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Review #1, by soniccyanide All to Myself

10th September 2011:
Wow, this is new for me. I like it :)

Author's Response: thank you very much!

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Review #2, by Hil All to Myself

1st August 2010:
This is the first "songfic" that I've ever read and I think it's a very creative idea! More importantly however, you have a way of stringing words together very smoothly, allowing for a seamless transition from the lyrical excerpts to your prose. Keep up the good work. :)

Author's Response:
such a nice review!
i like, love you, man.

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Review #3, by lk All to Myself

1st December 2009:
lucius doesnt cheat. its a pure fact. and why didnt you right anything? it was only like 2 sentences 4 this chapter.

Author's Response: hahaha oh wow.
there are so many things wrong in this comment of yours...
1. lucius doesn't cheat? how do you know that? either way it doesn't matter. this is fanfiction - key word here FICTION. you can make up whatever you want.
2. It clearly states that the story is FLUFF. nuff said there.
3. it's a one shot. why does it matter to you if it's long or not? you can't even spell "write" correctly!

you are a total moron,
now please get over yourself.

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Review #4, by Paloma Patil All to Myself

21st November 2009:
Great use of a great song. Are you Canadian? (I'm just guessing that people in other parts of the world aren't familiar with Marianas Trench.)

Nice job!

Paloma Patil

Author's Response: why yes, i am canadian :)
& yes, Marianas Trench is completely amazing!!!

thanks for reading.

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