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Review #1, by shoveitsunshine The Ivory Child

3rd June 2012:
Oh my gosh. This story is just... creepy, but I don't know, it's just really wonderfully so. The last sentence gave me chills.

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Review #2, by NaidatheRavenclaw The Ivory Child

6th May 2012:
I think sufficiently creeped out is a vast understatement. Wow.

I've been looking for some good horror stories lately and I stumbled across this in some story recommendation thread and oh my god I'm so glad I found it. We're reading horror stories in school right now, and not one of them has creeped me out as much as this did. *shudders*

The first part started out so sad. I love the direct way you told everything in this story. There was no guessing, which just made it that much creepier. And you played on natural human emotions. What person wouldn't want to bring their dead loved ones back to life? Draco just took it a step further here, and that's when it got creepy.

I could just picture him in that graveyard, digging up his son's body and taking it to Normandy. That's when the story began to give me the chills.

And of course, as soon as Scorpius was brought back to Malfoy Manor, I could tell something was wrong. And with the House Elf murdered and then Astoria. I had to look behind me, just in case xD And you writing through the whole thing was absolutely flawless.

I'm so in awe of this story (and still a bit on edge). Great job ^_^


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Review #3, by MuseDae The Ivory Child

27th April 2012:
This was bloody creepy. .___. That's honestly all I have to say. It was excellently written but really bloody creepy..Excuse me while I don't sleep.

(Though perhaps my not sleeping will allow me to complete this paper I have to turn in...nahhh)

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Review #4, by TenthWeasley The Ivory Child

15th April 2012:
I don't know quite where I stumbled across the name of this story -- it was, more than likely, in some story recommendation thread or another. But I am just going to take this moment to say how very, very sincerely glad I am that I made my way here to read it. Hands-down, this is one of the most brilliant fan fictions I've ever read, and I loved every single word of it.

It was such mastery -- the characters, the plot, your writing style. I'm having a lot of trouble coming up with the proper way to express my emotions because I just loved this so much. :) It was spine-tingling and haunting and eerie and exactly the sort of story I have been searching to read for probably a year or more. Absolutely perfect in every sense of the word.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us -- the world needs more writers like you!

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Review #5, by deluminator The Ivory Child

21st January 2012:
This is a brilliant story!

I love to read dark stories like this but they are quite rare so I was so lucky to come across this- a dark story that is also well-written. You perfectly captured the chilling atmosphere a story like this should have. It is so insanely creepy and also terribly tragic.

It is also brilliant that you managed to create such a fleshed out story with a single chapter. Incredible.

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Review #6, by ???? The Ivory Child

27th July 2011:
I want to say you wrote the most amazing horror one-shot I ever read. I think I'm going have some nightmare plus it doesn't help when I'm reading middle at night. When I read the last sentence it give me shiver and creeping vibe around me. Awesome work. :)

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much! That's quite a high compliment indeed. I feel very flattered. Again, thanks a million for your kind comments and supportive feedback. ^_^ It was just great hearing from you.


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Review #7, by flozoeoreo The Ivory Child

26th May 2011:
I was very creeped out, I hope it will please you to know XD. I thought it was really, really good. No grammar errors, no spelling errors, original plot (I was getting so tired of all the rubbish on here by people who think they can write. This was really refreshing) and you kept me reading until the end. Some stories I don't even last the first chapter before I have to start reading because I've either seen it all before or there are too many errors to understand what's going on. Great job!


Author's Response: Hi Flora,
Thank you so very much for the kind review! It was wonderful hearing from you. I truly am grateful for your thoughtful, considerate comments. And, needless to say, I'm thrilled that you enjoyed this fic. Thanks again for everything! I do hope you have a pleasant weekend. ^_^


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Review #8, by blue splash The Ivory Child

25th April 2011:
Wow. Just wow.
That's all I can think to say right now.
I'm so incredibly amazed by your writing and the way you make the story feel as if its real and I'm actually there.
Its amazing and I can't remember reading something so deep and mind blowing good.
I'm impressed and I can't wait to read more of your work. Wonderful writer(:

Author's Response: Hi blue splash,
Thank you so much for the wonderful review! I'm absolutely thrilled to hear that you enjoyed this one-shot. Your thoughtful comments really mean the world to me, so again, thank you. I truly am grateful for your kind feedback. ^_^ Take care and be well!


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Review #9, by Sara_Sj The Ivory Child

5th April 2011:
Oh my GOD. I honestly didn't know what I was getting myself into when I read this. I wasn't able to fall asleep (hah, I'm smart- choosing this to read) so I randomly searched up stories with Scorpius. One thing led to another and, I'm not exactly sure why or how (since I don't read horror very often- at least not on HPFF), but I ended up reading this.
It was chilling.
I was literally shivering at the end.

You made them all seem so /real/. I could almost reach out and touch them. I wasn't reading, I was feeling all the emotions Draco was. I was feeling his joy at seeing his son back alive again, feeling his agony when he was burying his son in the beginning, feeling the guilt he felt, even though he didn't want to admit it.

And feeling his denial.

How could sweet Scorpius be anything but...sweet? Even when he was standing above Astoria's dead body- even then.

And including Harry in this. That was just...although his part in this story was not much, it was more than enough. For some reason, it was just the thing that was needed.

"It was Harry Potter who found Dracoís body on the terrace behind the house. And of all the Aurors that accompanied him to Malfoy Manor that November day, he was the only one who believed that the man hadnít committed suicide."


I honestly don't know what to say. I really want to explain to you how amazing this was. How /chilling/ but not the jumping-in-your-face-and-startling you kind of horrifying but the mess-with-your-brain and make you shiver kind.

And I LOVED it.

Honestly, I loved this more than Stephen King's version (which I read after I read this).

I mean, you managed to creep me out, chill me to the core, and make me connect with the character in much less words.


And the ending was...idk how to say it. Just...
know that you are amazing.

I hardly ever favorite stories. But this- this I've got to.

Brilliant, you are amazing. Thank you for freaking me out at 3 AM :D

Author's Response: Hello Sara_sj
What a lovely review! Thank you so very, very much! I'm absolutely thrilled to hear that you enjoyed this story and that it creeped you out a bit. ;) As a horror writer, I always like to give my readers a little scare, haha.

I'm also so pleased that you found this story realistic, especially since I think this fic had the potential to be a bit over-the-top. After all, there aren't many magical burial grounds that I know of, although I suppose the idea of bringing someone back to life is more believable in the HP world than in our world.

And yes, Draco is definitely in denial. It comes with the territory, I guess. When people grieve they do sometimes go through a stage of denial. I don't believe Draco ever, quite literally, laid his son to rest because he was in extreme denial, unlike Astoria, who realized her son was dead and let it tear her apart.

In addition, I'm also glad that you enjoyed Harry's brief appearance. I've always found the post-war dynamic between him and Draco to be very compelling. I can imagine Draco being rather resentful towards Harry, although Harry himself seems to be a very forgiving person and I think he would try to look past Draco's many sins in order to sympathize with a grieving father.

Again, thank you so much for the kind review! It was wonderful hearing from you and your feedback truly put a smile on my face. I hope you have a great week! Take care!


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Review #10, by ciararose The Ivory Child

9th March 2011:
Wow, this story was incredibly creepy. Having read Pet Semetary, I couldn't resist when I found this fic was inspired by it. And you really do it justice, I must say. But I think what you accomplished best was the depth of the feeling that really made the story believable. It was not simply a horror story, it was a tragedy. And not because of the death, but because of the loss of innocence and the descent into madness.

I particularly liked that you managed to accomplish the very delicate task of keeping Draco's madness subtle, even while his wife's was obvious. Draco is at first a grieving father, and then slowly more and more of the twist in his mental state is revealed, just keeping pace with the action of the story. And the fact that you chose to use Draco and Astoria fits so well, because Draco's actions have that element of selfishness or greed that his character is well known for, but also have the helplessness and sorrow behind them that make them totally believable.

And, needless to say, the horror was perfectly done. It is just chilling, the wording, particularly the Ivory Child.

Amazing work!

Author's Response: Hi ciararose,
Thank you so much for the thoughtful review! I was so thrilled to hear that you enjoyed this one-shot and that you found it creepy. As a horror writer, it always makes me happy to know that I gave my readers a little scare. ;)

Also, I'm really pleased that you thought Draco's slow descent into madness was believable. I had a writing teacher who once told me never to write about madness, because someone who is sane cannot possibly understand it. I'm glad you thought it turned out all right in this fic, though. Or perhaps that means I'm less sane than I think? Haha. ^_^

Again, thanks for the great review. It was just wonderful hearing from you and I really do appreciate your kind comments. Have a great week and take care!


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Review #11, by MajiKat The Ivory Child

9th September 2010:
that was WOW
i loved it.
i loved the detachment to the narrative voice, which suited draco's detachment so well
and the dark and ahhh everything
i hate and yet love creepy kids in things...and pet cemetery freaked me out!!
ive never read anything of yours before and im sorry if this review is nonsense but this was chilling. and i like being chilled ^_^

kate xx

Author's Response: Hi Kate!
Thank you so very much for taking the time to both read and review this one-shot! Your kind comments mean so much to me. I'm really glad to hear that you were creeped out. :)


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Review #12, by peppersweet The Ivory Child

17th August 2010:
DUDE! Okay, sorry for the capitals, but that was the scariest thing I've ever read on this site. Draco digs up his son, oh, merlin. Creepy stuff. That's...woah. It took Draco's character to a whole new level, plus it gave the whole Malfoy family a sort of creepy edge I've never really seen in a story here.

I actually really liked the character of Pascow even though his part in the story was quite fleeting. He was very unique.

I think the part that stuck the most was when Astoria reminded him that he'd left the broom cupboard open. More than the deaths and the exhumation. I don't know, I think that it might have been the turning point or something. Plus it gives her character a bit of a twist - a realistic twist, that is - by pointing the finger when it was really just an accident.

Anyway, this was just fabulous. Okay, so I'll admit that I've only read two of your stories, but I'll just end this by saying that, woah, you've got some gift for writing horror.

Author's Response: Hello peppersweet!
Thank you so much for the kind review! It was just wonderful hearing from you. Your feedback was so thoughtful. I really do appreciate your comments.

I must admit that horror is my preferred genre, so I'm quite thrilled to hear that you found this story suitably creepy. ^_^

Pascow is actually a reference to a Stephen King character that featured in his "Pet Sematary", although I more or less just borrowed the name as an homage and created an OC to go with it.

Again, I'm so glad you enjoyed this story. Thanks again for taking the time to read and review! I was so happy to hear from you. Take care and be well!


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Review #13, by datbenik513 The Ivory Child

18th May 2010:
I'm sorry to disappoint you, but it didn't creep me out. It scared the hell out of me. Now happy? :D

Knowing your oeuvre quite a bit, I don't think I'm far from truth by saying that this is your most accomplished work to date. One can clearly tell where your heart lies; horror, really horroristic horror flows naturally from your pen.

...her every scream driving a nail deeper, deeper, deeper until his veins ruptured with grief... Simply amazing. The imagery throughout this quite long one-shot is just twistedly poetic. Somehow did remind me of Lovecraft and Poe, but this is unmistakably your style. I strongly encourage you to change a few wordings and names and send it to some publishers, or, even better, write a few more pearls like this!

The staggered, broken storytelling - short paragraphs, unfinished sentences - Stephen King at it's best.

Very hard to find the praising words that would do justice to your work. It's just... awesome. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Hello Zoltan!
Agh! You flatter me. I just know I don't deserve such praise, especially considering I wrote this during my whooping cough episode when I was half-coherent most of the time. ;) Honestly, I think I jotted down the first part (Scorpius's funeral) the week before I got sick and then I totally forgot about this story for a month. So yes, I'm completely thrilled to hear that you enjoyed this fic. Part of me thought it was a bit too brutal and because I'm a fan of subtle horror, I really hesitated to post it.

I am, however, planning a sequel, now that you've inspired me with your thoughtful review. Well, not a sequel, really, but another one-shot similar to this. And if it turns out half-way decent and I work up the nerve to post, guess who I'm gonna dedicate it to? ^_^

Again, you are way too kind. I cannot thank you enough. Take care and be well!

Lee Anne

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Review #14, by JKRowling1211 The Ivory Child

25th January 2010:, haha, wow. This was scary.and reading it while the rest of your family is watching TV and you're the only one upstairs on the computer is...just fantastic. Let me tell you that. Lol, I'm sorta creeped out right now so I'm gonna go downstairs and watch TV with my family. :)

Author's Response: Hello JKRowling1211!
Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review! I'm so glad your were a bit creeped out by this fic. As a horror writer, I try my best to scare my readers. ;)

Thanks again! I do hope you have a pleasant weekend.


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Review #15, by aPennyForYourThoughts The Ivory Child

3rd January 2010:
LOVELY story! I LOVE the emotions and all the angst! It EXTREMELY scared the bejesus out of me! Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thanks a million! I'm so very glad you enjoyed this. ^_^


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Review #16, by SiriuslyPeeved The Ivory Child

6th December 2009:
This was so, so scary and fantastically written! I wish I'd read it at Halloween! Draco's grief and slide into madness are so believably written.

The one bit of CC I have is just a formatting issue -- the centered text is a little bit hard to read. Loved it. Probably won't be able to get it out of my head for a while ;)

Author's Response: Hi SiriuslyPeeved!
Oh, thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed this one-shot. And I do truly appreciate your review. Your thoughtful feedback means so much to me.

As far as the centered text goes...I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you mean. I just checked the formatting and I didn't come across any centered text. Maybe I misunderstood you?

Thanks again, Siriusly! It was great hearing from you. I hope you have a lovely weekend!


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Review #17, by Misty_Rey The Ivory Child

18th November 2009:
Sufficiently? Dude, I was completely and utterly creeped out.


In all seriousness though, that was fantastic. Perfect for Halloween, which was when I read it (sorry it took so long for me to leave a review). I was captivated the entire time I was reading it. Since the summary didn't give any indication of what the story was about, I had no idea where the story would lead and I'm so grateful for that. The full effect of this story can only be felt if the reader knows next to nothing about it. Thus, the end was just.. *shivers*. No, not just the end. Parts XIII through to XIV were astounding. No lie, I was literally at the edge of my seat and feeling a shiver of fear.

I would point out my favourite parts but for one, I don't want to spoil it for anyone else and for another, the entire thing was just too jaw-droppingly amazing for me to compress into a few paragraphs.

Classic horror and expertly written. Fantastic job, 10/10!


Author's Response: Hiya Misty Rey!
Oh, I'm so thrilled to hear that you were creeped out by this fic! As a horror writer, that's my ultimate scare my readers silly. ;)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review! It was wonderful hearing from you. I'm so glad you enjoyed this story. I was worried that readers might find it too stark and brutal. After all, Scorpius acts quite OOC in this fic.

Again, thanks so much for reviewing, Misty. Your feedback truly made my week. ^_^ Take care!


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Review #18, by littlealice The Ivory Child

3rd November 2009:
this. is. awesome.
end of.
you rule.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #19, by spam_up_sam The Ivory Child

2nd November 2009:
I was indeed sufficiently creeped out, really quite freaked but gosh, it was a great read. You write exceptionally well, especially this dark/horror. A lot of people struggle with it but you got the atmosphere and feel perfectly.
Just a brilliant, if creepy, read =]

Author's Response: Hello Sam,
Yay! I'm so glad you were scared. As a horror writer, that's my ultimate goal, to scare the reader out of his/her wits. (That sounds rather evil, doesn't it? Haha ^_^) Thank you so much for the thoughtful review! It was wonderful hearing from you.


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Review #20, by redherring The Ivory Child

1st November 2009:
Wow. Definitely creeped me out. I mean, I should proabably have read it yesterday to get the full Halloween effect, but as it's pretty dark now and raining heavily the atmosphere was still pretty appropriate xD

Anyway, this was just amazing! The idea behind it was completely brilliant, and your writing was just as wonderful as always. The whole thing just sent shivers down my spine, literally. Your charcters were all brilliantly written as well - I can really see Draco reacting this way, given the reason and the opportunity, and little back-from-the-dead Scorpius was both adorable and unbelievably scary at different points in the story. To be honest, I don't think I'll be able to look at Scorpius in the same way ever again *shudders*

10/10 :)

Author's Response: Hi redherring!
I feel so spoiled by your reviews. ^_^ How can I possibly thank you for your awesome feedback? Your support really means a lot to me and do appreciate every single one of your reviews. ;) I could literally just keep gushing, but then this reply would be rather boring, wouldn't it? Haha

I'm so glad you found this creepy. Evil children have always freaked me out, but I didn't know if anyone else would find the notion scary.

Thanks again for the great review! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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Review #21, by jen The Ivory Child

31st October 2009:
Really cool story for halloween. Creeped me out a little bit.

Author's Response: Thanks a million, Jen! I'm so glad you were a little creeped out. ;)


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