:
This is the first fic I've read on this site, but compared to ones on Fanfic*net this is much better than many of those. Good build up on your OC. thanks for the great read so far.

Author's Response: Glad I could help your first impression of this sight in a positive way.

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Review #8, by anonymous fan Chapter 3

6th May 2010:
Thank you so much for writing this story, so far it has been amazing! I love how you go into detail when describing Melissa and her family, it makes the plot so much better. When are you going to post the rest? I hope it's really soon because I can't wait to see how the rest turns out.
Thank you!
From an anonymous fan.

P.S I hope you post really, really soon!

Author's Response: Hey! Thank you so much! And your welcome? I'm glad you've enjoyed it thus far and the next chapter is soon to come. :D

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Review #9, by Namingsucks Chapter 3

5th May 2010:
So far so good. Loving it so far can't wait for more. Will review again later on.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #10, by NobodyKnowsHowToTalkToChildren Chapter 3

5th May 2010:
Yep I definitely like this, it's very well written. Love the big feet reference!

More soon please :)

Author's Response: Gracias. The big feet reference does not end there.

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Review #11, by NobodyKnowsHowToTalkToChildren Chapter 1

5th May 2010:
Well I like this, although I think it would be kind of better if you blocked the text together a bit less. I do it sometimes, too, but it makes it more accessible :) It's good.

I don't know why I didn't read it before because I remember first seeing it up, but I think possibly I didn't because her surname is Kensington, and I live in Kensington XD

I'm gonna carry on reading now :)

Author's Response: It's good that you're enjoying it, even though the spacing isn't the most favorable. Either way, thank you for allowing your Kensington prejudice (:D) to not stand in the way of this story. The Kensingtons appreciate it.

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Review #12, by hp4eva786 Chapter 1

19th April 2010:
this looks like a really good story. its very well written. enjoyed the chapter alot. but now i have to get to back to my work but i'll be back soon to read the next ones

Author's Response: Well thank you for reviewing! I'm glad you took the time of your work to read this story while enjoying it at the same time! :D

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Review #13, by JKRowlingFan22 Chapter 3

18th April 2010:
Ooo, that plot just got really interesting! That was really kind of the Whites to take in Melissa! I feel bad for her... what kind of parents treat their kids that way?!?! I wonder how well Sirius and Melissa will get along? And having to share a room too... I love how well this story is going so far! Please update soon and keep on writing!

Author's Response: Thank you! This story is fun to write because the whole situation is just strange and abnormal but interesting. The Kensingtons are a lot like the Blacks in the sense that they reject things they don't understand and that are different. Melissa is different because she was already rejecting her families way of life and the discovery of being a witch topped it off.

I'm glad you've enjoyed it thus far!

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Review #14, by KatrinaLK Chapter 3

17th April 2010:
Wow! I love this story! Please update soon :)

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Review #15, by Sharpie Marker_ Chapter 3

17th April 2010:
urgh more please pleassse

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Review #16, by Sharpie Marker_ Chapter 2

17th April 2010:
lurve it
write more pleeeaaaseee

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Review #17, by Sharpie Marker_ Chapter 1

17th April 2010:
If I put a smile on ur face will u write more chappies? lol

Author's Response: I definitely will! I like you already!

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Review #18, by Ashi_xxx Chapter 3

16th March 2010:
poor girl! love the story, update soon please!

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Review #19, by jtothek42 Chapter 2

23rd December 2009:
I like where this is going! update soon!

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Review #20, by Astoria_Launay Chapter 2

5th December 2009:
Love it so far. Can't wait for more :)

Author's Response: Fantastic! I can't wait for it either

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Review #21, by Soleil et Lune Chapter 2

29th November 2009:
awee at least she has such as good friend to live with.. it was really good, I love the dad character..

Author's Response: Yeah, the dad's cool. He just needs some work being a better dad to his daughter when it comes to his wife and her mother.

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Review #22, by Soleil et Lune Chapter 1

29th November 2009:
I liked the intro, especailly how it starte with her background and everything, it explains a lot which is nice.

Author's Response: Yay! It's always starting a chapter, none the less, an entire story so I'm happy that people are enjoying it.

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Review #23, by SlytherClawx Chapter 2

29th November 2009:
Aww, poor gal :c.
Yep, he be a wimp. But I have something to say... HAHA! Thick English accent xD. Sorry, it's funny; What does a English accent sound like to you? Cause I am English and I do not sound like I am from Liverpool, Newcastle, London or the like xD. Just an observation :].
I can see where this is going. I think. One word; SIRIUS! Anyone? But yes, I like plot twists if I see where it's going (EVEN if I don't exactly know where it is going. Only thinking I know where it's going... if that makes sense O.o) But anyway, it is a good idea for a story and it was started brilliantly. Well done you xD.

Author's Response: I honestly don't know what an thick English Accent sounds like, which why I don't try to write it out because I don't know how it sounds. I only go by the movies and the way my voice sounds when I sound decently English on a good day. lol.
Yeah, hopefully I won't end up making this story TOO predictable. You're right though, SIRIUS is going to be coming soon. I can't remember if I was going to make everyone wait another chapter or not but either way he's coming within the next two chapters.

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Review #24, by Emilia Chapter 2

26th November 2009:
I liked this story, it is good :D
I'm looking forward to read more!

Author's Response: Yay! Great! I'm looking forward to you reading more!

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Review #25, by miss_aurora Chapter 2

25th November 2009:
I almost thought that her father would be as ignorant as her mother would be, but turn out he doesn't. Though I pity Melissa for being shooed by her own family.

Thanks for the update! :D

Author's Response: Yeah, he's not as ignorant, he's just...well Melissa said it, a wimp and can't stand up for himself. He's a good man though, but how good can you be if you don't stand up for what's right?

Hope you continue reading! :D

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