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Review #1, by Crescent Moon  Home Is Where The Heart Is

27th June 2011:
Great!! Really want to know what's going to happen next. Looking forward to reading the next chapter XD

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Review #2, by Hope's Mom Home Is Where The Heart Is

5th April 2011:
Rose and Scorpius are both at very low places in their lives. Rose is sad but at least she has her family around her(although they don't know the truth) but I really feel for Scorpius. He needs to man up! Thanks for writing!

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Review #3, by moony the marauder There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

2nd February 2011:
this was excellent! I love it

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Review #4, by Sara_Sj Home Is Where The Heart Is

4th January 2011:
Oh yeayy! I didn't know there was a sequel to your angsty Rose/Scorpius one-shot. Come to think of it, I don't know how I came across the sequel :/
Anyway, on to the review :D It was wonderful, if not sort of an introduction, but wonderful all the same. I can't wait to finally get to the nice, juicy plot, hehe. I am eagerly awaiting an update.

By the way, Draco's letter was perfect...sounds exactly like him. (:

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Review #5, by B There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

9th November 2010:
Whaaa- you haven't updated since 2009? No. Anyway, great story!

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Review #6, by quibblerfan135 Home Is Where The Heart Is

6th July 2010:
please continue this-i love it already :) cant wait to see scorpius' reaction when he finds out rose is pregnant! maybe it'll prompt him to actually confront his father?! i wanna know what scorpius is so scared of happenning cos he doesn't seem like he's a coward to me :)

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Review #7, by Lovely27 Home Is Where The Heart Is

14th May 2010:
So good... lovely writing!! Please continue!

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Review #8, by Unwritten Curse Home Is Where The Heart Is

2nd February 2010:
Oh yay, a chapter from Scorpius's pov. :) I'm a fan of his.

I loved the imagery in this chapter. It gave Scorpius a very sophisticated air, which, in my opinion, is spot on. He was, after all, raised by Draco Malfoy. ;) His language and attitude and pretty much everything about him seemed to fit just right, so kudos. Your characterization is nothing short of brilliant.

Have you ever been to Paris? Because if you haven't, I am jealous of your ability to make a setting in which you have never visited so very convincing. It makes me want to board the next flight to Paris...

Oh, Scorpius. Despite how sophisticated and eloquent he seems to be, he is so naive. He understands Rose's desire to leave, but not really, not fully. You've portrayed that wonderfully. His constant questioning, his bitterness, his anger, his whole 'oh woe is me' attitude. Perfect.

Another 10/10. Please update soon, and let me know when you do. I want to keep up with this one. :)

Keep writing,

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Review #9, by Unwritten Curse There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

2nd February 2010:
I love your writing, Georgia. :)

I'm not feeling particularly eloquent at the time being, but I do want to say that I really enjoyed this. It's a plot that has been used a few times (haha), but you've made it your own. You've turned a cliche into something unique, and for that I applaud you. I think it has to do with the little details you slip in - like the Celestina Warbeck poster on her wall that's been there since she was 17. Just little things that bring it to life and make it all the more original.

Thank you for including Ron and Hermione in this chapter. I haven't seen them a whole lot in Next Gen writing, and it's sad. I want to see how my old friends are doing all grown up and with kids. :) I enjoyed Hermione's comment about 'trampy girls' and Ron's not-so-subtle coughing to get her to stop. Precious.

A 10/10 for you, and I'm off to the next chapter. But first, I want to say thank you - your writing is exactly what I needed. It's so effortless and wonderful. :) I really mean that.

Keep writing,

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Review #10, by RupertsPheonix Home Is Where The Heart Is

1st January 2010:
I really like this story so far. Good start, just the right pace for me. :)

Can't wait for your next update!


Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm terribly worried it's too slow/too fast - I'm not used to novels!!

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Review #11, by Fireball Nymph Home Is Where The Heart Is

29th December 2009:
He's going home!!! OHMIGOD! :o That was quick o.O Anyway, really awesome, it showed a lot about who Scorpius is and how he felt

Author's Response: Haha, yeah. Well, I didn't want to drag it on - don't worry their meeting is for another chapter or two and even then it is too brief to count :P

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Review #12, by Fireball Nymph There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

29th December 2009:
Really awesome XD I love the last part... mmh if only they knew.. Off to read the next one

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

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Review #13, by jessicanicole Home Is Where The Heart Is

28th December 2009:
Great chapters. Your writing style is lovely. I can't wait to see what happens as Scorpius returns home :]

Author's Response: Thanks! Scorpius' return will be revealed not next chapter but the one after :) Thanks for reading!

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Review #14, by carol There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

28th December 2009:
update please please please
i want to know what happens next!
(its really good btw)

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

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Review #15, by onestop_hpfan18 Home Is Where The Heart Is

18th December 2009:
Another well written chapter! I thought you did a great job introducing Scorpius into the story. You've given him such a distinct and sharp voice. It is clear he has inherited some of his traits from his father as I saw some Draco tendencies in him, however it is also clear that he truly loves Rose but is too stubborn, like she, to go after her. I didn't see any grammar/spelling errors in this chapter, so no problem there. I really like this story so far, let me know when you update. 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked Scorpius' voice, he was a pain to write :P And I am so glad to hear you could see Draco in him - I really wanted that!

Thank so much for your wonderful reviews, Leslie, really they made my day! :D

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Review #16, by onestop_hpfan18 There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

18th December 2009:
Hey Georgia! Great story so far, I thought you did a great job introducing the character of Rose. Also, excellent descriptive writing with the emotions in this chapter. The heartbreak Rose is going through seems realistic, as it should, and I only spotted one sentence that read awkwardly;

"...where he to come back because of his child, he would only come to resent it." Perhaps if it started out as "... where he came back..." then it would make more sense and no sound as jumbled.

Overall, great strong start to what looks like a very promising story already. Great job.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for getting to this so quick, Leslie! It's really appreciated, thank you!

I'm glad you thought Rose was realistic - I'm not used to the slow pace of writing novels, so this is definitely an experiment for me!

Thanks for pointing that out - I think I meant "were" instead of "were". It reads better like that :)

Thanks so much, Leslie! I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter.

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Review #17, by HogwartsGirl618 Home Is Where The Heart Is

15th December 2009:
This is SO fantastic! This is such amazing work! This is honestly some of the best writing I have seen at HPFF! You are so wonderful! I love Scorpius. His tone is so unique, his character so formed! And I love the dynamic (or lack thereof) that we see between him and Rose! It addresses things in an entirely different perspective. Again, your structure and sophisticated flow were flawless.

France was not, by any stretch of the imagination, England.
If there was such a thing as a best line award, you would win it. In fact, I'm making one so I can give it to you because a truer sentence was never spoken. I lived in Paris for a month last year and hearing your description was literally like going back. The Seine, the apparent grandeur and then the inner grime, and the cafes! Your French was lovely to read :) And I too have played the game of "How British (well, in my case American) can you be before getting thrown out in France?" It was so entertaining to see him play. =) You're amazing!

And they both want the other to come back for who they are. They both want the other so badly - it's painful to read! Well, it's amazingly awesome to read - but it's painful! =) I cannot wait for the next update of this! Definitely a new favorite!

I find it much harder to be sympathetic with Rose for not writing back after reading this, by the way ^_^. Have a wonderful wonderful day! xoxo

Author's Response: Thank you so, so much, Sarah. You are far too kind (and I sound like a broken record!) :D

I'm really glad you liked that line. For the longest time (a couple of weeks, at least!), that was the only sentence in the word document titled "Lights - Chapter Two" :P It reminded me every time what the chapter was about, so it was very useful!

And I am so jealous - I have never been to Paris! I really want to, though. And yes - I have heard of the infamous French unhelpfulness when it comes to not being about to speak the language. That, obviously, is what inspired this :)

Argh! Thank you - you got it exactly. I really want the idea that neither will be truly home without the other - that they will essentially guide each other home - to come through, and you got that! Yay! I know now how you feel when people get your "Safe" idea/metaphor :D

Thanks so much, Sarah, for reading and reviewing this; it means the world, thank you!! :D

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Review #18, by HogwartsGirl618 There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

15th December 2009:
You are so so ridiculously talented! It's insane! I cannot fathom how one even goes about writing this well. Everything about this is amazing. Sentence structure, word variation, flow - I'm truly green with envy. As for the story itself, it is absolutely amazing! I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed (And I get to read another chapter now? Mwhahahaa!). I love the way you insert details about Rose's life that give real substance to her character without beating the reader over the head with information. I love how you make the reader understand Rose's point of view without making us feel forced to sympathize, and as a result we do. And I loved the dream and how unique it was. And I love how I'm sitting here, so hoping he comes home. I'm off to the next chapter! You truly are so gifted! *hug tackles* xoxo

Author's Response: SARAH, YOU ARE FAR TOO KIND.

Thank you so much, Sarah, I am far from deserving such praise!! I'm glad you liked it - I was so worried when I started it would seem slow and boring. I'm not used to novels/anything-more-than-a-one-shot, so anything drawn out seems painfully slow when I write it.

As for Rose's life, that was actually the hardest bit - when I started writing this, I unconsciously info-vomited. That is, I had large blocks of information unbroken by narrative. Luckily I realise before I sent the chapter to my beta and re-wrote the entire chapter. I had a check list of what I need to include and it made it so much more flow-y.

Thank you so much, Sarah, you are much to kind :D

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Review #19, by LucyLovegood Home Is Where The Heart Is

8th December 2009:
This is such a brilliant premise! I'm hooked. Please update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks! The next chapter is in the works, I hope to get it out before the New Year :)

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Review #20, by RemusGal Home Is Where The Heart Is

3rd December 2009:
Love the premise of your story. Scorpius is a bit of a cad, I think - torturing the waitress, not seeing anything from Rose's point of view, living high by transforming stuff into Muggle money now that she's gone. Not that any of it is making him happy, but still if she found out what he was up to, she'd want to go back to him even less. I look forward to what happens when he returns to London.

Author's Response: Thanks! Scorpius is a git, yes, but he's just finding himself at the moment :) You are totally right - he's not happy with anything at the moment and he's making everything worse. Thanks for reading and reviewing, I hope you'll stick around for the next chapter!

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Review #21, by Laugharama_llama Home Is Where The Heart Is

2nd December 2009:
This story is wonderful! I'm so glad you decided to make a sequel!!

I love this! It's so un-cliche-ScoRo! Everyone always writes about how Scorpius and Rose have to deal with everyone not accepting their relationship, but no one stopped to think that maybe they'd be too scared to ever tell anyone. It's so crazy that they even got married in secret. Very cunning (Slytherin!) on Scorpius's part!

One thing that bothered me (and the only thing, really) was the story summary. I don't think it's bad -- I actually think it sounds very sweet! But it doesn't show how amazing this story is. I hope that makes sense.

And I'm curious as to how Draco got Scorpius's address? Hm.. -pats chin- I guess we'll find out in the next chapter! Maybe he's pulling a Dobby and intercepting Rose's mail, hahaha!

Can't wait for Chapter 3!

Author's Response: Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I'm so flattered to hear that you consider this un-cliché! And I totally took your advice about the story summary - I do know you are from TGS (haha, I sound like a stalker, yes? :P) so if you could give your opinion on the new one either in a PM over there or (if you continue to read this) in a review for the next chapter, I would appreciate it greatly :)

And as for Scor's address...well, I'm trying to imply he got sloppy with hiding after Rose left. He really has no reason left to be in hiding. But I will try and slot that in in the next chapter, thanks for pointing it out!

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing, it means the world!!

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Review #22, by gemma Home Is Where The Heart Is

29th November 2009:
i have just finished reading you story it was enjoyable i do hope you will carry on with it to the end

Author's Response: Thanks so much! The update is being worked on right now in fact :)

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Review #23, by Ronsgirl29 Home Is Where The Heart Is

26th November 2009:
this was really good! ah man a cliff-hanger! i can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks! The update will hopefully be up soon!

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Review #24, by Ronsgirl29 There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

26th November 2009:
i liked this chapter alot! i hope scorpius comes backs soon! oh and i forgot to add in my review of the prequel for this story, stay, that i love the song hurt by johnny cash! aha okay bye! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Hurt is such a lovely song, I adore Johnny Cash's version!

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Review #25, by SnitchSnatcher Home Is Where The Heart Is

22nd November 2009:

I think I like Scorpius' POV more than Rose's, but perhaps that's because I adore the way he describes things. From how the croissant taste to the smell of the Seine river to the building where he was staying, the descriptions are to die for! I felt like I was right there alongside him, seeing the sights that he was. But alas, I was not, but rather on my couch and wishing that I was, lol.

I feel horrible for Scorpius; he's trying so hard to get through to Rose, but she's not answering. I mean, I understand her reasoning and all, but still, it's breaking his heart and it's just sad to watch. In fact, it's so sad that I just want to envelope him in a huge hug and tell him that everything will eventually be all right, even if his mother is ill. By the way, I'm curious to see what illness she's diagnosed with.

GAH! I'm so anxious to read the next chapter. You've got me hooked on this and it's only two chapters in! I can't wait for the next update. Until then, my dear!



Author's Response: MOLLY, YOU ARE FANTASTIC.

I'm so glad you liked Scorpius - he's a melodramatic little git who gave me NO END OF TROUBLE but, considering you like him, it seems it was worth it :D

Don't forget; Scorpius may seem pitiable now but he broke Rose's heart back in Rome. She is a stubborn girl and it will take more than "I'm sorry" for her to forgive him. Plus, considering the life he is now living, I'm sure she would not be too happy.

I am curious, too, don't you worry :P



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