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Review #1, by american wizard Chapter 3

13th December 2009:
I have a question about your banner, is that haley williams, the lead singer of paramour?

10 outta 10

Author's Response: Hmm... Hehe, it might be... But I'm not sure. I think it is, but I never thought of that when I picked the picture. I just thought she looked like Harrie =P

Thanks for your review!!! =D Made my day!!!

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Review #2, by american wizard Chapter 2

13th December 2009:
OOH, I am so glad I took french! I actually understood it. YAY!!

that little voice is always a great guy isnt he, does yours have a high squeky voice? Mine does

10 outta 10

Author's Response: Haha, yeah that's a good thing =P ;) Too bad for people who don't understand it =D

Yep, the best friend ever =P Nah, only squeaky when I refuse to listen ;) Hahaha

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Review #3, by american wizard Chapter 1

29th November 2009:
this is a great story, and dont change the banner its a good one, even if it is blurry

Author's Response: Thanks :)
Hehe, alright =P Thank you. I hoped people would think that!

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Review #4, by LilyMilly Chapter 2

19th November 2009:
hehe your not the only one with voices in your head!
i loved the story...
your good :D
very good :D
and i'm glad things worked out for harriet :)

Author's Response: Haha, I suppose =P ;)
Thanks :)

Yeah, I think this will be a happy-story =P She's doing good in France already...

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Review #5, by LilyMilly Chapter 1

19th November 2009:
hey :)
i loved this chapter, and i look forrward to reading more of it !
poor harriet !
last year at hogwarts is like the major thing and to go one year at another school sucks.
i hope things work out for her ...

Author's Response: I know. I really felt bad doing that to her =P Hehe. It really sucks. I would've been SO mad...

We'll see how it goes =P

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