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Review #1, by hellouniverse100 Goodbye Freedom

13th February 2011:
Please update! I love the concept of the story!

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Review #2, by MissWeasley Goodbye Freedom

4th February 2010:
Thought this chapter was great :)
I feel so sorry for Lily though, Bailey is such a stalker!
Please update soon and keep up the great work!

Author's Response: It seems like it doesn't it? Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #3, by flying_rabbit Goodbye Freedom

3rd February 2010:
It's quite sweet that Albus and James are so protective of their sister, even if she doesn't really like it most of the time. Still, there has to be someone to stick up for her now that her husband doesn't anymore?
I'm betting that Bailey really hopes to catch Patrick so Lily will be completely free again, doesn't he? If he's so clingy, I can see why Lily is so annoyed by him. Especially if almost nobody else believes his accusations of Patrick...
But why on earth would Harry invite both Lily and Bailey over for dinner at the same time? Neither Ginny nor Lily seems to like it(/him?) and that's quite understandble, if you ask me. Aw, at least James is happy :) That's nice, even if Lily isn't, at the moment. It'll be an interesting marriage, if being together for four months is the longest they managed until now :D
I thought Lily should have lived with her parents for months now, already, since last chapter, Bailey suggested the same thing... Oh, and hopefully Lily will manage to escape from her parents again once the whole situation is safer (and they know what happened to Patrick and all...)!
Hope you'll update soon! :)

Author's Response: True. Someone has to take care of poor Lily. But now James has his own girl to preoccupy himself with ;) The Potters deserve some happiness. And yes, it probably will be a very interesting marraige. Aha thankyou :D I will update as soon as I possibly can.

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Review #4, by MissWeasley Auror Finnigan

25th January 2010:
Excellent start, there is no way it is just coincidence that Bailey is in charge of Patrick's case ;)
Please update soon, I am dying to know what happens next, keep up the good work :)

Author's Response: Thankyou for reviewing. Update soon, I promise! :)

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Review #5, by irrelevant Auror Finnigan

24th January 2010:
oooh I smell trouble... and I find it a little fishy that Bailey is the one in charge of investigating the dissappearence of Patrick. I'm sure he'll do all in his power to find something incriminating...
I, for one, still believe in Patricks innocence and/or good intentions.
Can't wait to

Author's Response: When is Lily NOT involved in trouble ;) If she was a real person, she'd probably try to kill me, all the horrible things I've done to her. It's a good thing you're making up your own mind. Maybe I'm losing my touch ;) Thankyou

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Review #6, by irrelevant Brown Owls and Uncomfortable News

24th January 2010:
Wow. So much action and drama in the first chapter :) (not that it's a bad thing.)
I can't believe Patrick would leave Lily. Someone else forged the letter. I suspect Bailey.
Well, I shall keep on reading. I loved the unexpected twist at the end of the first story, but I really really hope Lily and Patrick will get back together, and Bailey should just go someplace far far away...
Now, I'm sorry, I know I'm being paranoid, and jumping to conclusions... well, at least you can have a laugh at my review if you'd like :p:D
Shall stop ranting now, i'm really curious, I can't believe I'm not just clicking the arrow to read more already xd
lovely chapter btw

Author's Response: Thankyou so much :) I'm sure pretty much everyone wants Bailey just to leave everything alone, but that's not him, is it? I've got this one a little more planned out than the first one, and I hope you'll enjoy it just as much, if not more. I'm glad you liked it :)

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Review #7, by Leigh Kelley Auror Finnigan

5th January 2010:
Tsk. Bad Lily. Drinking when you are pregnant, no matter how stressed you are, is very bad. And it wasn't even one glass, but the entire bottle. Tsk, tsk. I'm glad Ginny wasn't there to see what she did, because I am sure she would have let her have it if she knew.

So, I take it Lily never told anyone about what Bailey had done in the past? He was a big idiot, and caused many bad things to happen. I don't think Harry would have allowed him to handle Patrick's case if he knew what happened while they were at Hogwarts. I know that people can change, but I can't help but think that there's something fishy going on. Why him specifically to Patrick's case? Of all the people, especially someone who just got promoted, it seems very odd. The case in itself seems high profile, so I am wondering if he didn't con his way into being a part of it. Just a guess, and most likely a bad one, because we all know I failed at figuring out what was going on in the first story.

Lily just always ends up in bad situations. I can't remember a chapter in the first story where everything goes her way. And here, I see things getting even worse before it gets any better for her. I really feel sorry for her.

I'm not entirely sold on Patrick's letter. There's something off about it than I can't really place a finger on. Guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens. Nice idea for a sequel, and I can already tell it's going to be a great story.

Keep it up!

~L. Kelley

Author's Response: Yeah drinking is definitely bad for the bably, though I suppose Ginny would've been even worse!
No she didn't. Especially not Patrick or her male family members, for obvious reasons. James and Al are part Weasley, and Harry had basically grown up with them, so telling them would be a big no no ;)
There's just as many twists in this one, but I don't think they'll be as dramatic. Just very big.
Patrick's letter was carefully written. That's all I'm saying.
Thankyou again! I'll let you know when a new chapter is up, which will be a little while, I'm afraid.

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Review #8, by Leigh Kelley Brown Owls and Uncomfortable News

5th January 2010:
Hi there :).

Well, this is certainly an interesting start. Already we see conflict in Patrick and Lily's relationship (Glad to see them still together, by the way). Something is weighing heavily on him, because I don't see him snapping at her for no particular reason. And he really can't have expected her to know where he worked if he never revealed to her. Well, she could have taken the initiative and asked, too. Kind of strange that they are married and she doesn't know that fact about him.

When she returned home and received that letter, I could have sworn that she received news of Patrick's death. To know that he left her... It's all very cold of him to have not told her in person. And actually pretty cowardly. What can one expect from a Slytherin, though. Is the owl an animagus? Haha, don't mind me. Just trying to figure out why the window was open. Has to tie in somehow for her to have noticed it, though I honestly can't figure out why. Maybe Patrick returned home and left the owl there with instructions to wait for her? Then again, he wouldn't have needed an owl, since he was already there. Blah. I don't know.

I like how Harry got all angry at the thought of Patrick deserting his baby girl. Then to find out that she's pregnant (shocker!) on top of it, it's all too much. Too bad Patrick doesn't know though. I wonder what his reaction would have been to it.

As for your concern. I don't think this first chapter had too much information. You revealed just enough to have the reader curious and wondering about Patrick and his decision to leave his wife. We also want to know what will happen to Lily and the baby, and also with Harry and James. I doubt that they'll take this lying down. Harry works at the Ministry, so I can bet that he may try to confront Patrick. Can't wait to see.

Reading on.

~L. Kelley

Author's Response: Hey :)
Thanks for doing this again. I really appreciate it.
There's definitely a conflict between Lily and Patrick, but yes, all shall be revealed eventually.
Well I can tell you you're onto something with the owl thing, though I can't tell you too much ;) It'll ruin the story!
Ok that's good. I thought that I bombarded the readers with so much information they couldn't digest all of it. Ah I can say that Harry and James will definitely not take this turn lying down!

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Review #9, by island_babe23 Auror Finnigan

12th December 2009:
this is really good!

Author's Response: Thankyou :)

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Review #10, by Torch Auror Finnigan

3rd December 2009:
Great chapter! I'm liking the appearence of Baily again, he's up to something though :) "I was being fanned by one of the secretaries and handed a glass of water." This is so true, anytime bad news is given it always comes with a glass of water :D You better keep writing and get another chapter up soon! You can't keep your number one fan waiting!!!

Author's Response: It's funny to see the reviews now, calling Bailey a git and accusing him of being up to something, then looking back to those in NI saying how wonderful he was and how he and Lily should get together ect.
True, that's what they usually do. Most of the time they don't even drink the water. It must be to steady them or something. Next chapter might be a little while, sorry. As it says on my Authors Page, I'm doing a challenge. Maybe you could have a go at that one when its up while youre waiting *grimaces appologetically*.

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Review #11, by Torch Brown Owls and Uncomfortable News

3rd December 2009:
Hey, I can't reply to your topic for some reason :P Just saying I'm loving that you made a sequel! Shame my soul is damned to eternally write horror fiction rather than HPFF :P

Author's Response: Hi. Have you got an account on the forums? If you don't, that might help lol. Did you see that I dedicated that chapter to you? :D Thanks for the review!

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Review #12, by Onna_Elwood Auror Finnigan

2nd December 2009:
Bailey is a slimey little git. I know he didn't do anything purposefully then, atleast, I don't think he did. But he was still being a total poofter. Poor Lily. Having the one you love leave you just sucks. There's nothing you can do about it but cope and hope things get better as quick as possible. Good job. I still think your spacing is a little wide, but your writting itself is magnificent. Amazing, can't wait for the update!


Author's Response: Yeah he is a bit of a git. The spacing is VERY annoying. I leave one space between each paragraph, then it says that I need double spacing, doing it automatically. Each time I post it more spaces are put in. Argh it's rather irritating. Thankyou :D I'm actually giving it a bit of a break to do a writing challenge, posting another story until about March I think (that's the deadline) but I might get time to put another chapter of FV in between. Thanks for your review.
P.S No, I didn't get your email, unless you mean the one you sent me on the 16th Nov. about 'A Rats Tale'?

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Review #13, by flying_rabbit Auror Finnigan

28th November 2009:
It's not very easy for Lily these days, is it? One shock after the other. Patrick's letter was very mysterious and strange and such, I really hope he didn't actually do anything (too) wrong. But the chances on that are probably not very big.
Bailey as an Auror, working on Patrick's case is just... as if he specifically asked to be allowed to do that. But wasn't Patrick's father an Auror too? He might not be too happy about his son, then.
Hopefully Lily will be safe with her parents, and the baby as well. As to Bailey, I have an odd feeling that there's something going on with him too. I just have no idea what :P
Hope you update soon! :D

Author's Response: Nope. Lily just seems to be a bit of a magnet for trouble. You'll find out Bailey's reasons for taking the case in the end. Patrick's father was indeed an Auror, though he would be well and truly retired by now, having been working back during the war. Patrick's family would be very disappointed in him.
More surprises to come ;) thanks for reviewing.

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Review #14, by Dramionelover1106 Brown Owls and Uncomfortable News

23rd November 2009:
I luv it !! Wen rcu uploading. I hope it's soon!!!

Author's Response: Thankyou :) I've put it up for validation, but it was rejected so I had to do it again. Should be up in a few days I hope.

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Review #15, by Onna_Elwood Brown Owls and Uncomfortable News

13th November 2009:
the line about pierce and her both being miserable at the end made me giggle!

Author's Response: Who wants to wash up if it will only make your beloved house elf unhappy? ;) Thanks.

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Review #16, by flying_rabbit Brown Owls and Uncomfortable News

12th November 2009:
Seems like a nice beginning! How old are they now, actually? So Patrick is still such a strange and mysterious guy, huh? I think it's a little strange, though, that Lily married him when she didn't know very much about him, even if she loved him a lot.
As this is only the beginning of the story, I have no idea what happened before this, but I still feel that it is a little rigorous of him to leave Lily. Too bad she's pregnant too :( That's a really bad timing now.
About Elise, should we know her from NI? Because I can't quite remember her, sorry :S It's quite funny that she and James keep breaking up with each other, and have done that for six years :P Doesn't that get boring for them as well? :P
Hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Lily is 23, Patrick 25 and just add 8 years to everyone's lives :) Over the years they got to know each other, and you will find out later what Patrick's reasonings were. Elise is a completely new character, so don't bother trying to look back for her ;) They're completely in love and don't really care how many times they've broken up. Thanks for the review.

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