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Review #1, by Casper Brotherly Love

4th April 2013:
Hi! I know you said you were planning on re-working this when you got a chance- so I just wanted to drop a line and see what the status was with this story :) You've done such an awesome job with all the characters, making them interesting, 3-dimensional figures who I'd love to read more about! If you get some time, please do update this :)


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Review #2, by AnonSendsTheirLove Brotherly Love

20th April 2012:
Hey! Any chance of an update? I know it's been a while, but this story has stuck out in my mind for quite some time! You've written Roxanne, Teddy, Bert and Fred in such a lovely way, I find myself wondering what their future holds...
Here's to hoping for an update :)

Author's Response: I'm actually trying to rework this story. I didn't like the direction it was heading - it was supposed to be light and fun, not dreary and depressing, so hopefully I'll keep to my word and redo this.

Thanks for the review and continual support!

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Review #3, by ansley Brotherly Love

9th August 2010:
I've been reading this series for months now and I really can't wait for the next update : D. Hope you continue and I believe the story is really interesting. Or maybe I just really like Roxanne c:.

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Review #4, by amy Brotherly Love

26th July 2010:
i really hoped roxanne and teddy would get together i really liked there pairing

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Review #5, by mrsteddylupin Brotherly Love

19th July 2010:
i love this story, please write more! you make all the characters relatable, and its super easy to understand! its hard to stop reading this story! :)

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Review #6, by Jellyman Brotherly Love

12th July 2010:


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Review #7, by Celestie Brotherly Love

9th July 2010:

Ditto with Jo below! Update ASAP as this story is all kinds of adorable. Roxie = love, Fred = lovex2. Fred may just be my new favorite character in this, behind Roxanne (of course). :P

Not much to say as there is only a mass of disgraceful squeeing, but I LOVE THIS STORY. :D Victoire is somewhat a cow and I was ready to stake her (and Teddy) near the ending! You kept it appropriately mysterious with what happened between Ted/Roxanne to make such a fallout. And gah! TEDDY AND VICTOIRE CANNOT BE BACK TOGETHER.

I will hate Teddy for a very long time if he picks Victoire again! She went out with a man who was old enough to be her dad! (And considering that Fleur and Roger went to the Yule Ball together - double vomit; a total Viktor/Rose situation XD).

But overall: I love this story. Definitely update soon or I will follow Jo's threat and nag you until you do.

- Celeste

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Review #8, by BriiLoves Whistle While You Work

8th July 2010:
I lovee this!
I started reading Roxanne because my friend wrote a fanfic and Roxanne represented me, and I'm glad I started with this story!

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Review #9, by Margravine Brotherly Love

8th July 2010:

and a little in love with this chapter! I forgot how much I adore this story, but I do and I shall keep pestering you til you finish this one - of all your wonderful WIPs, this is mya absolute favourite. It's sweet and fun and at times heartbreaking. MORE PLEASE

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Review #10, by perfectly imperfect The Complication with Fluctuation

26th June 2010:
just loved it. :) pls update soon.. pls..

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Review #11, by Canadianginny The Complication with Fluctuation

29th May 2010:

10/10 if you write more!!

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Review #12, by Brittany The Complication with Fluctuation

25th April 2010:
Alright. SO. As I was waiting for you to update Conventional Wisdom, I decided to take a gander with this.
And I love it.

BUT now I am suck waiting for another update!

You really are a great writer. I guess.. the only way I can describe it is that I don't really notice your writing style. That may sound like a bad thing, but it's not. You write so perfectly that I just get caught up in the story, rather than noticing all the details of some sort of extravagant writing style. Hm. I hope that came out the right way.

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Review #13, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme The Complication with Fluctuation

13th April 2010:
"So I should wear trousers then?"
Loved that line an inexplicable, weird amount. Just sounds like something some of my guy friends would say too.

Not Manchester and Liverpool!
♥ ♥ ♥

And I've expressed my adoration of Bert's gesture too. I absolutely adored this chapter - from Bert's really lovely protectiveness to Roxanne's explanation to everything else. It's so, sooo good and I love it.

So sorry for how awful these reviews have been but better than nothing, right?

Love love


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Review #14, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme Adventures in Babysitting

13th April 2010:
"Apparently, he tried to smuggle some sheep through here"

Also - this might have broken my heart just a little bit:
the fact he was sick and tired of feeling that wretched loneliness in the pit of his stomach.



Just -swoon- and I LOVE Ezra - adorable little thing and Teddy ♥ and Roxie ♥ and all of it ♥

I wish I could say more but LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOVE.


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Review #15, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme A Loss of the Senses

13th April 2010:
I don't even deserve an applause. I deserve to be heckled within an inch of my life for not reading this sooner so feel free ^_^

Love. Love. Love.
That flashback - which, naturally, is what has stuck with me - was genius and I don't even want to know how you came up with it but kind of do at the same time.

Drunk Teddy = ♥
So much love. I just want to cuddle him constantly and that last little conversation was just gorgeous in an 'OMG' kind of way.

I wish my reviews were less squeey and more coherent and helpful but they are not and so I will do this instead:

Love iiit


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Review #16, by Lyni The Complication with Fluctuation

12th April 2010:
You updated! Awesome!

I can't wait for the next chapter. I really want Teddy and Roxanne to have a conversation to clear things up between them. And Bert is such a sweetheart - I love him!

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Review #17, by amy The Complication with Fluctuation

12th April 2010:
this is one of my very favorite stories on this site i was really pleased when you had updated

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Review #18, by Eridanus The Complication with Fluctuation

12th April 2010:

Seriously. I loved it to bits and I can't even pick out particular parts because I'm lazy, but BERT IS A BABE.

An absolute babe. He could take Teddy any time. BECAUSE HE'S A TANK.

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Review #19, by ethereal_insanity The Complication with Fluctuation

12th April 2010:
This is what I get for not coming back to check on stories. Yeesh, when I started reading this story, there was only two chapters. I come back to find that there's now eight!! Gah, I hate that.

But this latest chapter has made it worth it. I love the Ted/Rox pairing and how protective Bert is of Roxie.

Update real soon!

P.S. Did you see the video AFF released for this song? It's pretty cool, you should go check it out, if you haven't seen it already.

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Review #20, by London101 The Complication with Fluctuation

12th April 2010:
Wow! Really weird pairing but it definitely works. I want to see more Ted/Rox, I love Bert's character and ewww! How old is Roger Davies!?
I can't wait for next chapter. Please update soon x
P.S You're an impressive writer

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Review #21, by Jellyman The Complication with Fluctuation

12th April 2010:

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Review #22, by SamGallagher The Complication with Fluctuation

11th April 2010:
Please tell me theres another chapter coming soon??

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Review #23, by amy Adventures in Babysitting

3rd March 2010:
its nice to see teddy and roxanne get to a kissing stage i also like the idea of dom and scor to gether in this story makes it more interesting than the normal pairings can,t wait for the next chapter

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Review #24, by Pixileanin Adventures in Babysitting

1st March 2010:
I was so looking forward to this update! Really really good!

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Review #25, by DeerParkQueen Adventures in Babysitting

1st March 2010:
I love this story! It is amazing. I love it. I love it. I love it. Sorry for that. I just wanted to get my point across. I can't wait for you to update. I love Roxanne, and Teddy. It was so funny him showing up. I love it. 20/10

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